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Our sympathy is expressed to all those who were in any way affected by the floods and particularly those who were devastated by having flood water entering their homes. Lessons need to be learned, it has become apparent that even if nothing physical could have been done to help at the time, a friendly interest, a word of sympathy and an assurance that any help that was available was being sorted out would have been appreciated.

The heavy rains of early November resulted in a flood on 6th November which was far worse than anything that had occurred since the Flood Prevention Scheme was undertaken in the early 80's. In that scheme, the Alderbrook was lowered by a metre and was designed to cope with anything but a 20 year flood. The Parish Council at the time was largely responsible for campaigning for the scheme and gathered all the various agencies together to co-operate in the work required to be done. Much of the work- carried out then was illustrated in the Exhibition in the Church Room last May.

A meeting with the various bodies now involved was held on 18th January last. At that time no recent instances of properties being flooded had been recorded. There was recorded however an overflow on the sewerage system in a watercourse in private ownership opposite South Hill which was identified as being in need of attention being both overgrown and requiring cleaning. Rolleston has always been at risk from "flash" floods and it is important that water from the Alderbrook and surrounding high land can get away quickly before the Dove is in flood. This problem in the South Hill area has not yet been addressed and strenuous efforts are being made to activate the authorities responsible to access the private land and carry out urgent maintenance work which, it is understood, will be of benefit to the whole village. 

On 6th and 7th November much time was spent by the Clerk and Deputy Clerk wading round the village obtaining photographic evidence to assist in surveying the problems and obtaining future attention to them. (These photographs will also assist, should this prove necessary, to oppose further development on the north side of Station Road). 

The Flood Warning Scheme being introduced by the Environment Agency will, it is hoped, be introduced in six weeks time (i.e. in January). This scheme provides for a warning of flood on the Alderbrook gauged from a measuring station in Anslow. 

County Councillor Frank Bather has already held a site meeting in the village with the Area Surveyor and the Divisional Engineer of Staffordshire County Council. Mr. Heywood, Mr. Bould and Mrs. Johnson representing residents of Station Road who were victims of the floods, and the Clerk also attended. The meeting was constructive and looked at gullies which needed attention and ditches in Craythorne Road from where much of the water in the centre of the village came. Advice was also taken on road closures and an assurance given that should the same situation arise in the future, the roads could be closed. 

The Environment Agency has been supplied with much information and is carrying out its own investigation of where the Dove banks were breached in relation to flooding in the village. The Agency has also been asked to look at the bridges and fences on the Alderbrook which collect debris and cause blockages possibly impeding the flow of water into the Dove. Following the investigation, representatives of the Environment Agency will also meet the Parish Council and interested parties. 

The Borough Council has also been approached about the lack of contact on a day when the presence of one of their officers would have been appreciated and the need to put some system in place whereby residents of villages at risk from flooding are given the same consideration as the potential flood victims of Burton were when the Trent threatened to overwhelm the flood banks. Mr. Alan Wood, Head of Development Services, has promised that an investigation of the drainage situation will be carried out. 

The Parish Council has undertaken to carry out a census of all property affected by the flooding and would be grateful to receive details of individual circumstances suffered on 6th November to enable a comprehensive report to be prepared.


On the 9th October, the Borough Council's Planning Committee gave outline approval for the demolition of the former school buildings and the use of this land for housing. Once again, Rollestonians had put up a tremendous fight to retain the site within the education system. No stone had been left unturned. 

On the 6th November, the Borough Council's Planning Committee gave the Technical College planning permission for their extensions in Burton on Trent. 

The next stage of the Local Plan process is due to be considered at a Borough Council meeting on 11th December when it will be confirmed whether or not the playing fields have been included. 

The Parish Council has agreed to engage a Planning Consultant to advise on the College Site and the Local Plan. Members considered that these were of such importance to the village that it would be a dereliction of their duty if any opportunity to defend the integrity of the village boundaries was neglected. 


The Parish Council at its October meeting agreed that replacement trees, stakes and guards be provided to keep the Wood up to stock. A treatment of herbicide was also sanctioned. 


