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Winter 2004

Listing The Village

Rolleston Conservation Area - and everything associated with it - is up for revision. It’s thirty-something years (I’m sorry for my lack of precision but I’ve only been here for four of them) since it was first defined and certain structures ‘listed’. That is, because of their significance to the village or to history, they were specified by English Heritage as ‘Grade I’ or ‘Grade II’ and thereby protected against inappropriate change or destruction.

It’s early days in the revision process but Chris Edwards, the Borough’s Conservation Officer, has put himself under some pressure not to let it drag on. We approve of that and believe that we have a good working relationship with him. It seems as though the Conservation Area may be extended a little.

Equally important is that some of those buildings and other items not ‘listed’ are to be identified to form a ‘local list’. They don’t have to be in the Conservation Area they don’t have to be buildings. The idea is that they are believed by Rollestonians to be important to the village, for beauty, for style or for history’s sake. So the Civic Trust, the Village Design Statement Group and the Parish Council have been assembling ideas which, by the time you read this, will have been melded together into a single list to create an invaluable record for future consideration by the ESBC.

We shall keep you informed.

Our ‘Recent Past’ Programme . . . 

If you missed them - the last two RCT Wednesday evenings - you missed a couple of treats.

In September, our very own Rector popped across from the Church to the pub to share with us the story of his experiences in leaving an industrial engineering job to join the Church and  eventually to bring his ability to Rolleston. His story was deep and entertaining at the same time, not an easy trick to pull off. And, talking of tricks, it was illustrated with juggling, prestidigitation and fire-eating.

October brought out Derek Palmer to share his slide collection illustrating ‘Old Derby’. He introduced himself as a retired employee of Derby City Council who worked in ‘demolition and drains’. His stories of the treatment of some of Derby’s history, offset (sometimes) by the archaeological opportunities he had been presented with, were capable of bringing tears to the eyes, of sorrow or of fury, at the way Derby’s history has been treated.

And For Early 2005 . . Our Programme

Wednesday 19th January*
Chicken and Knickers by C. Bailey.

Sunday 30th January
Mulled Wine morning at ‘Apple Acres’ (ticket event**) by kind invitation of Helen & Simon Richardson.

Saturday 12th February
Pancake Races in association with St Mary’s Church in aid of Church Funds. See Village Notice Board for details. 

Wednesday 16th February*
A Journey down the River Dove by Peter Williams.

Wednesday 16th March*
The Return of Salmon to the River Dove by Tim Jacklyn.
Followed by Civic Trust AGM. Everyone welcome.

* In the Spread Eagle at 8.00 pm. 
** Tickets for special events available from Committee Members. 

Peter Galloway (Rollestonian Article - Winter 2004 Issue)

Jottings on a Rector’s Cuff

Rolleston's fire-eating Rector, Rev. Ian Whitehead, amused and entertained members of Rolleston Civic Trust with his "Jottings on the Rector's Cuff" at 15 September meeting. After a potted biography, including his problems with dyslexia (mentioning the dyslexic devil-worshipper who sold his soul to Santa), he then recounted many hilarious mishaps during his time as Curate and then as Rector. His talk was further enlivened by demonstrations of juggling and fire-eating which, together with his jokes, managed to convey some serious messages.

Autumn 2004

The Summer So Far

The early Rolleston summer has contained its usual wide range of festivities and, also as usual, the RCT has made its several contributions. Skittles at FOJORPS’ Community Day and RODSEC’s Day of Traditional English Events. A boat in the Alderbrook Armada. And many members, alongside those from other Rolleston organisations, helped to create our first annual well-dressing - a triumph of creative energy.

More specific to the RCT were ---

The Repton Guided Walk (June 16th)

The annual walkabout proved, on this occasion, to be more of a sit-in while Repton church - a very ancient foundation for those of you not already in the know - was talked about. The history, from Repton’s days as the seat of the Anglo Saxon Kings of Mercia was very well described with many points of interest highlighted. The brightest point, perhaps’ was the visit to the crypt, originally built above ground (@ 800 AD) as the mausoleum to contain the remains of generations of those Kings. Now it is almost entirely below ground level, maybe a result of the very considerable subsequent building, first of the abbey, then the priory and most recently the public school.

A gentle walk around some of these ancient piles in the evening sunshine was rounded off with a light meal in the Red Lion. 52 members and friends attended.

The Annual Cheese And Wine Evening

Held (for once) on another sunny summer’s evening in Paul and Heather Taylor’s lovely garden, this event proved as popular as ever. In the marquee, tables decorated with herbs were laden with excellent food and wine while the grass beneath our feet was scattered with sprigs of rosemary. Altogether a delightful evening for the 72 guests.

Autumn Programme

Wednesday 15 September, 8.00pm Spread Eagle. Everyone welcome.
Jottings on a Rector’s Cuff by our very own Ian Whitehead

Wednesday 20th October, 8.00pm Spread Eagle. Everyone welcome.
Old Derby by Derek Palmer

Wednesday 17th November, 8.00pm Spread Eagle. Everyone welcome.
The Magic Attic by Graham Nutt

Friday 3rd December
Annual Dinner.
Ticket Event. Details to be announced

Summer 2004

Annual Pancake Races

The annual Pancake Race Day, organised in association with St Mary’s Church, was once again a success. Racing, tossing and catching (for the most part) were exercised on the Croft with all the skills we have come to expect. Steve Sanderson was a magnificent compere and deserves the thanks of everyone who enjoyed the event. In all there were 24 entries for the four classes.

