Village Publications and Memorabilia (July 2018)

The following is a list of publications that are associated with Rolleston or its historic families. It is an initial draft and the webmaster would appreciate additional information.

It is hoped facilities will soon be available in the village to house much of this material so that it it is easier to access.

Parish Registers

At long last the first Rolleston volume of transcribed Parish Registers has been published by the Staffordshire Parish Registers Society (SPRS). It was well worth waiting for and will be an invaluable resource for local and family historians. It covers the years 1569 to 1644. It was written by Mr. C. Geoffrey Harlow who, as well as transcribing details of baptisms, marriages and burials at St. Mary's, has provided a very useful introduction about the parish, the inhabitants, the hall, the church and the Grammar School. It is available, price £6 (cheques to SPRS), from the Secretary, 82, Hillport Avenue, Newcastle, Staffordshire ST5 8QT. It can be purchased on line from

Victoria County History Staffordshire: Volume X - Tutbury and Needwood Forest now available

This long awaited volume containing the history of Rolleston and Anslow has just been published (Spring 2008)

Books, Booklets and Reports

The Feudal Origin of the Rolleston Family of Staffordshire (to 1300AD) by Mr K A Rolston (published in 1995 and revised in 2000). Price £8.50. This is a superb piece of historical research tracing the Rolleston genealogy back to the Conquest. Ken is a descendant of the Rollestons of New Zealand and Ulster. Research on update to AD1600 is in hand by the author.

Wm Rolleston Benefactor of Rolleston in the 1670s (Feb 2004) - Mr K A Rolston. Copy given to the Salt Library.

The Rolston Family in Drumcree Parish, N Ireland 1787 - 1887 (Jan 1996) by Mr K A Rolston. 36 pages. Copy given to the Salt Library.

Biography of William and Mary Rolleston (1971) by Rosamund Rolleston. 147 pages. Emigrants to New Zealand. William was Superintendent of Canterbury, MP and Minister of the Crown in New Zealand.

Reprint of Axons Paper on the Early Moseleys of Manchester with commentary (Mar 2004) - Mr I G Bowen. Copy given to the Salt Library.

Some Mosley Families of Yorkshire from the 16C onwards (Jul 2003) - Mr I G Bowen. Copy given to the Salt Library.

The Land of the Dove (1999) by David J Ford. (published by Churnet Valley Books ISBN 1-897949-56-1). Contains a section on Rolleston, the Hall and the Mosleys with other villages along the Dove Valley.

The Staffordshire Encyclopaedia (2000) by Tim Cockin. (The Malthouse Press, limited edition ISBN 0-9539018-0-7). Contains entries & bibliographical references for Rolleston and other local communities.

Cat Refs to Rolleston and Variants of the National Archives at Kew (Jun 2004). Produced by Mr K A Rolston.

Cat Refs to Moseley/Mosley of the National Archives at Kew (Jun 2004). Produced by Mr K A Rolston.

Brooklyn Butchers in Chapel Lane 200 years (1998) - Mr I G Bowen.

The Victorian Diary of a Rolleston Lady by Anita Fernandez Young (Daniels) - a former Rolleston Parish Councillor (published by Dalton Books, Coventry ISBN 0-9528642-2-3). The fictional diary of a Victorian lady based on actual newspaper reports and other records takes an affectionate look at village life in the 19th century.

Walking through the History of Rolleston (1990) by Mr D Coxon. (published by Rolleston Civic Trust). Price £1.00. A short visitors’ guide. Online version available here. May also be available at village Newsagents.

A History of Rolleston Church (Oct 2003) - Mr A Burston, Price £10.00

Church Records 1569-1724 (Sep 2004) - Sheila Kendall and Ann & Arnold Burston.

A journal by Alan Partington celebrating 125 years of cricket. This well researched book by Alan, extensively illustrated with the help of Clive Baker, is an important addition to the village records. Of course it’s full of cricket but it sets the history of the Club against the development and changes in the village over the past 125 years. Get your copy (price £10) from the Club whilst stocks last (Nov 2014).