The effort of submitting an application to the Staffordshire Environment Fund for grant aid has been rewarded and a grant of £15,000 has been promised. This will allow the Parish Council to provide new equipment at Elizabeth Avenue at a cost of £27,000. 


The Local Police Unit for Burton District is now located at Stapenhill and PC Bird, our Community Policeman, can be contacted on 565011 Ext 4793, 4794 or 4795. 


Once again Father Christmas will be touring the village on his sleigh and members of Burton Abbey Round Table will be making a house to house collection. The sleigh will leave the Spread Eagle at 5.30 pm on Friday, 22nd December. 


Ian Ropley has been appointed to replace Peter Wooding as the Youth Representative on the Parish Council. We hope Ian enjoys his new role. He will take on the job of representing the Parish Council on the Safer Routes to School Committee.


The work carried out by Rolleston Plant Hire has been put to the test in recent weeks by the heavy rain and proves the need for the regular maintenance programme adopted by the Parish Council. If work is skimped, the financial saving is a false economy. More expenditure on the car park entrance has been programmed for the 2001/2002 budget. With threats of development in and around the village, the Parish Council must protect its valuable asset of the green belt which the Craythorne land provides.


The Volunteer Day held on Saturday, 23rd September was a great success and ensured that one major part of the Alderbrook was clear before the flood. Another effort on the brook will be mounted in the Spring.


The poor condition of the Village Sign was brought to the attention of the Parish Council and investigations have revealed that the artwork needs to be repainted. The Council has accepted a quotation to have the sign completely refurbished. 


It is a pleasure to report that the Local Government Commission for England has made the following statement in its Final Recommendations :- 'We have carefully considered the representations received, and we note that our draft recommendation for Rolleston on Dove ward has achieved a high degree of local support. In the light of this support, and in view of the evidence put forward during the consultation periods, we are satisfied that our proposed Rolleston on Dove ward would provide a better balance between electoral equality and the statutory criteria arrangements or alternative proposals. We therefore confirm Rolleston on Dove ward as part of our final recommendations.' At Stage 3, even the Borough Council (who had originally proposed that Rolleston be split) supported the Parish Council, the Staffordshire Parish Councils Association, Anslow Lane Residents Association, Rolleston Civic Trust and 35 local residents to maintain the village as a separate ward. We thank the Commission for taking the trouble to visit the village and for listening to the views of local people, village organisations (which also included at the earlier stage, the Allotment Society) and the Parish Council which provided the lead in the first instance. Quangos and bureaucrats have earned a reputation for remaining in Ivory Towers, remote from public gaze and deaf to appeals. Barbara Stevens and her team have impressed the Deputy Clerk, certainly, on their knowledge of the local area. Local residents have shown excellent support throughout and the whole exercise is proof that Rolleston on Dove will not lie down to unwelcome attacks without a fight. The next test of our defences may be in the Rural White Paper due soon from the Government. Parish Councils may be required to illustrate their effectiveness in order to ensure a future life. It could be argued that we in Rolleston have collectively made a good start! 


The rains have certainly not assisted in the completion of this job and delays caused by the extremely wet autumn have meant a longer period of suffering than was expected. Only last week (November 15th) the excavations in Brookside and Church Road remained with traffic lights still in operation by the drive to Hall Farm. 


A quantity of Millennium Mugs are still available for any new babies born this year or for any child aged eleven years or younger who has moved into the village since the mugs were distributed. Contact the Clerk if you have anyone in your household who is eligible for a free mug.


Burton Conservation Volunteers are continuing their programme of work on the public footpaths within the parish. The work has been financed by a grant from a Staffordshire County Council Community Paths Initiative. The Parish Council is looking into the possibility of replacing stiles with kissing gates on Footpath 14 at Beacon Road and between the field and Craythorne Wood. Several residents who regularly visit Craythorne Wood with their dogs have requested the removal or lowering of the stile in Beacon Road. The Council recognises that Craythorne Road carries a heavy amount of traffic and has no footway which makes it dangerous for pedestrians. Any project which can take pedestrians away from Craythorne Road must be welcomed.


