Rolleston-on-Dove Parish Council
News 2006

Village Notice Board Announcement

In order for the new notice board to be used to it's maximum potential, the Parish Council would like to request that the following guidelines are followed:- 

Notices are printed on either A5 or A4 (portrait format), and that notices are kept current and up to date. If it is anticipated that a notice will be displayed for more than a few weeks (e.g. annual programme), notices should be laminated in order to help prevent fading. 

One third (right hand side) of the village notice board is reserved for Parish Council notices only and the other two thirds for general village use. 

If your organisation does not have the facilities to reduce/laminate your notices, or you are unable to access the notice board, please contact the Clerk (Mrs Heidi Light, 8 Beacon Drive, Tel: 812538) who will be pleased to make the necessary arrangements on your behalf. 

Planning Permission has now been granted for an additional notice board on the jitty by the Westbury Homes Development, and the new board should be installed within the next few weeks. (ie. December 06)



2006 has been a very busy year for everyone in Rolleston and as Parish Council Chairman I have been privileged to work with many residents who continue to generously give their time to work on our behalf for the whole community and the many organizations that make it thrive. We are all indebted to them as we prepare to enjoy Christmas in our lovely village.

For many, Christmas is a vital religious festival, for others it is a rare time to relax from the stresses of modern life and an opportunity to spend time with family and close friends who often travel long distances to be with us. As we enjoy Christmas we think of those who are not so fortunate and who will be alone here or abroad. We particularly remember our service men and women in conflict zones around the world. We think of the recently bereaved and traumatized by accident or death.

Wherever you are, may I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Victoria Trelinska
Chairman to Rolleston on Dove Parish Council

The Parish Council has received some complaints about low flying planes over the village. It is possible to report these planes by contacting Derby Airfield with the planes registration number. It is beneficial to telephone and make a complaint as soon as you see the plane, giving as much information as possible. The airfield is then able to address the complaint more easily. Telephone: - 01283 733803

Quotes are currently being sought for repair works to Craythorne Field Car Park and it is hoped that these works will take place shortly.

The Parish Council recently attended a site meeting with the tree officer from ESBC and following his advice and recommendations, quotes have been sought and works instructions issued in order for some improvements to be made to this area.

Quotes have been sought and a works instruction has been issued for the painting of the Spread Eagle Island Railings.

A new batch of Footpath Walks Leaflets have recently been printed, if you would like a copy, please contact the Clerk, or alternatively copies are available from Starbucks News.

The planning application for the noticeboard to be erected on the jitty off Station Road by the Westbury Homes development is now in it’s final stages, and it is anticipated that permission should be granted and installation to take place within the next few weeks.

The External Auditor has now completed the review of the Annual Return for the financial year ending on 31st March 2006 and has confirmed that the Parish council’s financial management is adequate and effective and that the council has a sound system of internal controls. 

(see document)

That time of year again! Once again the Parish Council would like to remind residents that sand and bags are available from the Brookhouse Hotel. They are located around the back of the hotel. The sand and bags are stored separately as their shelf-life is much longer this way. Residents will need to make the sand bags up for use. 

The village is fortunate to have six volunteers to act as Flood Wardens. There are still some vulnerable areas that are not covered by Flood Wardens; they are: -

Chapel Lane - School Lane - Beacon Road - Alderbrook Close

If there are any residents who are willing to help and become a Flood Warden then please contact the Parish Clerk.

It was with great disappointment that the planning application for the proposed doctor’s surgery was withdrawn, following a total of 60 objections from local residents, together with other issues raised by the Planning Officer. At this point in time, no other site has been found although the doctors have been approached by a local developer with excellent local knowledge and they are in the process of reviewing suitable sites in both Tutbury and Rolleston. The Practice Manager advised that they hope that they can move the project forward but cannot be sure as to the location of a new surgery at this time. 

