Aerial Photographs of Rolleston-on-Dove

The following pages contain aerial photographs of the village, showing various views. Some of them are very similar and a number guide is provided to give some indication of the area covered. View 2 provides a link to an enlarged version of the same picture with an indication of its file size in brackets. The photographs form part of a collection taken during the preparation of the Village Design Statement. It is believed that the original photographs were taken by Mr G Hood, from a plane piloted by Mr Underhill.

Picture 1

Picture 1 (26KB)

  1. Near Water Tower, top of Church Road
  2. Caravan Site, off Marston Lane
  3. John of Rolleston Primary School, Alderbrook Site
  4. Meadow View
  5. Craythorne Road
  6. Burton College - Rolleston Campus
  7. Twentylands
  8. Walford Road
  9. Dovecliff Road

View 2 (205KB)

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