Rolleston Scout Group News 2014

Winter 2014 News

The Scout group over the recent months has had a great time. The Beaver section held their annual summer camp at the HQ with over 40 beavers on site and had a truly brilliant camp, with even a Roman banquet! The Cubs spent a weekend in the heart of Sherwood Forest taking part in many activities from climbing to zorbing, and the Scouts have been on a survival weekend camp where they faced the elements with no tents.

All three sections in addition to the camps have been progressing though there badge work and we have seen members from all three section complete the highest badge award which is the Chief Scout Award bronze, silver and gold (beavers cubs and scouts respectively. The program that the leaders deliver week in week out with camps on top is really impressive balanced and superbly delivered so well done team.

Thank you everyone that attended the ROLLESTONBURY concert and for those that listened. Even the rain didnít stop us and we had the largest ever attendance with 1657 on site and a record profit of over 11k. This means we can again send off a huge cheque to St Giles (10% of profit) to help others when they most need it and pay the HQ gas and electric bill. I was really pleased with the event this year as we had again a trouble free night and even more happy when all the corporate marquees sold out for the 2015 concert within seven days of the concert finishing. ROLLESTONBURY will return on Saturday 11th of July.

We as ever have help our group camp in September with 152 on camp, taking part in various activities such as canoeing, climbing, and lighting fire on water. Group camp is always a great event and this year we even had a visit from Tropical inc bringing everything from snakes to meerkats thankfully they did all go back in the van, but it was a great to see the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and leaders all on the field at the same time, and in the periods of chill out time just literally chilling out and having a great time and really mixing. One of the original ideas for the camp was to go the seaside for the day but the cost of transport got in the way, so not to be put off we bought ten tonnes of sand and made a beach. This I hoped would be a hit with most of the younger children but we found the Scouts and the leaders having more fun than them.

To conclude we are as ever trying to improve what we do and how we do it. We are now actively recruiting non-uniform members of the team to help with the management for the group. We need a treasurer, training manager general helpers to help out at events and always a leader or two. Scouting offer a fully comprehensive and nationally recognised training scheme, so if you are at a lose end for a hour or two a week, then maybe give Scouting a chance, you will be surprised what it can offer you.

Many thanks for reading
Graham Jacks 0776804733

Autumn 2014 News

Since the last report all section of the group have been extremely busy. The Beavers took over the HQ for a weekend in June and held their annual weekend Camp. This saw over 40 Beavers plus Leaders and adult support team enjoy a wide array of activities such as climbing wall, firecraft, games, and even a Roman Feast complete with campfire. Together with this they have been hard at work on their badge work with all 60 of them completing various parts to the Chief Scout Award.

The Cub section has been to Walesby in the heart of Sherwood Forest to enjoy everything that they have to offer. They took full advantage of the massive site and took part in canoeing, rafting, archery, crate stacking, circus skills and zorbing to name but a few. In addition to the weekly meetings they held a sponsored hike which raised over £400 for the section funds, and the local wildlife centre.

The Scout Section has not been quiet either, with a contingent travelling to Gilwell (the home of Scouting to spend a weekend of activities with the Burton District Scout and also both troops spent a weekend at Beaudesert Campsite on Cannock chase and took part in BIG CAMP, this is a county camp which saw over 1000 Scouts taking part in all the activities you can think of from coracle racing to lazer maze.

ROLLESTONBURY certainly closed the summer season with a bang. Yet another trouble free event which saw over 1650 dance the night away. Itís fair to say the rain shower did put the band under pressure but after they emptied the speakers of water they were back in full swing. The event has now raised well over £2500 for St Giles hospice in the last 3 years and looks to make the Scout Group over £10.000. This is a great amount of money but with running utility costs over over 18k it is already spent. ROLLESTONBURY will return on 11th July 2015.

BONFIRE NIGHT will return on Wednesday 5th November. Advanced tickets will be on sale from early October from Starbucks (Rolleston) and Stretton News (the precinct Stretton) (priced at the same price as 2013) £4 Adult £2 Children and under5s free. Tickets on the gate will be £5 for adults and children £2, the gates will open at 17.00, with the Guy judging at 18.00 (which is free to enter and open to all), Bonfire lit at 18.30 and with the professional Fireworks from PYROTEX International Champions at 19.00. Entry to this event maybe limited so to ensure entry please purchase your tickets in advance.

May I say thank you to the whole village for supporting our events. This is to all and even if you donít attend we do try to not be to invasive into the day to day village life and this is why we strive to run family friendly village events.

For all up to date info on all our events please visit

Summer 2014 News

Your Scout Group since the last report certainly has not been quiet. During January and February all sections were working very hard undertaking training, Badge work and indeed planning for the rest of the year.

