Rolleston Scout Group News 2013

Winter 2013 News

Well what an amazing summer, since my last report your Scout Group has certainly not been quiet.

Just before the summer break the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts all enjoyed camps.

The Beavers had a camp at HQ, seeing over 30 Beavers on camp, they all slept and yes they did sleep the Saturday night and enjoyed a real campfire complete with hot chocolate and marsh mellows. The activities included the climbing wall and them all board belkin boats at the Burton Canoe Club for a race up and down the Trent. Remembering that Beavers are from age 6-8, this is real adventurous stuff which they all thoroughly enjoyed.

The Cubs Spent a weekend at Drum Hill Scout campsite nr Derby. Here they also camped and they were pioneering, campfire building, climbing and abseiling, and also enjoyed a hike over the campsite and although they had a damp camp they were all smiling at the end. The Scouts were also at Drum hill that weekend but without tents. They took part in a survival camp which saw them hike into Drun hill from Derby and stay overnight in the shelter that they had built out of what they could find in the wood and a survival blanket. Don’t think they slept but they really had great fun?

ROLLESTONBURY then took the village by STORM, with 1537 on site to enjoy a fantastic night of music and fireworks. The event has now come into its own and after 6 years it is the quality event it was always designed to be. Many thanks to all that helped make the event work. All info for the 2014 show is on the website including the marquee options to hire one for the night. ROLLESTONBURY will return on July 12th for a PARTY NIGHT, full line up to be released after Christmas.

September saw our Group Camp and this one was special. To celebrate 80 years of Scouting in Rolleston we wanted to do something special so we hired Britain’s Ultimate Castle (Warwick) to sleep at. We took 137 to the ULTIMATE SLEEPOVER at which we enjoyed a Knight’s battle, a story from a knight, a visit to the princess tower, the Master bowman, try and kill one of our Scouts (was ok though) and the firing of the mighty trebuchet at night with a flaming FIRE ball. The camp was a truly fantastic experience for all that went.

Finally Your Scour Group is current membership of over 170 and by the end of summer 2014 we may have over 200! This is a true testament to all the hard work that you’re Leaders along with the executive team put in. This has now been backed up by five parents who have taken on the challenge and become new leaders with RSG. Volunteering can be commitment that not all of us can take up, but there is always something you could do to help.

RSG is the largest Scout Group in Burton and one of the biggest and most diverse in the UK, but it is nothing without quality. If you want to be a part of this team then get in touch.

Yours in Scouting
Graham Jacks GSL

Autumn 2013 News

It’s official, Scouting is COOL again, well at least according to an editorial featured by the Telegraph in April under the headline of `Be Prepared to Help’. On top of this countless front pages this Spring have shown the Duchess of Cambridge and our Chief Scout, Bear Gryills, volunteering with Scouting across the U.K.

Scouting achievements go a lot deeper than this, it does sound a gimmick but Scouting can indeed change and help to mould lives. It happens the world over and I have seen it more than once in Rolleston. I have seen young people who were heading quite literally down the wrong path of life, find a purpose and a sense of pride in themselves through Scouting, and then go on to lead a glittering Military career.

Scouting is indeed growing and your Scout Group is now still the biggest in Burton and one of the largest in Staffordshire, and in fact the U.K. This does not happen by accident, it takes a lot of hard work and by this I mean a large team effort. Rolleston Scout Group over recent years has opened two Beaver colonies, a second Cub Pack and another Scout Troop, and this, combined with an exciting program of high quality challenges and activities, is provided by dedicated leaders and helpers, but this is my biggest problem, although a good problem , in so far as we need more Leaders to help us to ‘keep up the good work’.

Volunteering does not mean turning up every day, every weekend and to every social, camp or fundraising event. It means helping when you can.

At Rolleston Scout Group we are one of the most diverse Groups in operation, from Quality Scouting to the running and organisation of an Outdoor concert. In this I mean that there is an opportunity for all to help in some way, be it as a Leader or washing the linen after ROLLESTONBURY.

Vacancy list:
Assistant Beaver Leaders, 4-Monday 5pm-6pm, 2-Tuesday 6pm-7pm and 1-Thursday 5pm-6pm.
Assistant Cub Leaders, 2-Monday 6.30pm-8pm and 2-Thursday 6.30pm-8pm.
Also we would like a parent representative from each Colony, Pack and Troop to attend the Executive committee meetings to feed into, and feed back, the management position on development of the entire Group and its overall activities.

Thank you to all that attended and for those who were listening at home. The event went off without a hitch and we have taken on board the comments on lack of toilets and we have ordered 6 extra for next year (sorry for lost dancing time in the queue).

ROLLESTONBURY 2013 made a profit of just over £11,000, and 10% of our final total will be sent to St Giles Hospice to aid those in need.

ROLLESTONBURY 2014. Next years show is already under construction - more information soon - but we are going to base the show on the success of the second set from this year. The show will take us from the 60’s to the present day, starting with the swinging 60’s and finishing the night off with Robbie Williams and the kings of Leon. ROLLESTONBURY will always be a family friendly event. Bookings are now being taken for the corporate hospitality marquees and 7 out of the 9 have already been reserved. Prices are all on the internet, just Google ROLLESTONBURY for more information.

Thank you to all who have helped the Group so far this year, and a special thank you to all the ROLLESTONBURY crew, and the army of parents who turned up to help on both the set-up and the take-down of the show, without whom it would have been a very long hot Sunday.

