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Bell Ringing and World War One Commemoration

The centenary of the outbreak of the First World War was marked nationally in many different ways last year, in a general and heartfelt acknowledgement and appreciation of the significance of this historic landmark. As a small part of this, the bellringers of Rolleston St.Mary’s took part in a piece of ringing composed especially to commemorate the passage of time of 100 years between that dreadful conflict and the year 2014.

On December 15th, a group of 8 ringers, some local and some from further afield, joined together to perform this piece, (a 2014 Date Touch of Stedman Triples is the technical term). Each of the 8 ringers had to ding and dong their bell, according to an agreed pattern, 2014 times, while 2 of the ringers also wove a duet of 100 notes into the close of the piece, in memory of the century that had passed. After 1 hour and 16 minutes, the ringing was accomplished, and the ringers emerged from the tower, tired but pleased to have been able in this way to add their tribute to the many others that have been made.

There are, of course, further centenary anniversaries still to come. Lych Gate and church records tell that the village of Rolleston-on-Dove lost 25 men in the 1914-1918 war, and the ringers plan to commemorate the 100 years passing of these courageous local sons. On the Sunday evening before the date, a century on, of each death, the largest, tenor bell will toll one hundred times prior to evensong ringing. In addition to this, it is hoped to ring a fifty-minute quarter-peal during each month that deaths occurred. The first of the casualties, whose memorial tablet is in the Mosley aisle of St. Mary’s church, was Captain Hon.Nicholas Mosley, who died on 1st August 1915 from wounds sustained on the Western Front. Trooper Harry Norris and Captain Alec Beck also fell during August 1915, and these men will be the first in whose memory the bells will ring, beginning on the evening of Sunday 26th July. Details will be posted on the church notice board, so that all who pass by can read the names of those being remembered.

Bells have sounded out across Rolleston for well over 400 years, to inform and call to praise, and to share both glad and sad tidings with the folk living around the church. They would have been heard from infancy by all of the village men who went on to serve their country so valiantly, and are therefore fitting tongues to sing in their memory. In this way, Rollestonians can locally and personally join their thoughts with the national and public continued appreciation, gratitude and remembrance for the supreme sacrifice that was made by so many one hundred years ago.

(Lee Cooke Tower Captain - St. Mary’s Bellringers, Rolleston-on-Dove)


120th Anniversary

On Saturday 1st November at 11am a ceremony took place to mark 120 years since the first train passed through the former Rolleston Railway Station. Supporters gathered around the restored platform of the old station, which now forms part of the Jinny Trail, to honour the anniversary of the opening in 1894. East Staffordshire mayor Councillor Ron Clarke, Burton MP Andrew Griffiths and David Pendlington, who used to live in the station houses, were among the guests. Read more here.


Save Brook Hollows

Brook Hollows Lake and Spinney in Rolleston is apparently in terminal decline, due to lack of adequate maintenance by its owner East Staffordshire Borough Council. Due to the problem of silt in the lake, ESBC together with their safety advisors have decreed that the lake is unsafe for children - who may get stuck in the mud so it should be fenced. Thirty six years ago the fences surrounding Brook Hollows were taken down and we were allowed in - ESBC would now have us put them back up! We have to fight this.

Rolleston Parish Council, Borough Councillor, and the Civic Trust, have tried unsuccessfully over many years to persuade ESBC to improve the maintenance, and have stated that they will support an “Action Group” to pressure ESBC. A first step was to ask people to sign the petition in Starbucks.

Further details can be read in the Burton Mail articles Petition calls for help to save Brook Hollows in Rolleston and Petition calls for action at Brook Hollows in Rolleston.


Rolleston Golf Club Blaze 'Deliberate' According To Police Chiefs

Police are searching for an arsonist who torched an East Staffordshire golf club – causing a blaze that raged for several hours. More than 45 firefighters were called in to tackle the fire at a building in the grounds of the disused Craythorne Golf Club, in Craythorne Road, Rolleston, in the early hours of Friday 18 July. The blaze was so ferocious that crews had to pump in extra water from the brook in Rolleston (up Knowles Hill and down Beacon Road) as water pressure in the area is 'very low'. Read more about it in the Burton Mail.


Rolleston Almshouses Renovation Fund

The Almshouse Trustees would like to thank the village for the generous and widespread support that it has given to their appeal.

The fund has received a significant portion of the income from the Transport Festival and the Village Gala. The Civic Trust with the aid of village organisations has dedicated its summer event to the fund and the Beatus Choir with Rolleston Choral Society arranged a special concert. Other organisations have contributed income from raffles and social events and there have been individual donations. Overall the village has raised £11,000 since the start of the appeal.