Copies of the following booklets edited by Mr I G Bowen and published by Rolleston Civic Trust were given to Salt Library and Burton Library. Further info from Rolleston Civic Trust.

Other planned publications include:

Rolleston Census Material

The 1841 Rolleston Census (2004) - Mr I G Bowen.
The 1851 Rolleston Census (2004) - Mr I G Bowen.
The 1861 Rolleston Census (2004) - Mr I G Bowen.
The 1871 Rolleston Census (2004) - Mr I G Bowen.
The 1881 Rolleston Census (2004) - Mr I G Bowen.
The 1891 Rolleston Census (2004) - Mr I G Bowen.
The 1901 Rolleston Census (2004) - Mr I G Bowen.

Copies given to the Salt Library.

The 1881 Census has been transcribed (hopefully without errors) into four pdf documents (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4). 


A complete run of the village magazine, “Rollestonian”, incorporating “The Parish Council Newsletter”, since its inception in 1982, has been deposited in the Local Studies section of Burton-on-Trent Public Library.

Copies of the Millennium colour issue of “Rollestonian” containing brief reviews of parish organisations and history may still be available from Rolleston Civic Trust.

Out of print

The following out of print works may be available in Burton-on-Trent library, or through the library lending system:


Rolleston related books:

Other publications/pamphlets that may be found occasionally include:

Village Videos

Mr John Parker has produced the following videos and are available from him direct (while stocks last):

Arnold Burston as HectorVillage Golden Jubilee Festival Videos

Two videos, produced by Grandee Video Productions, 'Rolleston-on-Dove Village Golden Jubilee Festival' depicting some of the events held during the Village Golden Jubilee Festival including the exhibition of bridal gowns in the Church, exhibitions in the Church Room and Marquees, the Bell Ringers, the Morris Men and The Mummers Play (as performed on the Croft in its entirety) - Duration 31 minutes, Price £5.00 - and the other 'The Mummers Play' only - Duration 16 minutes, Price £3.00 - are now available.

Filmed and edited by Dennis Reynolds. Further details from Arnold Burston

Contact Addresses

(Local Studies), Riverside, Burton upon Trent DE14 1AH

Arnold Burston, 9 Twentylands, Rolleston on Dove, DE13 9AJ (address as of July 2018)

The Civic Trust have kindly agreed to send any current 'publication', if available, anywhere for the appropriate postage. They do not provide a photocopying service for historical and out-of-print material.

The William , Eastgate Street, Stafford ST16 2LZ.

Tribute to Mr Idris Bowen

Local historian, Idris Bowen, died on 17 December 2004. He helped not only myself (Village Webmaster), but many others, in their research into the history of the village and associated families, and his published work will hopefully be of enormous benefit in the future - and act as a fitting reminder of his valuable contribution.

The Idris Bowen Archive
Idris recognised, without acrimony or regret, that no one in the village was likely to pick up village history with the same extensive dedication, but he wished his unique historical archive to stay as one collection for the benefit of future village historians.

Although there was a case for keeping Idris’s papers in the village, the Staffordshire Record Office also wished to obtain them. After discussion with several of his collaborators Idris reached a compromise that pleased him greatly. It was agreed that the complete collection should be housed at the Lichfield branch of the Record Office where it would be more readily available to local residents. As a private donation it will receive priority cataloguing and be immediately available for consultation.

Before dispatch a copy will be taken of all material directly relevant to the village and this process is largely complete. This collection will be available through a general village archive to be established in St Mary’s Church as part of the planned building alterations. Through the generosity of the McLoughlins, assistance from several Rollestonians and support of the Parish Council this will be achieved at minimum cost.

It is intended that general enquiries concerning family history should be referred to Lichfield Record Office which will have the better facilities for studying and copying documents.

(this article appeared in the Spring 2005 issue of the Rollestonian)

* * * The major part of Idris Bowen's records have been catalogued by Lichfield Record Office and the list is available on their online catologue at Select Archive Search and look under deposit no. DocRefNo 426. One example can be seen here.

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