The Scouting calendar is packed so my next report will contain all the information about our Summer Group Camp which, in the past, has seen three coaches packed full of Beavers, Cubs and Scouts set to take over Warwick Castle for the night.

Yours in Scouting
Graham Jacks 07768-047-332

Summer 2013 News

1933-2013 80 Years of Scouting in Rolleston

Rolleston Scout Group, YOUR Scout Group, is now at the top of its game. We have recently seen over 110 of our Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Leaders Parade at St Georges Day in front of our District Commissioner Rae Bradshaw, our County Commissioner Paula Evans and the Mayor of Burton. Your group were perfectly turned out, and a credit to the village so well done and thank you to all that took part.

Our District Commissioner rarely speaks at the St George's Day Service that is held at the Town Hall after the Parade, but this year he did. He announced that he is to retire after many years of service and I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to him on your behalf. Scouting is a MASSIVE team effort with many opportunities to be involved. Ranging from giving a talk to the young people during a section meet, to being a regular uniformed Leader, or even actually working for Scouting as a regional developer. During the service Rae mentioned something very important that sometimes is overlooked. He said THANK YOU, to all the people who had helped him be a Scout. However old you are this should always be kept in mind. No one at RSG is paid and we all give our time up to develop scouting. This is why we have the Level of dedication and devotion to the Group, so basically THANK YOU. THANK YOU TO ALL THAT HAVE, AND CONTINUE TO MAKE RSG WHAT IT IS FROM 1933 TO THE PRESENT DAY.

The annual Carnival. Well what can I say? THANK YOU again for all the hard work put in by the team for staging the event and also to the parents for dressing the parade members in such fantastic costumes. It was great to see Pre School and John of Rolleston in the parade. What a great day, and thank you for supporting us.

All sections of the Group are camping this year, and in locations all over UK. The Beavers at HQ, Cubs in Derbyshire and Bromsgrove, whilst the Scouts are camping this year in Derbyshire and next year Luxembourg! All sections join together in September for our Group Camp.

In our 80th year we decided to have a special camp, so we hired a Castle. Warwick Castle. Not ever doing things by halves this will see three coaches and over 150 Beavers, Cubs and Scouts from RSG take the castle by STORM. Following tales from the Dragon Slayer, Birds of prey, Princesses and the Mighty trebuchet being fired into the night sky complete with a burning fireball the Crew will sleep in the castle grounds. Sunday will be spent as Castle guests before being bussed back for tea. Personally I think it will be a memorable 80th birthday celebration for RSG, and an amazing experience for all.

In concluding this report I would like to say how fortunate I am through my roles at District and County levels, to interact with many other Scout Groups from all over Staffordshire and Derbyshire. I see on a regular basis how Scouting as a whole is really changing lives. RSG works very hard to develop all it Members and to give them a basis for their adult lives. You really should be proud of what your Group delivers. To get involved at whatever level please get in touch.

Yours in Scouting
Graham M Jacks
07768 047 332

Spring 2013 News

Rolleston Scout Group
Happy Birthday To 1st Rolleston Scouts
1933-2013 - 80 Years of Scouting in Rolleston

As in every organisation we, as a Scout Group, are ever changing. Every year we submit our census to HQ in London, and I am very pleased to report that in 2012 we had 144 in the Group and January 2013 saw us grow again to 167.

In early January we were faced with the fact that we had over 20 young people on our waiting list with no real chance of getting them into the Group.

As someone who has personally benefitted from the experiences - and the opportunities - and seen at first hand the fun and enjoyment that literally thousands of children and Leaders get out of Scouting, I wasn’t prepared to let this happen. We have now opened our third Beaver colony, to be run on a Thursday night 5pm till 6pm.

Last Easter also saw the re-opening of our second Scout troop that closed in the early 90s. This is on a Wednesday night 7.15pm till 9pm and opens to all who are between 10.5 - 14 years of age. These two new sections are a testament to how dedicated all the Leaders and Assistant Leaders are in the Scout Group to creating a challenging, exciting and balanced programme.

As mentioned above the Group is 80 years old this year and we have so much in the programme to make it a truly memorable year.

RSG CARNIVAL - Sunday 12 May - has this year taken on the theme of musicals. As usual the themed floats and marching bands will assemble at the junction between The Lawns and Hall Road at 1.30pm, and after processing through the village, will arrive at the Scout Headquarters at around 2pm - it will certainly be a day to remember – come along and join in the fun.

ROLLESTONBURY – Saturday 13th July - this is a truly fantastic show. It has been designed for ROLLESTONBURY by me and One Stop Boogie, to deliver a party that is second to none. There is a 70’s set, an ABBA tribute, a full 80’s old school disco, and a Top of the Pops show, with music from the 60’s to the present day - so something for everyone. To end the show we have hired the winners of the world championships firework display team PRYOTEX for a finale to light up the skies. This will take place at 10.45pm, so if you can’t make the show then look out of your windows and celebrate from home.

KENYA 13 - At Easter 19 Scouts from Burton will join others from across Staffordshire to take part in a truly memorable experience. Travelling to Kenya they will be part of the team building phase one of the orphanage – to fund this they have been fundraising for the last year. I am team leader on this project, and project manager for the second phase in 2014, and would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported this project in a period of financial difficulty. A special thank you to RSG, Mr Bob Fraser, Rolleston WI, Rolleston Club and St Marys Church, without whom the project would have been that little bit harder.

Thank you for Reading Graham M Jacks (07768047332)
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