Rolleston Almshouse Charity is now registered for Gift Aid for personal and non corporate donations.

Through a consortium of almshouse organisations the trustees are bidding for a major grant from the Government’s Home and Community Agency. This might cover a quarter of the funding required but would be time limited and thus make obtaining full funding essential.

The Trustees are also seeking to register the Charity as a “Charitable Incorporated Organisation”. This is a recent Government initiative which gives the Charity stronger and more protected powers to act akin to a limited liability company and raise finance.


Rolleston Springwatch

Thanks to a local resident the village website was able to provide a webcam link of a bluetits nest. Above are a selection of screenshots. The link has now been taken down as they had all fledged Friday 30 May.


The Cinnamon Trust - Rolleston on Dove Appeal

The Cinnamon Trust is the national charity whose wonderful volunteers help people over retirement age and those in the latter stages of a terminal illness by offering all kinds of pet care. We urgently need dog walking volunteers for a resident of Rolleston on Dove who is unable to walk their lovely 5 year old Bedlington Terrier. If anyone can help please call during office hours 01736 758707 or via email Please also check out our website for more details


Heritage Lottery Fund Grant Celebrated

The TREATS “Recovering our village’s railway heritage and enhancing the ‘Jinny Nature Trail’” project, led by Rolleston on Dove Station Group, has been given £7,600.00. The aim of the project is to reveal and preserve the remains of Rolleston-on-Dove Railway Station; linked with suitable signage, visitors to the ‘Jinny Nature Trail’ will be informed about the history of the site. The area between the two station platforms is to be transformed into a wildflower/woodland meadow. People’s memories of travelling and working on the railway will be recorded and made freely available for future generations.

The Station Group, formed from The Rolleston Engineering and Transport Society (TREATS) members, will involve the wider village community in uncovering and identifying the remains of the railway station, conserving and managing the natural surroundings by creating a wildflower meadow and natural habitat for wild life in the area between the two station platforms. By incorporating information boards at the station site illustrating the station as it would have appeared during it’s time as a working establishment, the present community will appreciate a part of their heritage which changed the lives and outlook of its Victorian predecessors. The Group would welcome volunteers to join the working parties held on the first Saturday of each month 10.00am – 12.00pm, and also those with personal memories of the village railway to relate their experiences.

Commenting on the award, Clive Baker said: “I’m delighted to have been awarded this grant as it will enable our group to embark on this exciting community project and we can’t wait to make a start. We feel privileged to live in Rolleston-on-Dove and have this opportunity to enhance a village amenity and discover more about its heritage, passing this knowledge on to the present generation”. Reyhan King, Head of the Heritage Lottery Fund West Midlands Area, said: “Sharing Heritage is a wonderful opportunity for communities to delve into their local heritage and we are delighted to be able to offer this grant so that “recovering our village’s railway heritage and enhancing the ‘Jinny Nature Trail’ can embark on a real journey of discovery. Heritage means such different things to different people, and HLF’s funding offers a wealth of opportunities for groups to explore and celebrate what’s important to them in their area.”


Rollestonian of the Year Award

The 2013 “Rollestonian of the Year Award” was awarded to Mrs Sylvia Martin at the Annual Parish meeting held in April. Mrs Martin received numerous nominations for the award and won on a majority vote. Amongst the reasons for her nomination were for the time and energy she spends in connection with St Marys Church, The Almshouses, Garden Sunday, Transport Day, Horticultural Day and the other events she supports in the village. Mrs Martin works hard in many ways and her contributions have undoubtedly contributed to the thousands of pounds that have been raised for good causes, both for the benefit of the village and individuals.


Almshouse Renovation Fund

The Almshouse Trustees are most grateful for the community support that they have received during the past year in their efforts to raise £600,000 for renovation of Rolleston Almshouses.

The 1712 Grade II listed building in its streamside setting is a major feature of the village conservation area. It is essential that it is preserved and complements the sensitive restoration of the neighbouring, listed cottages, 14/16 Burnside.

Village contributions may seem modest in relation to the sum required but they can achieve much more than their simple monetary value.

Major grants are very difficult to obtain in the current financial climate and assessors rate highly both efforts to raise supporting funds and community interest.

The trustees wish to acknowledge and thank the following organisations for the donations that they have made, Rolleston W.I., Rolleston Transport Festival, Gardens Sunday and Rolleston Club Village Gala. Also individual donations and contributions to collecting boxes.

The picture above shows Trustee Chairman, Tom Martin receiving a cheque for £509 from Mr Nathan and Master Reuben Anderson Dixon of ABODE Estate Agents.


Church Christmas Quiz 2013 Winner Announced

The Bush Family did one better this year, first place with a score of 99.5.


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Last updated: 11 March 2015