CLARENCE is the customer Lighting and Roads Enquiry Centre for Staffordshire County Council and takes reports for highways defects and street lighting faults throughout the County. Issues can be reported by telephone: 0800 23 23 23 or via email


It is with much pleasure that I am able to advise you, that East Staffordshire Borough Council will be providing a Bulky Waste Collection in October as part of the LEAP programme. A flyer will be posted through your doors, and you will be asked to complete and return this with your name, address, phone number and items for collection. There will be a maximum collection of five items per household. The flyer will give all the information necessary and a list of what can and cannot be disposed of. 

Staffordshire County Council has agreed to install new railings over The Lawns Bridge, and it is hoped that the railings will be installed over the summer months. These will be plain white and bring the railings up to the current Health & Safety Legislation.

The Annual Audit will take place on 21st August. The Council’s Accounts for the year ending 31/3/06 were approved at the meeting held on 8th May 2006. 

Staffordshire County Council is due to commence re-surfacing works on Knowles Hill footway from 21st August 2006. 

Following the privatisation of the Tutbury Dental Practice, East Staffs Primary Care Trust have advised that the following practices are still accepting NHS patients:-

Burton Dentists

Oasis Dental Care Ltd Mr. J. Tunday
3 Station Street Nunneley House, 22 Bridge Street
Burton upon Trent, DE14 1AN Burton Upon Trent, DE14 1SY
Tel: 568985 Tel: 568087

Uttoxeter Dentists

Whitecross Dental Care Mr. P. Bason
5-6 Trinity Square 21 High Street
Uttoxeter Uttoxeter
Tel: 01889 560818 Tel: 01889 564565

The following 2 practices are continuing to accept children up to 18 years:

Burton Family Dental Practice Tutbury Dental Practice
1 Tutbury Road 59 Monk Street
Burton Upon Trent, DE13 0NU Tutbury, DE13 9NA
Tel: 500083 Tel: 813540

The road works taking place in the village on behalf of South Staffs Water have now been completed, and it is anticipated that they will now only need to return for snagging work to take place. A representative from South Staffs Water called to say that they would like to thank villagers for their understanding and patience during the works. 

Speed watch is now well underway and it has been identified that a large number of cars are travelling through the village at excessive speeds. 

Over 10 hours have been spent logging speeding traffic and during this period we logged 265 vehicles travelling at speeds of 33 mph, 10% over the speed limit or greater. 190 vehicles were travelling at a speed between 35-49 mph and 2 at 50 or more mph. The average of the top speeds recorded during the fourteen periods of observation was 43.38 mph. 

One vehicle was logged exceeding the speed limit every 2 minutes 21 seconds. 

In other words, if there had been a speed camera operating at the point where our observations took place two drivers would have been summoned and 190 received a Fixed Penalty of three points on their licence and a £60 fine.

We are now looking for more volunteers to come forward who are willing to help with the Speed Watch scheme. If you are interested or would like further information then please contact the Parish Clerk.

An application was completed in June jointly by the Civic Trust and RODSEC for the Calor Village of the Year Competition. This competition is a new competition that has been jointly launched by Defra and the Community Council of Staffordshire. The competition is about what the village does as a community and what it has to offer. It has been confirmed that we are now in the final three for Staffordshire, and the judges have recently been to the village to review our application and discuss the different organisations in further detail. The presentation evening will take place in September, and in the meantime we would like to thank both the Civic Trust and RODSEC for the time they spent on the application. 

It is with much regret that PCSO Millington left us at the end of July to join the Police Force as a Probationer PC.

PCSO Millington stated that she thoroughly enjoyed her time as a PCSO and was grateful of the opportunity to work in the village of Rolleston, where she was made to feel welcome by the residents and councillors and enjoyed the chance to contribute to a village local to herself.

The Parish Council has two vacancies for Youth Representatives. If you are between 16 -18 years of age, in full time education and a resident of Rolleston why not join us. The Youth Representative input is greatly valued. If you are interested and want more information then please contact the Parish Clerk at the address at the end of this Newsletter.

