ESBC Preferred Options – Build on the College Playing Fields! (July 2012)

The Borough Council have now published what is in fact their draft Local Plan which is called Preferred Options. This document can be found (with great difficulty) on the Council Web site. It has profound implications for our village. This document is open for consultation and it is important that objections to its content are made to East Staffordshire Borough Council within the consultation period (25th July to 21st September).

It is interesting that at present Abbots Bromley, despite having more facilities than Rolleston, is not classified as a strategic village and therefore will be allocated only 40 windfall sites.

Rolleston’s Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group looked into alternative sites for any development and asked if anyone owned an area of land (however small) which they would want to be considered for development over the next 10-15 years? There were also public open days to show possible housing types and sites for housing held on Monday 20th August, 6pm until 9pm and Saturday 1st September, 9am – 2pm in the Old Grammar School Rooms, Church Road. Further details can be read in their newsletter.

Here is a copy of the questionnaire, site map and site survey which showed potentially how many dwellings each site could accommodate. Rollestonians were asked to list sites for development in order of preference, eg. preference for site 5, so on the questionnaire, place a number 1 against site 5 etc and also preferred type of development, eg. bungalows, houses etc. Completed forms to be returned to Heidi Light (8 Beacon Drive) no later than 2nd September.

Rolleston Parish Council Response (Sept 2012)

A copy of the PC's submission to ESBC on the Local Plan Preferred Option can be read here.

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