Rolleston United Foundation
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Clerk to the Trustees: , 50 Meadow View, Rolleston on Dove, DE13 9AN (tel. 813414)


In recent years, readers of Rollestonian will have noticed the annual advertisement inviting grant applications to this Charity. This article gives a background to the Charity and invites donations from any persons or organisations interested in helping it to continue to fulfil its purpose for future generations.


The Rolleston United Foundation dates from 1923 when it was created from a consolidation of much older village charities. 

There were three main elements –

  1. The Rolleston Educational Foundation which was the educational endowment of the Old Grammar School (the room in the churchyard) and subsidiary endowments.
  2. The Foundation of Florens Caldwell for Schoolmaster of 1612.
  3. The Educational Foundation of William Roulston and others, comprising the educational endowment of the Poor’s Land Charity, the Poor’s Money Charity and William Roulston’s Almshouse and Charity

The charity applies to the Ancient Parish of Rolleston which, today, means the parishes of Rolleston, Anslow and part of Tatenhill. This results in the appointment of six Trustees –

One by the Rector and Churchwardens of Rolleston St Mary’s
One by Rolleston Parish Council
One by Anslow Parish Council
One by Tatenhill Parish Council
Two by Staffordshire County Council, as the Local Education Authority.

As set up, the Foundation’s money could be used for the benefit of boys only, but in 1978 the Trustees made application to the Secretary of State, under the Sex Discrimination Act of 1975 for girls to be included in the scheme.

From 1923 until the Education Act of 1944 the Foundation used its income to fund a series of scholarships to Burton Grammar School. These consisted of school fees, books and a season rail ticket to Burton. The last recipient was Mr David Allen who died in September 2004.

In 1945/6 the Trustees looked for alternative uses for their income and responded to requests from Rolleston and Anslow schools for radio gramophones and new pianos. They also made grants to the Rolleston and Anslow Youth Clubs. From then on until 1959 much of the income was used to provide book prizes to local boys gaining entry to Burton or Uttoxeter Grammar Schools. This was then considered inappropriate and the Foundation gradually became moribund in the 1960's.

In 1973 a new initiative was set up with consideration to be given to university students, sixth form pupils and the physically and mentally handicapped. Much use of the Foundation was made by students from the old Forest of Needwood High School for assistance with foreign exchange travel, trade apprenticeships and university entrance.


The trustees receive some requests for assistance with apprenticeships but the growing and overwhelming majority of requests arrive from university students.

The Future

The trustees face the common problem that their investments, approved by the Charity Commissioners, have not kept place with inflation and they have only a modest income of around £400 per year for distribution.

The rapid growth of further education and the imposition of charges for university courses are resulting in a large increase in applications. Any assistance that the Foundation can give will continue to be very modest without further capital investment in the charity.

The Trustees would welcome charitable donations from any individuals or organisations wishing to support the physical. vocational or academic education of our local youth.

Student Grants Available

Are you leaving school this summer and going on to some form of higher education?

If you live within the parishes of Rolleston or Anslow perhaps we can help you. Application forms (revised 2018) can be downloaded as a Word or pdf document and should be returned to Mrs Verity Conner at 50 Meadow View, Rolleston on Dove, DE13 9AN by the end of August. The Trustees will meet to consider applications in early September. Any queries to on 813414.

News - Summer 2017

Application forms can be downloaded from here.

News - Spring 2017

Rolleston United Foundation Applications for 2017

Once again Rolleston United Foundation is in a position to offer Year 13 students, from the parishes of Rolleston on Dove and Anslow, small grants to help, when they leave school and continue with their studies. Students need to apply in writing and complete the form by hand. The form is available here.

Please return the form to:
Mrs Verity Conner, Secretary,
50, Meadow View,
Rolleston on Dove,
Burton on Trent DE13 9AN

The trustees will be pleased to receive applications by August 31st 2017 and awards will be made at a meeting in September. If you have any queries please email the Secretary:

News - Autumn 2016

News - Summer 2015

News - Winter 2014

In September, Rolleston United Foundation Trustees met to approve the applications for grants towards Further Education from 12 students living in the parishes of Rolleston & Anslow. All 12 students received £70 each to help them with books for their very varied courses at different universities. The Trustees wished them well in their studies.

Audrey Gordon, Chairman of the Trustees was invited to collect a cheque from the Rolleston Club, a share of the proceeds from the Village Gala in August. She was photographed in the Burton Mail. She thanked the Rolleston Club Committee on behalf of the Trustees. Money is raised for grants from long standing investments but any donations are very welcome and will always be used to help young people in Rolleston & Anslow as they look towards their future careers.

Verity Conner

News - Summer 2014

Once again Rolleston United Foundation is in a position to offer Year 13 students from the parishes of Rolleston on Dove and Anslow small grants to help, when they leave school and continue with their studies. Last year, as there was only one application, £200 was awarded to a single applicant. Students need to apply in writing and complete the form which they can access from the Rolleston Village website and return via email to .
If completed by hand please return to Mrs Verity Conner, 50, Meadow View, Rolleston on Dove Burton upon Trent DE 13 9AN. The trustees will be pleased to receive applications and awards will be made at a meeting in September.

News - Summer 2013

Last autumn this educational charity was able to help four local young people as they left school and went on with their studies. Applications are invited from this year's school leavers, living in Rolleston or Anslow, who are going on to any form of further or vocational education for a small grant from Rolleston United Foundation. Download a form from the village web site (Word or pdf document) and send it to Mrs Joan Price at 20 Croft Close, Rolleston on Dove, DE13 9AF or by the end of August. The trustees will consider applications at a meeting in early September.

News - Autumn 2012

The trustees were pleased to receive a donation of £129.03 from the well dressing at the Jubilee celebrations. This will be invested to provide extra income for our grants to local young people as they start further education.

News - Summer 2012

The trustees are grateful for donations in 2011 from Rolleston Parish Council and Treats. Money received from donations is invested in Charity Investment Funds to produce income which can then be given in grants to our young people.

News - Summer 2011

Last year (2010) the Foundation helped 7 local school leavers with a small grant for books or equipment.

News - April 2011

The Trustees are very grateful for donations from the Parish Council of £265 unused for a parish poll and for £42.36 through the ESBC recycling tonnage scheme.

News - Autumn 2009

The Trustees acknowledge with grateful thanks a donation of £115 from Rolleston Civic Trust after their recent Cheese and Wine event. The Foundation's income comes from interest on investments so donations such as this which can be added to our capital are most appreciated .

In 2009 the charity helped 14 local young people

News - Autumn 2008

The Trustees wish to record their sadness and sense of loss on the death of their Chairman, John Marshall. John had been a Trustee since 1973 and Chairman since 1980. Always sympathetic to the needs of the village’s young people, he made sure that the Foundation was open to all modern ways to higher education. John will be much missed at Trustee meetings and remembered with great affection.

The Trustees wish to acknowledge with thanks the donation of £740.37 from the Former Pupils Association of the Forest of Needwood High School. The Trustees are grateful to the Treasurer and committee for choosing the Foundation to receive their funds. As the Foundation has only the income from investments to distribute as grants this will ensure that we are able to continue to give small grants to help young people going on to further education.

In 2008 the charity helped 13 local young people

Last updated: 1 February 2018