The Parish Council has received some complaints about low flying planes over the village. It is possible to report these planes by contacting Derby Airfield with the planes registration number. It is beneficial to telephone and make a complaint as soon as you see the plane, giving as much information as possible. The airfield is then able to address the complaint more easily. Telephone: - 01283 733803


It is with great pleasure that I (Mrs Heidi Light) have taken on the role of Parish Clerk and I look forward to carrying on with the good work of the previous Clerks. If you have any issues, problems or ideas please do not hesitate to contact me.

All Parish Council Meetings are open to the public and take place on the second Monday of every month, commencing at 7.30pm in the Schoolrooms at the back of the Methodist Chapel. All meetings commence with Public Question time, and anyone can access the minutes and agenda’s via Rolleston’s website.

You will have already heard that a Community Speed Watch scheme was going to be introduced into the Rolleston area following concerns by residents of excessive speeds through the village.

This notification is to inform you that the scheme is now being operated throughout the village at different locations and at varying times.

At these designated areas vehicle speeds and other safety aspects will be monitored and any infringements reported for appropriate action.

The following dates were agreed for this year’s footpath walks: -

Tuesday 13th June 
Tuesday 20th June 

On both dates, meeting at 6.30pm outside the Spread Eagle

PARISH PLAN – STATUS – MARCH 2006 (Actions not prioritised)

Actions Status
1 Improved facilities at Elizabeth Avenue Playing Fields.  Parents waiting area with benches completed. Additional access path from Beacon Road completed. Constantly looking to improve play equipment.
2 Improved access at Elizabeth Avenue Playing Fields. As above.
3 Restoration of street scene in Brookside. Some setts re-laid, restoration of verges not complete.
4 Progressive introduction of wildflowers to Brook Hollows and Croft. Further plant introduction has been completed. Additional spring bulbs planted by the village gateways.
5 Co-operation with neighbouring parishes. The local Parish Council Chairmen meet regularly. All PC’s are invited to attend ESBC Forum meeting.
6 Long-term aim of single site new school. County Education Department still refusing to meet with Parish Council.
7 Carry out survey of youth facilities. Initial survey completed. Appendix to Parish Plan completed. A grant application is still in process of being compiled to finance church hall improvements to include internet café facilities. A Youth Club is still considered not appropriate. Still pushing for the Junior Play Area to be completed on the Westbury Homes Development.
8 Set up a Youth Club if desirable. Introduce facilities for young people.
9 Drain Craythorne football field. Main drain completed. Annual verti-drainage ongoing. Reports received that drainage is greatly improved.
10 Introduce kissing gates on footpaths for less able access. Ongoing. Three have been introduced on footpath 14. Looking at possible kissing gates on footpath 7.
11 Consider a pavement for Anslow Lane. Continue to lobby County Council.
12 Consider the future of the Jinny Trail in relation to cyclists; hold public meeting. Stretton and Rolleston PC have decided to introduce a cycle path on the trail. This has been put on hold pending a Public Inquiry regarding the Bridleway.
13 Introduce all weather paths from Elizabeth Avenue to Craythorne. Still being considered following objections from adjacent land owners.
14 Try to keep existing shops/introduce new  PC strongly objected to change of use of Old Post Office and Highfield Motors from commercial to residential.
15 Doctor’s surgery. This is planned for the near future.
16 Install traffic calming on Church Road. Completed.
17 Expand recycling in the village. All areas are now covered with ESBC recycling services. Continue to lobby ESBC for additional recycling banks.
18 Set up network of Flood Wardens. Six Flood Wardens are in place. Still looking for two more.

East Staffordshire Borough Council has issued information to ensure residents don’t get conned by house to house donations and collections that aren’t genuine. 

House to House Collections:

When a polythene bag is received through the letterbox please take a minute to read the information printed on it before filling it with second hand clothing etc. The charity name and address should be clearly stated, this should also include the Charity registration number and contact telephone number. Beware of any bags that only give a mobile telephone number.

Dog fouling is a subject that disgusts most residents, dog owners and non-dog owners alike. The problem has just recently been highlighted again to the Parish Council. The Parish Council would like to urge the small minority of irresponsible dog owners to clear up after their dog. It is an offence not to clear up after your dog and the Parish Council will instruct the Borough Council to enforce this byelaw if necessary.

