Rolleston-on-Dove Parish Council

Parish Council

Chairman: Jason Wyatt
Vice-Chairman: Steve McManus

Any comments or views regarding Council matters may be addressed to:

Mrs Jane Bucknall
Clerk of the Parish Council
32, The Lawns, Rolleston-on-Dove DE13 9DB
Tel. (office hours) 07400 280 561 Email:
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Councillor Address Telephone Email

Register of Interests

Barry Gooding 3 Brookside 812116 R o I
Ellen McManus Hilltop, South Hill R o I
Stephen McManus Hilltop, South Hill R o I
Mike Robson 45 The Lawns 480599/07929 833893 R o I
Stephen Sanderson 210 Station Road 815480 R o I
Clare Stewart The Green, South Hill 813142 R o I
Beryl Toon 2, Home Farm Caravan Park, Marston Lane 813535 R o I
James Toon 2, Home Farm Caravan Park, Marston Lane 813535 R o I
Jason Wyatt 30, The Lawns 07971 026578 R o I


Rolleston on Dove Neighbourhood Development Plan

The latest developments including minutes of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group meetings can be found in the Neighbourhood Development Plan section of the village website here.

Rolleston on Dove Parish Council Policies and Codes

Parish Council Meeting

The Parish Council normally meets on the 2nd Monday of each month, 7.15/7.30pm in the Old Grammar School rooms, adjacent to St Marys Church, Church Road. All meetings are in public and notice of meetings is put in the village notice board outside Starbuck's Newsagents.

Parish Council Meeting
Monday 14 May 2018, Old Grammar School rooms, adjacent to St Mary's Church, Church Road, commencing at 7.30pm.


  1. Election of chairman
  2. To accept the chairman’s declaration of acceptance of office
  3. Election of vice chair
  4. To accept the vice chairman’s declaration of acceptance of office
  5. Members to be given opportunity to update register of members interests (blank forms circulated ahead of the meeting)
  6. To note or appoint representatives on outside bodies (current members noted below)
    Rolleston Almhouse Trustee - Cllr Sanderson, Cllr Robson
    Rolleston United Foundation - Cllr B Toon
    Semi-Rural Neighbourhood Forum - Cllr J Toon, Cllr Wyatt
    RODSEC - Cllr J Toon, Cllr B Toon
    John of Rolleston School Governors - Cllr GoodingPublic Question Time and Presentation of Petitions
  7. To note or appoint representatives on Parish Council Sub Committees (current members noted below)
    Planning Applications Committee - Cllr J Toon, Cllrs Sanderson, Cllr Gooding and Cllr Robson, Cllr Wyatt
    Recreational Sub-Committee - Cllr Wyatt, Cllr B Toon, Cllr Sanderson and Cllr Robson
    Highways Sub-Committee - Cllr Wyatt, Cllr Sanderson and Cllr J Toon
    Alliance of Parish Councils - Cllr J Toon, Cllr Wyatt, Cllr Sanderson plus 1 x vacancy (No work this year)
    Best Kept Village - Cllr S McManus, Cllr E McManus, Cllr Gooding, Cllr Wyatt, Cllr SandersonApologies For Absence
  8. Declaration of Interest
  9. Clerks Report
    Planning Applications
    Planning Decisions And Other Planning Matters
  10. Report of County Councillor
  11. Report of Borough Councillor
  12. Report of Parish Councillors
  13. Correspondence received
  14. Minutes of meeting held 9th April 2018
  15. Matters Arising From Minutes of Previous Meeting
  16. Memorial Policy to approve
  17. Civic trust seat, Cllr Sanderson
  18. Orchard, Cllr Robson
  19. Civic Trust plaque location
  20. Rollestonian of the year
  21. Clerks report
    Annual Governance report section 1
    Accounts for payment and income

    Items For Next Agenda

Members of the Public and Youth Representatives will be requested to leave at this point.

Confidential Items

The Clerks Report dated May 2018 and minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 9 April 2018 are available to download from the village website, here and the Parish Council website

NB. The latest agenda is normally uploaded a few days prior to the meeting (and can also be found on the village notice board).

Parish Council Minutes and Reports

Minutes of Parish Council meetings and associated reports can be downloaded from here.

Rolleston-on-Dove Parish Council Annual Inspection/Returns

Village Notice Board Announcement

In order for the notice board to be used to it's maximum potential, the Parish Council would like to request that the following guidelines are followed:- 

Notices are printed on either A5 or A4 (portrait format), and that notices are kept current and up to date. If it is anticipated that a notice will be displayed for more than a few weeks (e.g. annual programme), notices should be laminated in order to help prevent fading. 

One third (right hand side) of the village notice board is reserved for Parish Council notices only and the other two thirds for general village use. 

If your organisation does not have the facilities to reduce/laminate your notices, or you are unable to access the notice board, please contact the Clerk who will be pleased to make the necessary arrangements on your behalf. 

In addition to the main notice board near the newsagents there is an additional notice board on the jitty by Meadow View.

Parish Council Welcome Pack

An information pack is available to all newcomers. New residents are invited to contact the parish clerk to receive a pack.


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