Rolleston-on-Dove Gallery

Following an appeal in the Spring 2009 edition of Rollestonian we now have some wonderful photographs of Rolleston in the snow here. This set has been added to (We just missed a white Christmas in 2014 but the four inches that fell on Boxing Day lasted quite a while).

There are also now some more recent photographs to go with those below, the majority of which were taken in June 1998 by a number of Rollestonians, including Barbara Bowyer, Ann and Arnold Burston, Margaret Cargill, Barry Edwards, Pauline Ford, Barrie and Jenny Hanson, Tom and Sylvia Martin, John Morris, Ron Price, Jane Sanderson, John Underhill and Margaret Whyte, as part of the initial research to establish the village consensus of the essential characteristics of the Parish. Additional photographs were provided by people who felt they already had useful and appropriate records. Some aerial photographs were also taken earlier in the year.

The photographs have been grouped into the following areas:

  1. Dovecliff Road, including Cricket Club ( 8 pictures, 81.4 KB)
  2. Station Road, South Hill and Walford Road (11 pictures, 115 KB)
  3. Station Road, Twentylands, including Burton College and Jinnie Inn (9 pictures, 87.3 KB)
  4. Station Road and Meadow View, including Scouts HQ (6 pictures, 60.6 KB)
  5. Station Road, School Lane, Alderbrook Close (11 pictures, 121 KB)
  6. Station Road, between School Lane and Post Office (6 pictures, 68.1 KB)
  7. Chapel Lane (13 pictures, 161 KB)
  8. Beacon Road and Craythorne Road (7 pictures, 65.5 KB)
  9. Knowles Hill, Brookhollows and Anslow Lane (11 pictures, 149 KB)
  10. Burnside including Blacksmiths Yard, Bladon's Yard and Hawksley Drive (8 pictures, 112 KB)
  11. Burnside including Elizabeth Avenue, Beacon Drive and Dodslow Avenue (8 pictures, 102 KB)
  12. The Lawns and Hall Road (5 pictures, 55.5 KB)
  13. Brookside, including Brookhouse Hotel (13 pictures, 167 KB)
  14. Church Road (10 pictures, 106 KB)
  15. Hall Grounds and Mosley Mews (7 pictures, 92.4 KB)
  16. Marston Lane (6 pictures, 58.9 KB)
  17. Home Farm Development (4 pictures, 68 KB)

Last updated: 4 January 2015