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*Wed 16th Jan - AN INTRODUCTION TO HERALDRY - Mr Norman Monahan

Sun 27th Jan 12 noon - Ticket event - MULLED WINE MORNING at 43, The Lawns

Sat 9th February 2pm - PANCAKE RACES at BROOKSIDE with St Mary's Church, in aid of Church funds

*Wed 20th February - A SUPERLATIVE TRIO - Holiday tours with Mr Maurice Passam


(* Meetings in Spread Eagle 8pm)

Autumn 2001


For more than thirty years the Civic Trust has made awards to the best village gardens. These began in 1969 with a cup donated by Oliver Shelly and were supplemented in 1987 with the donation of a shield by the old Rolleston Youth Club. Since that time, the Civic Trust's judges have selected the best spring front garden and the best summer front garden to receive the cup and the shield respectively.

We believe that the time has come to review these arrangements and recognise wider gardening activities within the village. To this end, the Civic Trust has set up a small sub-committee with Mr Roger Gawthorpe as Chairman and Mrs Heather Taylor as Secretary.

The sub-committee has an open remit to recommend how we promote Rolleston's gardens in the future, including questions such as-
∑ Should the awards be based on selection, as in the past, or by open competition?
∑ Should we continue to restrict awards to front gardens or include the many attractive rear gardens in the village?
∑ Should we have seasonal competitions or judge on the basis of year-round effort?
∑ Are we looking at floral colour or including vegetables etc.?

If any village resident would like to join the sub-committee or make their views known, please contact Mr Roger Gawthorpe (214, Station Road, Tel 812621). He would be pleased to hear from you.

We would like to have a new scheme in operation for 2002.


The judges looked at the gardens at the end of April and again in early May. It was obvious that, in many cases the hard winter had taken its toll and in general, gardens did not look as colourful as in recent years.

The winners of the Oliver Shelly Cup were Mr & Mrs Essery of Greenridge, Anslow Lane.
Runner-up: 6, Beacon Drive
Highly Commended: 107, Knowles Hill; 40, Hall Rd; Redroofs, Anslow Lane; 19, Twentylands; 18, Walford Rd; 30, Walford Rd; 84, Walford Road; 18, Station Road; 9, Croft Close.


Jim's fallen off his perch at last! Jim Cawser (11,Beacon Drive) has held the Rolleston youth club shield for the best summer front garden for the past 12 years but, at last someone has met the challenge to take it away from him.

Our judges felt that the general standard of front gardens in the village was very high this year, perhaps due to the above average summer rainfall.

They found it very difficult to choose between the first three gardens. The eventual winner was felt to have demonstrated a more sophisticated mix of colour combinations, to have made exceptional use of wall space and made good use of perennial plants as well as annuals in the display.

The winners of the Shield were Mr & Mrs Harrison of 20, The Lawns.
Second: 10, Marston Lane.
Third: 37, Hall Road.
Highly Commended: 40, The Lawns; 42, The Lawns; 72, Hall Rd; 15, Marston Lane; 2, Elizabeth Avenue; 11, Beacon Drive; 25, Knowles Hill; The Lawns Salon; The Spread Eagle. 


We are grateful to Mr & Mrs Lewis for repainting the Village Notice Board as part of their redecoration of the Post Office.

Inspection of the Notice Board has shown that it is in poor condition and the Civic Trust has commissioned a replacement for the autumn.


Wed 19th September 8.00pm at the Spread Eagle - "A Sleepy Rural Practice", by Dr Tattersall
Wed 17th October - Evening Visit to Tutbury Castle and Supper with "Mary, Queen of Scots". Ticket event, max 40 members.
Wed 21st November 8.00pm at the Spread Eagle - "Garden Plants & Design", by Karin Kay
Fri 7th December at Melbourne Hall Tea Rooms - Annual Dinner. Details to be announced.

Summer 2001


The AGM was held on 21st March and all officers and committee were elected for a further year

Chairman: Mr P.A. (Tom) Martin, 43, The Lawns
Vice Chairman: Mr Trevor Bottrill, Rockley House, Mosley Mews.
Secretary: Mrs Helen Richardson, Apple Acres, Knowles Hill
Treasurer: Mr John Carlton, 99, Hall Road

Committee: Mrs Barbara Bowyer, Mrs Margaret Cargill, Mrs Clare Norman, Mrs Anita Peach Mrs Heather Taylor, Mrs Vanessa Winstone, Mr Frank Bather, Mr Roger Gawthorpe, Dr Marek Trelinski.

Hon Auditor: Mr Frank Hall

Please contact any of the above if you would like further details of Rolleston Civic Trust and its activities. Our future programme is always displayed on the village noticeboard.


Wed 20 June 7.00pm Ticket event - Evening guided tour of Ashby & Pub Supper. Tickets from committee members.

Sat 14 July "Bastille Day Cheese & Wine Evening", Apple Acres, Knowles Hill. Tickets available from committee members.

Wed 19th September 8.00pm at Spread Eagle - "A Sleepy Rural Practice". Dr Tattersall

Spring 2001


Wed 21 March - AGM & Talk by Mr Hambleton - York, Alleys, Passages and Snickleways

Wed 18 April - Mr John Edwards - Staffordshire Air Ambulance Service

Wed 16 May - Mr Arnold Burston of Twentylands - Rollestonís Charities & Church Records

Wed 20 June 7.00pm - Ticket event - Evening guided tour of Ashby & Pub Supper

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