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RODSEC - Winter 2013 News
(Details extracted from article that first appeared in the Winter issue of the Rollestonian)


Seasonal shift nudges us into familiar end-of-year routines. As the schedule of meetings quickens, our plans for special events in 2014 take shape, with three entertainments for the long nights and a three-day village celebration in May, “Love Rolleston - Wish You Were Here”.


Surprising Shows in Surprising Places

Supported by Staffordshire County Council, East Staffordshire Borough Council and the Arts Council England

“Eyes Front” - Isla St Clair and Patrick King
Sunday 13th October – 7:30pm

A large and appreciative audience thrilled to the liquid crystal voice of the incomparable Isla St Clair and the comfortable commentary of the extraordinary filmmaker Patrick King. Combining live performance and film footage, they presented a delightfully nostalgic, humorous and poignant look at wartime music. The rhythms and lyrics of folk and popular music contrasted starkly with the terrors revealed in documentary reels from the Great War. Musical pieces were expertly spliced with film clips projected onto a large screen. This remarkable partnership delivered a moving and memorable experience. We were informed and delightfully entertained by two consummate professionals.

Isla St Clair proved to be a major attraction for an audience brought up on a late 1970s Saturday evening diet of “The Generation Game”. She certainly lived up to her celebrity status and star billing. Isla accompanied herself on guitar, and had something of an intoxicating effect as she caressed the air with smooth, single -malt tones.

We are grateful to all who supported this event, especially those who bought, sold, donated, raffled, helped, served and applauded. Particular thanks go to Rolleston Club for providing the venue and Starbucks for continuing to operate a superb box office.


Presents an Evening of


Sunday 26th January 2014
Scene of Crime – Rolleston Club
Tickets £7.50
Light Refreshments Included

Dying to Please
Miss Marple, Lord Peter Wimsey, Jonathan Creek, Sherlock Holmes, Philip Marlow,
Hercule Poirot, Sam Spade, Tom Barnaby, Inspector Clouseau, Columbo, Adam Dalgliesh, Jane Tennison, Brother Cadfael, Inspector Morse, Scooby-Doo and
You, of course.
Tickets available from Starbucks & RoDSEC members



Sunday 6th April 2014
7:30pm - Rolleston Club
Tickets £8.50

“Fantastic, we enjoyed every moment. The show was an utter delight and SO foot-tapping. The dancing was amazing”.
The Buffalo Gals make terrific music, firmly rooted in traditional American style with authentic sound driven by fiddle, banjo, percussion and soaring harmonies. This six-piece band ( two of whom are definitely not Gals) specialises in Appalachian, Bluegrass, Blues and Cajun tunes and songs, all delivered with passion and flair, including some stunning percussive step-dance. Their humour and rapport with their audience mean that they appeal to all ages and musical types.

The band features champion Maryland USA fiddler, Kate Lissauer and Sybille, a spectacular percussive step-dancer, or ‘foot musician’. Yee-haw!

Tickets go on sale early in the New Year.
They can be purchased from Starbucks and RoDSEC members.


Saturday 24th, Sunday 25th & Monday 26th May


News Update
After three well-supported Love Rolleston Planning Meetings, we now have in place plans for a three-day programme. Unless stated otherwise, all events are free to see. You might like to join us as we progress with the project.

RoDSEC Planning Meetings
At this forum, organizations and individuals are invited to bring and share ideas with each other. We are aiming to celebrate this occasion in a very special way. All village organizations are invited to attend and take part in this on–going discussion.

Saturday 24th May 2014: LOVE 1

Community Art Installations~ Love Rolleston Village Fair ~ Exhibition ~ Concert

Community Arts Installations

Well Dressing
Creative Director: Pam Knowles
Project Manager; Kate Goldsmith
Location: Alms Houses Lawn (well-dressing studio in OGS)

An invitation to all time –served and would-be well-dressers to come and ‘get stuck in’ to this fascinating Community Art Project. Well-dressing is a most enjoyable and rewarding team-building activity. There is plenty of room for all enthusiasts. Do come and join us.

If you would like to find out more and register an interest, come along to a preliminary meeting in the Old Grammar School Room early in the New Year (date and time to be arranged).

Giant Floral Lily Pads & Floating Domes
Organiser: John Underhill,
Flower Arrangers Extraordinaire
Location: Alderbrook, Burnside

Popular demand has persuaded John Underhill to wade in again, this time with an enhanced flotilla incorporating mysterious domes to add extra magic to the mystic river.