Many residents will know that big changes are in the pipeline to the library service but as yet no definite plans have been received. Mr. Muir, the Cultural & Recreational Service Leader of Staffordshire County Council, has been invited to attend the next meeting of the Village Liaison Committee to explain exactly what he proposes for Rolleston. 


999 - If you need help, where are you! 

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service are currently running a campaign called "SIGNS SAVES LIVES", which is a joint initiative with Staffordshire Police and Staffordshire Ambulance Service. The initiative intends to highlight the importance of property being identified quickly and easily should the emergency services be called. This is vital in rural areas due to the lack of road names and signs with an increasing trend for house names which can cause confusion. If a property has been issued with a number by the local authority, by law this must be displayed alongside any name that is relevant to the premises. Valuable seconds can be lost searching for a property that is not suitably identified.

The following advice is given in order to assist the emergency services to locate your property. 

* Is your property suitably named or numbered?
* Is the number or name clearly displayed?
* If you live off a named lane is the name visible and unobstructed?
* If your name road is missing has this been reported to your local authority?
* If you live off a main track, approximately how far off the track do you live?
* Are there any distinctive features close to your property i.e. Telephone Box, Post Box, Church, Post Office, etc. 


The Village Gateways have recently been replanted by Steve McLoughlin (Steve's) and we thank him for his continuing efforts to keep them looking colourful. 

The Chairman and members of the Parish Council wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a peaceful new year.



The last Newsletter gave the news that the Commission for England had supported the Parish Council's wishes to keep the village intact as a separate Ward of East Staffordshire in their Draft Recommendations. 

Officers of the Commission who were present at the National Association of Local councils' Conference at Brighton made no secret of the fact that the response from residents in support of the Parish Council had played a large part in defining their proposals. 

In our last Newsletter and at Community Day, you were asked to confirm your views.  Thank you for your continuing support - we hope that the Draft Recommendations will be confirmed. 


The new gateways are now in place and thanks are due to Jeremy Marshall (JPM) for designing and building the features and Steve McLoughlin (Steve's) for the planting schemes.

Unfortunately some theft of plants has happened already but the mindless few are always with us and if we allow them to deter us, nothing good will ever happen.

The project took about two years from start to finish and many obstacles had to be overcome along the way. Many favourable comments have been received. 


It is understood that a scheme has been prepared by the County Council for extending the 30 mph speed limit, additional street fighting and extra traffic calming and is awaiting costing.


Severn Trent Water have undertaken investigation works in Burnside/Brookside which highlighted problems of both tree roots and debris within their network. All the cleansing work was carried out on 2nd July when deposits of both silt and fat were removed. A CCTV survey has also been undertaken which has revealed no structural defects on the network and full working capacity is now being utilised. 


An application has been made to the Staffordshire Environmental Fund for a grant towards the upgrading of the play equipment at Elizabeth Avenue. The Agency's next meeting will be held on 25th September. 


District Audit has completed the audit of the accounts. In their opinion, the statement of accounts presents fairly the financial position of Rolleston on Dove Parish Council at 31st March 2000 and its income and expenditure for the year then ended in accordance with the requirements of the Accounts and Audit Regulations 1996 and CIPFA Accounting Guidance Notes for Local Councils. 


This scheme has now been reinstated using WASP money. Collection times and dates will be:- 

19th August 2000 …………... 9.00 am - 11.45 am 
11th November 2000 ……….. 9.00 am - 11.45 am 
2nd June 2001 ………………. 9.00 am - 11.45 am



If public support was required for the warding arrangement proposed by East Staffordshire Borough Council to be changed, there is certainly no lack of it in the fight to stop the College site being used for housing prior to educational needs being determined.

Help was sought from Janet Dean MP, Maggie Punyer the prospective Parliamentary Conservative Candidate, The Rt. Hon David Blunkett, The Rt. Hon. John Prescott and others too numerous to mention in an effort to get the present plan 'called in’ to allow time for a detailed education assessment to be carried out before permission was given to demolish the existing buildings. Since the last Newsletter, two Public Meetings have been held. Both were well attended and supportive.

