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RODSEC - Summer 2014 News
(Details extracted from article that first appeared in the Summer 2014 issue of the Rollestonian)

The Buffalo Gals Old Time Country String Band rounded off a superb season of live entertainment. The stampede for tickets kicked up such a storm that it has taken until now for the dust to settle and for a capacity audience to get its collective breath back after experiencing the very best of American roots music. Six superbly accomplished musicians
plucked, picked, strummed and fiddled an assortment of authentic lonesome-trail instruments, featuring banjo, steel ukulele, acoustic guitar, double bass and a pair of fiddles. There was enough string on show to weave a whole wagon load of cat’s cradles. Kate Lissauer had us all tied up as she wove a wonderfully descriptive web of introductions to Appalachian, Blues, Gospel and Bluegrass music. Soaring vocals were counter-pointed with dazzling displays of step-dancing. Sitting there was like being an extra in an episode of ‘The Waltons’. We were lifted by wonderful harmonies and transported to a plaintively whispering landscape, filling our little hollow with a distinctive echo.

Thanks to all those who have supported us through the season. No wonder visiting acts enjoy performing here; appreciative audiences seated in comfortable surroundings make Rolleston on Dove a very attractive booking. With your continuing help, we aim to provide more of the same.

Live & Local 2014/2015
Such a rich season of entertainments leaves us hungry for more. To help satisfy your appetite for good quality entertainment at a community venue we will be presenting two more Live & Local acts this coming autumn and next spring; details should be available in the autumn edition of the Rollestonian.

Murder Mystery
By Popular Demand – Return of Phoenix Theatre Group – Sunday 1st Feb 2015

In order to satisfy your taste for murder mystery we are able to disclose that the plot thickens on Sunday 1st February in Rolleston Club; all will be revealed from 7:30pm onwards.

John Phillips

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RODSEC - Spring 2014 News
(Details extracted from article that first appeared in the Spring 2014 issue of the Rollestonian)


Old Time Country String Band
Sunday 6 April, 7.30pm Rolleston Club


incorporating the
Saturday 24th – Monday 26th May

Building on the success of major village events since the Millennium, this is Rolleston’s most ambitious festival yet. Village organisations, through RoDSEC are collaborating to provide a wide range of activities and entertainments over the late-May Bank Holiday Weekend.

The organisers are hoping for participation at all levels to make their efforts worthwhile. Can you assist with organisation, setting-up or stewarding? Can you contribute to the exhibitions and competitions? Can you just come and show your support over the weekend?

The Transport Festival on 26th May is now in its sixth year! The show will include all the usual attractions including the ever popular vintage buses, ferrying people around the village wide garage sales. There is already a lot of interest from exhibitors, so this year's show promises to be better than ever. Make a note in your diary and help support our local charities.

Well Dressing

We have a top secret design for this year’s display with the theme of Love Rolleston – if you want to see it you will need to get involved. We would love as many people to have a go as possible. You don’t have to be available for all the days, just what you can, no volunteer will be turned away. You don’t have to be artistic at all; it is really painting by numbers. Brewing up and cleaning up is as important.

Key dates – everything takes place at the Old Grammar School Room.
Fri 16th May – puddling clay
Sat 17th May – pricking out
Sun 18th May – lining picture
Mon 19th May – hard materials
Tue 20th May – hard materials / petalling
Wed 21st May – petalling
Thu 22nd May – petalling
Fri 23rd May – painting
Sat 24th May – put up/clean up/mini board tasters
Tue 27th May - dismantling

It takes a lot of materials to create the display so we need your help collecting items like; coffee beans, feathers, alder cones, acorns and their cups, beech masts, catkins, fir cones, clematis pods, laurel berries, pampas grass heads, bark, melon seeds, orange / lemon pips, apple pips, cherry stones, sunflower seeds, plum stones, dried skins of bananas (pinned down to keep flat), dried orange / lemon peel, melon peel, egg shells, pistachio shells, cloves, sheep’s wool, horse hair, small stones, beach shells, slate coal, and statice. We especially need dog fur and peacock feathers. Please think what you can grow, really useful is curly parsley and plants with very dark leaves.

We are also looking for tableau items (to go around the board to make a 3D display), these need to represent things we love about Rolleston, like a cricket bat or bale of straw however we cannot take responsibility of the security of items.

Next meeting Tuesday 29 April at 7.30pm in the Old Grammar School Room. Please bring any hard materials and tableau items collected.

Tree Wrapping

A new and exciting feature will be the wrapping of tree trunks in the manner of Christo. Without causing any damage, a few trees along Brookside will be dressed with bright and patterned bandages. We did a small trial in Meadow View for last year’s Garden Sunday.

HELP REQUIRED We need the help of several pairs of tree “wrappers” during the afternoon or evening of Friday 23rd May.
WRAPPING Wrapping is the simple process of winding a 4" coloured ‘bandage’ around the trunk, gently pinning it as you go. We will take it up as far as you can safely reach and someone taller may take it a little higher. Help will be on site. You could try your hand at a practice session about a fortnight before the event.

CONTACT If you would like to join in and have some gentle fun please let me know. We could do with your help.John Underhill: Tel 01283 815266


Spectacular Duck Racing
Saturday 24th May - Burnside Alderbrook

Enter your homemade ducks in our quacktastic duck race. Design and make your own floating friend or follow the ingenious example pioneered by duckmaster Phil Irwin. From the end of March, his marvellous mallard will be on show at Starbucks along with an easy instruction sheet. Go on, splash out .It helps to be quackers.

Photo Opportunity

There’s a class in the Rolleston Gala on Bank Holiday Monday 25 August, for a photo taken at some point over the Love Rolleston weekend.


If you can assist in the organisation, setting-up or stewarding of Love Rolleston Festival events in any way please contact

John Phillips, 78 Beacon Road. Tel:813833

John Morris, 20 Station Road. Tel:814181


Flyers (pdf documents):

A detailed commemorative programme will be available early May.


Murder Mystery: Stab in the Dark Pays Off

Take an assortment of quirky, slightly dysfunctional and delightfully named characters, like Lincoln Green (scout master) Gladys Sunday (vicarage housekeeper) and Penny Lane (gradually-wrinkling hippy), stir them together with six more seasoned performers and a basin full of red herrings and you have the recipe for a mystifyingly tasty entertainment. With wittily-written recipes in hand, Phoenix Theatre Group served up a dish that left us feeling hungry for more.

The sudden extravagance of the ageing playboy vicar brought seething tensions to the surface. Mercifully, the vicar was skewered in his own office following evensong. A sudden blackout provided the opportunity; any of the assembled characters could have pierced the parson. A brilliant investigating duo skilfully picked at the loose ends beginning to appear in the fabric of this tight-knit community and unravelled it all before us. In a house packed with brilliant minds, only one team managed to solve the mystery. Despite feeding on a delicious and generous supper, the rest of us could not crack the case. Overall performance might well have been improved with the addition of more brain food; next time, perhaps flakes of fish for fathoming a fishy situation.

This was a night to remember. Thanks to Phoenix Theatre Group for guiding a most appreciative audience through a witty script enhanced by strong performances. You kept us guessing to the very end, and continue to be the talk of the village. Quite delightful were the humorous observations and interesting parallels running through this aptly-chosen script. It was so good to see accomplished live theatre once again being performed in the old hall of Rolleston Commemoration Club.

We are grateful to all who supported this event, especially those who bought, sold, donated, raffled, helped, served and applauded. Particular thanks go to Rolleston Club for providing a special venue, Starbucks for continuing to operate a superb box office and an excellent team of caterers who served a stunning supper - a feast to die for.

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