St Mary’s Family Walking Treasure Hunt
Sunday 21 September, 2-4.30pm, Old Grammar School & Village

World’s Biggest Coffee Morning
Friday 26 September, 10am – noon, Rolleston Club

Plan To Build 500 Homes Refused

On 8 September a plan to build 500 homes (100 in Rolleston) was thrown out – just days after it was recommended for approval. Campaigners called the decision to refuse a proposal to build at Glenville Farm, off Tutbury Road, a 'victory for common sense'. Members of the planning committee made it clear they would not be comfortable backing it due to the impact it would have on the village of Rolleston. Ron Clarke and Julia Jessel were particularly adamant the development should not be forced on the village when it had not been included as part of its neighbourhood plan. Read more here.

2014 Airing of Quilts in St Mary's Church

A selection of some of the many quilts on show can be seen here.

Save Brook Hollows

Brook Hollows Lake and Spinney in Rolleston is apparently in terminal decline, due to lack of adequate maintenance by its owner East Staffordshire Borough Council. Due to the problem of silt in the lake, ESBC together with their safety advisors have decreed that the lake is unsafe for children - who may get stuck in the mud so it should be fenced. Thirty six years ago the fences surrounding Brook Hollows were taken down and we were allowed in - ESBC would now have us put them back up! We have to fight this.

Rolleston Parish Council, Borough Councillor, and the Civic Trust, have tried unsuccessfully over many years to persuade ESBC to improve the maintenance, and have stated that they will support an “Action Group” to pressure ESBC. A first step is to ask people to sign the petition in Starbucks.

Top Politician Set To Decide Rolleston Planning App

It has been announced that the Secretary of State for communities and local government will now decide the fate of this controversial planning appeal. Andrew Griffiths MP has received written confirmation that Eric Pickles would now have the final say on the College Fields application in Rolleston, after a four-day hearing decided to uphold East Staffordshire Borough Council’s decision to refuse the planning application. Read more in the Burton Mail article (24 March) here.

Update: The Secretary of State will not be in a position to reach a decision on this application by 26 August 2014 as previously notified. However, the case remains under careful consideration and the Secretary of State hopes to be in a position to write again to parties as soon as possible. Read more in the Burton Mail articles 'College fields decision delay leaves Rolleston residents in limbo over village development' and 'Burton and South Derbyshire College faces finance issues over Rolleston plan delay'.

Both the threat and the reality of large scale developments within the village and surrounding areas is never far away. Read more about it in the planning section pages.

Last updated: 14 September 2014