Rolleston Civic Trust

Hon. Secretary: Anne Overton
Newent, Fiddlers Lane
Tel. 815332

Chairman: Peter Barnett
106 Station Road
Tel. 814791

Hon. Treasurer: Michael Hill
94 Hall Road
Tel. 814004


A village society established to stimulate interest, promote high standards of planning and secure the preservation and conservation of Rolleston on Dove. The Civic Trust has provided the village sign in Brookside and St. Mary's Church floodlighting.

Programme of Events 2018

A programme of events held throughout the year (talks, walks, etc). Usually meet 3rd Wednesday of the month 8.00pm at Rolleston Cricket Club.

Wednesday 17 January Richard Stone ‘Folk Tales and Festivities’. Rolleston Cricket Club, 7.30pm for an 8pm start.
Wednesday 21 February Janet Spavold ‘The Sanitary Potteries of South Derbyshire’. Rolleston Cricket Club, 7.30pm for an 8pm start.
Wednesday 21 March Shirley Horton ‘Street Names’. Rolleston Cricket Club, 7.30pm for an 8pm start.
Wednesday 18 April Brian Morris ‘The Magic Lantern Man’. Rolleston Cricket Club, 7.30pm for an 8pm start.
Further details to be announced

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So what does Rolleston Civic Trust do?

Village newcomers may well ask this question; sometimes existing residents do also. So the organisation that provides your quarterly village magazine feels it would be of interest to describe the other things it does.

The Rolleston Civic Trust constitution refers to providing a stimulation of public interest in the village, promoting high standards of planning and architecture, and looking after the interests of the historic and other features of public value within and around the village. It is a trust of charitable status, with a membership open to all having these interests, and is organised by an Executive Committee, all of whom are volunteers. It is intended to be non-political and of generally independent view.

So in what form are these objectives met? The stimulation of public interest often comes from the various features in Rollestonian itself, as seen on the accompanying pages. Also, the Civic Trust arranges a yearly programme of talks and visits of topical or historical interest. Talks over recent years have covered a range of subjects: e.g. the Mosley family, the silk mills of Derby, the salt industry of the Trent Valley and conserving the best of Burton’s old buildings.

The Heritage Event arranged last September (2007) by RODSEC, of which we are an active member caused us to compile three Heritage Trails within and around Rolleston. These included in the text some social history, and details of the function, as well as architectural features of some of our old buildings and aspects of the surrounding countryside. A decision has been made to make these publications available again for visitors and residents, and for school project work. Coordinated events by village groups for the people of Rolleston are quite common and RCT provides a good Skittle Alley at Community Day and as it has in the past at Millennium and Jubilee events.

The Civic Trust has for many years provided the function of independent Planning Watch-dog. ESBC include us on their list of local groups (together with of course the Parish Council and Village Design Statement Group) providing details of new planning applications in the area. Plans are discussed at both Committee and Public Meetings and written comments made to the Planning Department.

In addition, recent enquiries and studies have included contact with the Environment Agency regarding flood risk, and a members’ Survey of Street Furniture and Markings. Signs can sometimes be unsightly or become redundant. They can be an enhancement also. RCT recently made a £1000 contribution towards the repair and reinstatement of the historic cast iron fingerpost in School Lane at the junction with Beacon Road and Chapel Lane.

At times when funds are a little easier, donations are made to local worthy causes, such as to the Methodist Church for a new Noticeboard, and a contribution to the cost of the Village Noticeboard outside Starbucks. We paid for the installation of St Mary’s Church floodlighting and continue to meet the maintenance costs. Sponsorship for their use covers the ever increasing cost of electricity.