The winners of the four classes were:

0 - 6 years: ‘Nemo’
7 - 11 years: 1st Rolleston Guides
Seniors: Starbucks Paperboys
Families: The Peacock Family

Congratulations to all who raced - there is a rumour that Pancake Racing may be introduced as an Olympic event so please continue training.

The proceeds, donated to the Church fabric fund, comprised £50 from the Pre-school Playgroup’s sales of pancakes (of course) and drinks in the Schoolroom, plus £108.95 from entry fees and the ‘street’ collection.

AGM 2004

This year’s Annual General Meeting (March 17th) was organised and run with the CT’s usual efficiency. Good attendance, no apparent disputes, no complaints about the Committee’s stewardship, despite the changes necessitated in 2003 by the retirement of several long-serving officers and committee members. The ‘new’ committee must be doing something right, with the result that it was rewarded by re-election.

As usual the AGM provided the ideal opportunity for the presentation of the Civic Trust Award, this year to Tom and Sylvia Martin. They were greeted by the acclamation of the members as the chairman presented a specially commissioned painting of the Spread Eagle for their long, active and invaluable support of the Civic Trust, their continuing editorial responsibility for the ‘Rollestonian’ and the many other duties they have willingly undertaken for Rolleston.


ESBC are reported to have budgeted £16000 for rebuilding the stone walls immediately below the bridge and weir. The downside of this, much needed, maintenance will be the loss of the oak and the beech which are entangled with the site. The upside, however, is that replacements have already been planted although it may be some time before they achieve the stature of the two that we shall lose.

There is still no news of the appointment of a replacement Park Ranger.

The Rolleston Fleet Review

It’s not often that a village like Rolleston has the opportunity to review a fleet such as that expected on the Alderbrook on July 3rd (on The Almshouses Straight to be precise). ‘But this is a RODSEC event’ I hear you cry. ‘What business is it of the Civic Trust?’ Like very many (every one?) of the varied village organisations, the Civic Trust will dress their boat overall and moor it for the inspection of the masses. We hope that every one of our readers will take the opportunity of turning out to review the display.

Civic Trust Programme: Past & Future

The early programme for 2004 has proved successful. Janet Spavold described the intricacies of South Derbyshire Sanitary Ware while we were told about the Birds and the Bees by David Tideswell and Richard Matkin respectively. For a successful blend of entertainment, education and erudition there can only rarely have been a programme to match this. The Pancake Races are reported above. Here is the:

Summer Programme

Wednesday 19 May, 8.00pm Spread Eagle
Never a Dull Moment - The life of an education officer
Sue Christian

Wednesday 16 June: Ticket Event
An evening guided walk in Repton followed by supper at the Red Lion.
Tickets (numbers strictly limited) from committee members for £6.50.
Own transport. Meet at Repton Church at 6.45.

Saturday 17 July: Ticket Event
Cheese and Wine Evening to be held at the Old Hall by kind permission of Paul and Heather Taylor.

Wednesday 15 September, 8.00pm Spread Eagle
Jottings on a Rector’s Cuff by our very own Ian Whitehead 

Spring 2004

Annual General Meeting

As usual the AGM will be held after the March monthly meeting in the Spread Eagle. This is the members’ opportunity to take the committee to task for its stewardship and activity since the 2003 AGM. It’s also, of course members’ opportunity to nominate officers and committee members for the following year. This may be done before or at the AGM but the nominator and seconder must have checked that their nominee has given them permission to do so. Come Prepared!

Civic Trust Award

The AGM is also the occasion for the “Award”. This is for a project or activity that has significantly enhanced the village. Last year’s recipients were John & Debra Hayes at the Post Office. Who will this year’s be?

Membership & Subscriptions

All members should by now have paid this year’s subscription and received their own copy of the programme for this year. Non- members, on the other hand, are hereby encouraged - nay exhorted - to join. The annual subscription is £2 for an individual or £3 for family membership. Your contribution towards funding the “Rollestonian”, maintenance work in Brookhollows, church floodlights and other village projects couldn’t’t be better spent. Any committee member will be glad to take your sub. and present you with the full 2004 programme. Come and join us!


No detailed report for this issue since we are “between” Park Rangers. Rollestonians will have seen, however, an early Spring programme of de-silting the silt trap, the southern side channel and removal of debris from the lower lake. Unfortunately the heavy equipment required means considerable disturbance of the grassed area and restoration work. ESBC has included repairs to the stone work around the waterfall bridge in their 2004-5 budget.

Civic Trust Spring Programme

Saturday 28 February, Pancake Races - 2.00 pm on the Croft

Wednesday 17 March, 8.00pm Spread Eagle
Richard Matkin. To be followed by the AGM

Wednesday 21 April, 8.00pm Spread Eagle
Attracting Birds to our Gardens
David Tideswell

Wednesday 19 May, 8.00pm Spread Eagle
Never a Dull Moment - The life of an education officer
Sue Christian

Wednesday 16 June
Evening Guided Tour of Repton plus Supper (Ticket Event)
Own transport: details to be announced

Saturday 17 July
Cheese & Wine Evening at the Old Hall (Ticket Event)
by kind permission of Paul & Heather Taylor

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