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Archiving of the Village Web Site

After 20 years of voluntary work, first establishing then maintaining, the Rolleston on Dove village web site, I have decided the time is right to step down from my role as Village Webmaster.

Rolleston Parish Council have agreed to fund the cost of archiving the site so that it is available on line as a historic record of events in the village for the future, but no further updates will be made after 31 July 2018.

For up to date news please visit the newly created Parish Council web site

I am still fascinated by the visitors and the stories they share, whether it be the ex-butcher's boy now in charge of a football club to someone living in Australia who still remembers how his son ran away from the village school on his first day whilst the reception teacher and 40+ class were distracted by a pair of over friendly dogs in the playground having buckets of water thrown over them. No pictures of that event appear to exist, however the site still provides an interesting archive of village life over two decades and beyond.

I am very grateful for the support and contributions, sadly from some no longer with us, and hope the site will provide a trip down memory lane for years to come. I like to believe my award of Rollestonian of the year 2018 is testament to a job well done.

Richard Bush
Village Webmaster

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Last updated: 8 July 2018