We are keen to encourage improvements to the village appearance. The Civic Trust Award is made annually for significant enhancements or for other contributions to the village. Garden Awards are made for Best Front Garden (Shelley Cup) and occasionally a competition is organised for Best Back Garden (Forest Shield). A Plant Swap event has been arranged for the last three years allowing Rolleston Gardeners to do a deal on their excess garden content – and enjoy a cup of tea and a piece of sticky cake whilst there. Daffodil and Snowdrop Planting Groups will have been seen at the Village Entrances, and outside St Mary’s Church and the Jinny Nature Trail. Members get ‘stuck in’ on the Village Clean Up Days and Brook Hollows Working Parties. Brook Hollows in Burnside, for a longtime the responsibility of RCT to mow and control weeds around the Brook and woodland, is being taken back by the Borough Council to maintain and they are intending to form a ‘Friends of Brook Hollows’ to assist in its upkeep.

In 2006, RCT and RODSEC entered Rolleston into a County Competition organised by the Community Council for Staffordshire and sponsored by Calor within the ‘Building Community Life’ Category. It won the Calor Award for Best Village in Staffordshire and the prize money was donated to the village’s educational charity, Rolleston United Foundation.

Apart from the Talks and Visits, a modest social programme for villagers includes a winter Sunday lunchtime Wine Mulling, a summer Cheese and Wine Evening and a Christmas Dinner at a good pub. An important annual village event is the Shrove Pancake Race Day, where teams of ever-keen children and over-keen grown ups can be seen controlling a frying pan and pancake on The Croft. A collection is made amongst the onlookers (many of whom are also competitors) and split between the pre-school playgroup and St Mary’s Church funds.

One of the most important undertakings of the Civic Trust is undoubtedly the publication of the Village Magazine. Rollestonian including the Parish Council Newsletter is free and delivered to all households (barring accidents) within Rolleston. It is the basis of people knowing what is going on in Rolleston and of what is available. The Editor, Advertisement Secretary and Parish Council/Civic Trust delivery team are all volunteers. The cost of Rollestonian is met by the generous advertising support of local businesses and the Parish Council subsidy for their Newsletter.

We would like all readers of Rollestonian to consider membership. We hope you are convinced we are a worthwhile organisation and are fulfilling a need within the life of the village. We need also to encourage new Committee members to join - in order to keep all this going. If interested, simply contact any Committee member.


The Civic Trust produces Rollestonian (delivered free to 1,400 houses in the village). For general contributions, society news, announcements, event dates etc - please contact Mrs Lesley Bayston, 3, Marston Lane Tel: 812564, Email: For all advertising please contact Mrs Anne Overton, Newent, Fiddlers Lane, Tutbury, DE13 9HG Tel: 815332, Email:

Rolleston Civic Trust appreciates the generous sponsorship of “Rollestonian” through the advertisements of many local businesses. We believe our advertisers to be genuine traders but Rolleston Civic Trust accepts no liability for the reliability or quality of the services offered.


Time For Change (December 2016)

“Rollestonian” has now been running since 1982. The proposal for a quarterly village magazine was initiated by David Bloor and Steve Lewis, then Chairman and Secretary, respectively, of Rolleston Civic Trust. With better access to typing and copying facilities, Sylvia and I quickly became involved in production and we have been editing the magazine for over 30 years. During this time it has grown from the original 8 page, 8 advert news sheet to the current 32 – 36 page magazine with 40 - 50 regular business advertisers.

Rollestonian has also proved a convenient method of communication for the Parish Council and the yellow insert has been included from the earliest issues. They have also collaborated by organising the village volunteer distribution.

Advertisement sponsorship has allowed us to maintain a free circulation to the whole village and as it has grown we now have a print run of 1,600 copies per issue. The support of Mrs Clare Norman in sharing the work by managing advertising material and income has been invaluable.

We have enjoyed the input of interested residents and of all the village organisations (with occasional prompts on deadlines!) in providing a record of village issues and events.

The Civic Trust has been fortunate in finding willing volunteers to succeed us. Mrs Lesley Bayston, with the assistance of Mrs Pamela Tulloch, will take over the editing and Mrs Anne Overton will coordinate advertising. We are sure that they will continue to get the support that we have received and we wish them well in whatever way that they might want to change or “modernise” the presentation. We shall still be here but just contributing.

Signing off,

Tom & Sylvia Martin


Last updated: 19 May 2018