Those residents who went to the Town Hall to hear the debate on the Planning Application to demolish the buildings and give outline residential approval (which had been recommended by the Officers to be approved) came away feeling quite elated that at last they had been listened to and common sense had won the day. Up to that point, every approach seemed to be reaching deaf ears. The Committee unanimously agreed to defer consideration for further information to be obtained regarding the following matters:- 

1. Show developments on the other sites owned by the Burton College, namely the town centre campus, the playing fields site at Rolleston and relevance of suggested development of ESBC owned land at Shobnall Fields;

2. Consultation with the Parish Council to be undertaken including matters relating to the Jinny Trail;

3. Information from SCC relating to educational requirements in the Borough; 

and that when the above-mentioned information has been obtained the application be considered at the next available scheduled Planning Applications Committee with a site visit being held immediately prior to that meeting.

Arrangements are in hand for Parish Council representatives to meet with the Borough Council in mid-September and a similar consultation meeting is being sought with the County Education Officer.

From all the correspondence which has been received from Government Offices, it is made patently clear that it is the Local Education Authority who would have to make the decision to keep the site in the education system.

You are urged to put pen to paper - if you have young children and are concerned about their future education or if you are like Ken Green and myself, who remember what a wonderful time it was for our children to grow up when we had a Community School and a vibrant Youth Club, help us to fight to give the same opportunity to the youngsters of today.

Ken Green has produced a selection of policies and principles from the recent School Organisation Plan for Staffordshire upon which you may wish to comment or ask questions of the LEA.

The address to write to is:–

Dr. P. Hunter, CBE
Director of Education,
County Education Offices,
Tipping Street,
Stafford ST16 2DH

or e-mail  

Parental preference

The LEA states that "parental preference is still a key factor". You may consider that the current pressure (arising as a result of demand exceeding capacity) on all schools in East Staffordshire makes this an unrealistic aspiration. A good indicator of the lack of satisfaction, level on parental preference shows that there was an increase in appeals from 212 in 1998 to 405 in 1999 (an increase of 91%).

You may wish to state that you are dissatisfied with the current position with regard to "parental preference" and ask the question how, in view of the present shortfall in school places, does the LEA propose to provide for this 'key factor' in their administration of the education system in East Staffordshire?

The service must continue to aim for the highest possible standards of teaching and learning

The question that could be asked here is - do schools, populated to over capacity, provide an environment in which the teachers can give of their best and pupils do their best in the teaching and leaning process?

A second question that could be asked is - does a school, with a pupil population in excess of 1800 provide a better educational environment than two educationally and economically viable schools of 800 and 900 pupils on roll? This question is even more relevant to the attainment of the highest possible standards of teaching and learning when a large school has to operate on split sites approximately 0.5 miles apart.

All pupils and students should he given an equal chance to succeed

A question which could be asked - Is it possible for all students to be given an equal chance in an environment of over crowding, where teachers are under constant pressure and where space and financial constraints prohibit the provision of normal school facilities?

The education service as a whole must keep in tune with the changing needs of the Community

Through Parish Councils, the communities of the Dove Valley, i.e. Anslow, Outwoods, Rolleston, Stretton and Tutbury, who were deprived of their community school fifteen years ago, are stating their needs. Will the LEA listen and respond to these needs?

Response to needs created by known planned housing developments

The question could be asked - what has been the LEA's response to over 325 houses being built in Stretton over the last two years? Has it been to provide more proper pupil places in the local secondary schools (i.e. not mobile classrooms) to accommodate additional pupils or has it been one of directing pupils across Burton to other schools? What will be the LEA's response to the proposal to build a further 210 houses in Rolleston given the fact that 45 homes have already been built in the village this year and a further extensive housing development is under construction in Outwoods?

Will it be -

a. to support the loss of educational assets and allow an additional 210 homes to be constructed

b. to further extend an already massive and over crowded school

c. to take the opportunity provided by the Burton Technical College's proposed divestment of established secondary education facilities in Rolleston to relieve the pressure on all Burton on Trent's secondary schools.