We have been very fortunate to have received a grant from Beryl Toon and this money has been used to purchase a LCD TV screen (linked to our computer), and IPAD to aid the leaders to work at HQ on programme planning and to move forward in developing the group by using a online management system which is backed up by WIFI in the building which has been paid for by the money raised at Christmas with the Santaís Sleigh.

Since the group undertook its census at Christmas we have again grown in size and we have welcomed not only new Beavers, Cubs and Scouts into the Group but new leaders and this is brilliant news.

The Beavers have been hard at work in the vegetable garden and have seedlings growing all over the place in the building, and I think the village, and they are looking forward to a bumper crop.

The Cubs have recently had their annual Sixers and Seconders Camp at a very wet and extremely muddy Rangemore Campsite, but they really had a great time. They cooked all their meals on open fires and this sort of camp is designed to get them ready for moving on into Scouts, and it certainly hit the mark.

The Scouts are hard training for the summer expedition to Wiltz (Luxembourg) which Rolleston last visited in the mid 80s, more news on that later in the year.

13th April, saw our annual St Georgeís Day parade with over 120 on parade. This was a brilliant turn out considering it was the first weekend of the Easter Holidays. Well done to all that took part and you were amazing and made me for one very proud.

Thank you very much to the whole of Rolleston for supporting the Carnival. Every year you turn out in your hundreds and this is very much appreciated. The money raised from this event is spent directly on the utility costs of the building.

We have invested over 12k on a new marquee which is now presently erected at the rear of the HQ. This investment has been made to allow the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts bring the outside stuff in, i.e. a large shelter so they can carry on their activities even in the rain. This will include pioneering, tent pitching practice and star gazing, but to be honest the list is endless.

As ever I would like to say a massive thank you to all that have helped over the recent months to make the Scout group what it is today. It really is a team effort and Scouting does give you opportunities that are endless, for instance I am writing this report whilst is Kenya on an international orphanage build run by Staffordshire Scouts. To get involved please get in touch.

Yours in Scouting

Graham Jacks Mob: 07768047332

Spring 2014 News

The winter season in Scouting is traditionally the quietest for the sections, and this may be true in the respect of no camps, however the planning of events and fun activities has been manic.

In 2014 Rolleston Scout Group (RSG) will see a beach appear on the field for a special Group Camp, the Romans visit the Beavers for their annual sleepover under canvas, the Cubs travel to sleep in the heart of Sherwood Forest and the Scouts head off for their Luxembourg Expedition and this is only the start.

Easter sees Scouts and Leaders from Rolleston again join the Staffordshire contingent to take part in the second phase of the Kenya Project. All participants have raised £3.000 each to attend and this will enable them to travel to Kenya and take part in building, plastering and painting of the orphanage. This project really does teach our Scouts a great deal and itís the trip of a lifetime, so thank you for all the support that you as a village have shown by helping them meet their fundraising targets.

Our annual Carnival is to be held on Sunday 11th May which is the first major event of the season. It will see our field transformed into fun, rides and adventure for all the family so put it in the calendar.

ROLLESTONBURY 14 is to be held on Saturday 12 July, Corporate Hospitality is nearly sold out, all information is on the group website or just type ROLLESTONBURY into a Google search.

2014 will see the Group invest heavily into the building, to keep it modern and up to date. In addition we are looking to repair, recover and slightly extend the car park. We have had an estimate to do the required work and it is the region of £82.000. if anyone has any contacts in this area and think they may be able to help, i.e. get grants to get this bill down, then please contact me directly.

Finally Your Scour Group returned a census figure of 192; this is an increase of 30 in one year. This is a true testament to all the hard work that your Leaders along with the Executive team put in. This has now been backed up by five parents who have taken on the challenge and become new leaders with RSG. Volunteering can be commitment that not all of us can take up, but there is always something you could do to help.

RSG is the largest Scout Group in Burton, If you want to be a part of this team then please get in touch.

Yours in Scouting
Graham Jacks GSL

Scout Group Events 2014

January 26th Sunday Carboot Sale
February 23rd Sunday Carboot Sale
March 8th Saturday Pamper Day 13-17.00
March 8th Saturday 80s Disco Party Night
March Saturday Promise Night
March 29th Saturday Rummage Sale
March 30th Sunday Carboot Sale
April 27th Sunday Carboot Sale
May 11th Sunday CARNIVAL
May 26th Monday BIG Garage Sale
June 21st Saturday Bingo
June 28th Saturday Rummage Sale
June 29th Sunday Carboot Sale
July 12th Saturday ROLLESTONBURY
September 13th Saturday Race Night
September 28th Sunday Carboot Sale
October 18th Saturday Rummage Sale
October 19th Sunday Carboot Sale
October 25th Saturday Híween Disco(KIDS)
November 5th Wednesday Bonfire Night HQ
November 9th Sunday Remembrance Parade
November 29th Saturday Skittles Night
November 30th Sunday Carboot Sale

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