At approximately 7pm Friday 10 June Rolleston Parish Council learned that travellers gained unauthorised access to Craythorne Playing field. They would advise residents to stay away from the Crayrhorne field until it has been cleared and to avoid any confrontation and ask your children to do the same. During this time please maintain your usual vigilance regarding your property and door step trades people. They will advise further updates shortly, in the mean time your Parish Council will take necessary steps.

Rolleston Springwatch

Mother nature never ceases to amaze. There were only three of the original six chicks still to fly the nest this morning. Then there were none at 4.45pm (12 June)

8th Rolleston Transport Festival

Large crowds turned out to see the vehicles and hopefully find a bargain at the St Marys Church Grand Garage Sale. At 4.30pm there was a parade (pictures here).

Midlands Rural Housing

You may have received a letter and survey from Midlands Rural Housing. Rolleston Parish Council would like to point out it has not been written by them, nor did they consult with them over its contents and they have many concerns over the content and information being requested. Further details can be read in the Parish Council letter here.

Both the threat and the reality of large scale developments within the village and surrounding areas is never far away. Read more about it in the planning section pages.

Last updated: 12 June 2016