The LEA has said that secondary school pupil numbers have increased by 400 since 1995/96 and that additional provision was made for this. In spite of the stated increase in school places in recent years, all secondary schools in the borough are currently over capacity. As the LEA appears to plan ahead, the question could be asked - why are Burton schools so overcrowded and what went wrong in the planning and provision of proper school places to accommodate this increase in numbers?

In addition, the LEA has clearly stated that over the next five years, without any additional house building or families moving into the area, there will be a further increase of 800 in secondary school pupils (equivalent to an 11 - 18 educationally and economically viable secondary school). This means that the LEA is clearly aware of another major crisis developing in secondary education provision. It would be reasonable to ask the question - what specific measures are proposed to deal with this?

Mobile Accommodation

There may be concern that the real position of school over crowding has not been disclosed as mobile accommodation has been included when the capacity of schools was calculated. The LEA previously removed all mobile classrooms on the basis that these were expensive to install and operate and more importantly, that they were unsuitable teaching spaces. You may like to ask - why then are so many mobile classrooms currently in use and is their use not detrimental to the pupil development at a critical stage in education?


Burton Conservation Volunteers are now well into their programme of renewing stiles, cutting back overgrown hedges, replacing marker posts and waymarkers.


Peter Wooding attended his final meeting of the Parish Council in July after taking an active role in his capacity as the Youth Representative for the previous twelve months. Peter had represented the Parish Council on the Safer Routes to School Project and had carried out a useful exercise on the play equipment requirements of young teenagers in the village.

We wish him well as he goes off to University.


Considerable work has been carried out to alleviate the drainage problem on Craythorne Field. Exploratory work revealed that tree roots and collapsed pipes were preventing water getting away. The ditch between Craythorne Wood and the Technical College has been mechanically dug out which has entailed taking away parts of the hedge to enable the machines to gain entry. The collapsed pipe adjacent to the hedge in Craythorne Field has been replaced by a ditch.


At the recent Village Liaison meeting it was agreed that a Volunteer Working Day be organised on Saturday, 23rd September, 9.30 am - 1.00 pm.

The advice of the Environment Agency would be sought on weed clearance, particularly opposite the Almshouses and other work needs doing in Craythorne Wood.

The Volunteer Day in the Jinny Nature Trail will be held on Saturday, 4th November when Burton Conservation Volunteers will be working in the Trail.


Our hopes were high three months ago, that this bus stop would be sorted out. Alas, more frustration, more delay. We are still being promised that it will be sorted out soon.


After several more reminders, Royal Mail state that they have now received the K type letter box and the file on this box has been passed to the Post Box Installation Team who are planning to install the post-box on 14th August.


The last time we had a new gas main through the village there was consultation by British Gas and we knew what was due to happen. Privatisation seems to have brought with it some lack of consideration. In recent weeks, Church Road, Rolleston and Piccadilly, London, have had two things in common - trenches and Transco signs.

At last a letter has been received - not with good news, of course, but with the glad tidings that Church Road will be closed completely. They are yet to confirm the exact route of the diversion but expect the closure to commence on 11th September.

At least the work of resurfacing Station Road appears to have progressed well and the trial run with the white lining outside No. 6 seems to have brought about an improvement in the flow of traffic related to the school parking problem.



A good sized audience attended the first Burton District Local Police Unit Consultative meeting on 19th October with representation from Anslow, Stretton and Tutbury in addition to Rolleston. There was a particularly strong lobby of shopkeepers from Tutbury and discontent was shown with the perceived remoteness of being policed from Stapenhill (on the opposite side of the Trent) following the completion of the fine new Police Station in Hominglow Street. Much criticism was directed at the difficulty of making contact with the Police by telephone, particularly in the evenings and nights when the person taking the call is located in Stafford.

The Parish Council is grateful for the interest and help of our local Community Policeman, Graham Bird - but unfortunately (for Rolleston) he is not on duty 24 hours a day!


Correspondence is still proceeding (without much success) over the timing of the postal deliveries. Royal Mail insist that Rolleston, being a rural community, is only entitled to a single delivery by 2.00 pin each day.

Due to the problems of the only A4 size aperture post box in Rolleston being outside the Post Office and very often being full to overflowing, Royal Mail are being pressed to provide an additional box adjacent to Meadow View.