The Parish Council has once again decided not to submit an entry into this competition. However anyone from within the village can set up a sub committee in order to enter. Competition entry details can be obtained through the Parish Clerk.


The Annual Parish Meeting will be held in the Methodist Schoolroom, Chapel Lane on Monday, 24th April 2006 commencing at 7.30 pm. At the Parish Meeting, reports are given by the Chairman of the Parish Council, Borough and County Councillors, John of Rolleston School Governor, Civic Trust, Village Design Statement Group and RODSEC.

All Parish Council meetings are open to the public. The Council usually meet on the second Monday in the month. The meetings are held in the Methodist Chapel Schoolroom commencing at 7.30pm. All residents are welcome to attend as this is the best way to hear at first hand what is happening with your Parish Council. The meetings open with Public Question time.

At the January meeting of the Parish Council, a budget of £53,825 was set for the next financial year with a precept totalling £39,500, an increase of £3,500 from the previous year. 

At the December Parish Council meeting members discussed the project of ‘twinning’ with another village in France. If anyone has a view on this project or is interested in becoming involved with a Working Party to look further into this then please contact the Parish Clerk for more details.

Staffordshire County Council has got the new library vehicle and has recently completed installing the necessary equipment at Rolleston Club for the use of the vehicles when in situ. There have been one or two problems with the IT equipment that needed to be addressed.

Staffordshire County Council is currently in the process of a Community Service Review which includes looking at stops and staffing. 

They are also looking for volunteers from the village so that they can provide a Home Reader Service for housebound residents. If anyone is interested in becoming a volunteer then please contact the Parish Clerk.

Staffordshire County Council is hoping that the new travelling library service will be up and running this April.

This scheme was advertised in the last Newsletter. However, if you missed that the speed watch scheme is being run by the police in partnership with local Parish Councils. The scheme has been launched to help rural villages help themselves in combating speeding vehicles through their villages.

This Parish Council now has six volunteers for the Speed Watch Scheme. The next step is for the volunteers to receive training from the police.

The locations for the areas to be aided by the service are to be decided by the police with help from the Parish Council.

Hopefully the scheme will be running by the summer.

The Parish Council at the December meeting were concerned to learn that ESBC will not be providing the bulky waste collection skip that the village, in the past, has had every year. The Parish Council is considering sponsoring a skip so the village do not lose this facility.

ESBC has stated that it will be providing an improved bulky waste collection service. It is proposed that a new pricing structure is introduced which is fairer and greatly more affordable to people on low incomes.

The simplified application system and revised pricing policy will introduce a flat rate charge of £10 for up to three items, and £3 per item thereafter (up to a maximum of 10). However, because of legislation it will still be necessary to charge for fridge and freezer collections separately. Collection and disposal of these items will remain at the current charge of £15 per unit.

The Parish Council is currently looking for a handyman, mainly for litter collection. The contract will be for 2hrs work per week. Anyone interested in this position then please contact the Parish Clerk.

A second link footpath has now been completed on the playing field. The two paths have been installed on the field to help support the school in having an alternative entrance for pupils which should help alleviate parking problems associated with the school run traffic. 

The Parish Council is continually lobbying OFWAT and Severn Trent to carry out the improvement to the sewage pipe that runs along Burnside to Station Road. In times of flooding sewage bubbles up out of the manhole covers on Burnside and flows on to the pavements then to the brook.

This is not acceptable in this day or age. Our local MP, Mrs. Dean, has also become involved in this case. The Parish Council will continue to keep the village informed of any progress. 

My father served as the Parish Clerk for eighteen years from 1970 followed by my mother for a further ten years. It has been an honour to continue in their footsteps. I have now served as the Parish Clerk for almost five years and it has been a privilege to do so. However, with recent news of another addition to our family I felt that the time had come to concentrate on my expanding waist line. So the position of the Parish Clerk is now vacant. The Parish Council is looking for a suitable candidate to fill this challenging role. Details can be obtained from the Parish Clerk.

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