The more energetic members of the community will be interested to learn that Staffordshire County Council is establishing a new long distance path from Burton to Newport in Shropshire. The path will be 46 miles long and will use footpaths, bridleways, the Newport to Stafford Greenway and canal towpaths. The route is due to be opened next spring. A guidebook will be available early next year and information boards will be placed at strategic points along the route.


In the Autumn Newsletter, an improvement in the service was reported and the improvement has been maintained whilst not reaching the standard required in some locations. The verges of the village roads are certainly better than they have ever been and are in sharp contrast to those maintained by the County Council. This is principally due to some areas within the "village signs boundaries" being classed as "rural" cuts. The Parish Council propose to extend its area of responsibility to eliminate these trouble spots.

The playing fields and open spaces will. be improved by more regular cutting with better equipment. The type of equipment presently being used tends to leave grass in depressions uncut whilst "planning" others.

It may well be that an alternative contractor will be the answer. The mild Autumn has certainly extended the mowing season requiring grass cutting in November.


This scheme, to which the Parish Council is contributing 50% of the cost has now been installed. Views on the scheme would be welcome.


Many reports are being received of HGVs using the Claymills to Tutbury Road (i.e. Dovecliff Road, Station Road and Church Road) as a rat run and the Police have been contacted to take action. One such report resulted in a Police Warning to a company based in Devon.

Residents are asked to report to the Clerk any incidents where such vehicles pass through the village without requiring access to properties within the village. For the Police to act, registration numbers are required.


The railings of this village centrepiece were severely damaged by a blue H.G.V. on Tuesday, 9th November. Unfortunately, those who witnessed the incident were unable to supply any identification of the vehicle and therefore repair costs will have to be borne by the Parish Council.


A site meeting has been held with the Environment Agency to discuss remedial work and warnings. The Alderbrook has been cleaned out from the Brookhouse to the confluence with the Dove and inspections of the village length made with a view to defining the fine line between environmental appearance and the restricted flow of the Brook due to weed growth. This will be helped by the de-silting work to be carried out by East Staffordshire Borough Council which was promised last summer and is now scheduled for December.

The Environment Agency is proposing to install flow recorders on the Alderbrook above the village and so enable advance warning of flood conditions to be given by telephone to residents - especially those in Brookside.

A further meeting is being sought, this time with Severn Trent, to attempt to advance a solution to remedy sewer surcharging in times of flood which creates a nuisance of foul sewage in the street and the brook.

Members of the public had the opportunity to voice their opinions on these subjects at the meeting arranged last August during the consideration of the LEAP Report and the Parish Council is grateful to those who attended. and provided a lively meeting.

April 1999 Parish Council meeting

The April 1999 Parish Council meeting was the last meeting before the elections and was to bring to an end for Frank Hall an uninterrupted 29 years as a Parish Councillor. This was also Frank Bather's last meeting as a Parish Councillor, although he has two more years of his term of office as a County Councillor.

May 1999 election results

The May 1999 election resulted in the following members being elected for a term of four years:-

Parish Council Election Results May 6th 1999



Number of Votes


Marek Jerzy Trelinski

Lib Dem


Norwood Cottage, Hall Grounds

Walter Hodson-Walker

Lib Dem


24, Dodslow Avenue

 Victoria Jane Trelinska

Lib Dem


Norwood Cottage, Hall Grounds

John Morris

Lib Dem


42, Church Road

Audrey Evelyn Gordon

Lib Dem


105, Knowles Hill

Paul Michael Taylor

Lib Dem


The Old Hall, Hall Grounds

 David William Blackshaw



21, Station Road

Kenneth Alan Bradley



Hall Farm, Church Road

John Seago Westwood



9, Brookside

Beryl Toon



2,  Caravan Park, Marston Lane

Rodney Colin Paul



11, Church Road

The following candidates were unsuccessful this time.

Bill Cook




Ronald John Price

Independent Labour



 The Annual Parish Council Meeting was held on 17th May 1999 when Mr Wally Hodson Walker was elected Chairman of the Parish Council for the ensuing year and Dr M J Trelinski, Vice-Chairman.

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