Burnside Ducks & Veggie Vessels
Organiser: Phil Irwin
Location: Alderbrook, Burnside
All local shipwrights are invited to launch their home-made crafts and creatures in a fabulously funny flotilla. Further details will be available following the successful completion of sea trials. Willing constructors can obtain plans, templates and prefabricated vessels. We hope individuals and organizations will join us in making an even bigger splash this time. These waterborne installations will remain in place throughout the “Love Rolleston” celebrations.

Tree Wrapping
Organiser: John Underhill
Location: Brookside
The wrapping of tree trunks and lower branches along Brookside brilliantly extends of our community art installation. The trees are to be dressed with bright and patterned bandages.

Giant “Wish You Were Here” Postcard Competition
Organiser: John Phillips
Location: various sites around the village

Organizations, businesses, families and individuals are invited to create on a 6’ x 4’ board a giant postcard for entry into our outdoor competition. One side of the card is to show an image, or images, of your favourite features in Rolleston. The reverse is to carry a message, in which you write what you love about Rolleston. The card is to be addressed to RoDSEC. Competitors might choose to show large cards on their own property or have it displayed, by us, in a village location.
Entry Forms will be available early next year.

“Love Rolleston” A4 Postcard Competition & Exhibition
Organisers: Kate Goldsmith & Verity Conner
Location: Rolleston Club
A competition for artists of all kinds and all ages. People are invited to design and make, in any media, an A4 postcard. One side is to show an image or images of your favourite features in Rolleston. The reverse is to carry a written message describing the reasons for your choice of subject matter. The card is to be addressed to RoDSEC. Entries will be divided into at least four different age range classes, with 1st 2nd & 3rd place prizes being awarded for each class.

Entry Forms will be available early spring.

Love Rolleston Village Fair (Day 1)
Lovingly Local
Organisers: RoDSEC
Location: the Croft

Saturday 24th May Sunday 25th

A Key Note Feature

To all, an invitation is extended to join in a two day display, housed in hired marquees and personal gazebos on the Croft.

A superb showcase in which individuals, village groups, organizations and local businesses can exhibit, demonstrate and celebrate their particular passions and enthusiasms. For each of us, it will be an opportunity to become more acquainted with the rich and diverse culture that thrives in these parts. We encourage exhibitors to engage visitors in hands-on experiences such as workshops, demonstrations, performances and have-a-go opportunities.
Please complete and return to John Phillips an Exhibitor Registration Form
Do join with us in this celebration of the present and help us to draw inspiration from each other and our topography, traditions and talents.

Love Rolleston Guided Tours (Day 1)
Organiser: Sue Fraser
Location: Guided Tours start from HQ on the Croft

Saturday 24th May Sunday 25th
Enjoy a wonderful walkabout in the company of our knowledgeable and friendly guides. While on this short safari you will investigate delightful nooks and crannies, shake hands with history and gasp at so many glorious views.

Love Rolleston Concert
Organisers: Nick Willmot - Rolleston Choral Society
Location: St Mary’s Church
Ticket Entry

The day is to be topped with a rousing concert performed by the celebrated Rolleston Choral Society in St Mary’s Church. You will be lifted as delightful choral harmonies embrace you with a programme of music tailor-made for this occasion.

Sunday 25th May: LOVE 2

Open Morning Service ~ the Big Picnic Concert on the Croft ~Love Rolleston Village Fair
Guided Tours ~ Community Arts Installations

Open Service
Organisers: Rev Ian Whitehead & RoDSEC
Location: upper Croft (weather permitting – otherwise in St Mary’s)
We shall be praying for fine weather as St Mary’s prepares to process onto the Croft for a special open-air service. The church stands at the heart of our village; an architectural focal point – a perfectly proportioned landmark that draws the eye and gives definition and spiritual shape to this vital and lively community. Come and join the congregation on the Croft as Ian Whitehead conducts a service in a church without walls

Big Picnic Concert on the Croft
Organisers: RoDSEC
Location: upper Croft (if wet in St Mary’s)

Afterwards, everyone is invited to Picnic on the Croft, as a programme of live entertainment is performed by local musicians, dancers and entertainers. You could, of course, both picnic and play on the day. We are looking to include performers of all ages. If you would like to play a part in this special concert please contact either Kate Bailey (01283 812144) or John Phillips (01283 813833).

Love Rolleston Village Fair (Day 2)
Lovingly Local
Organisers: RoDSEC
Location: lower Croft, in marquee and own gazebos

Love Rolleston Guided Tours (Day 2)
Organiser: Sue Fraser
Location: Guided Tours start from HQ on the Croft

Enjoy a walkabout in the company of our knowledgeable and friendly guides. While on this short safari you will investigate delightful nooks and crannies, shake hands with history and gasp at so many glorious views.

Community Arts Installations
Well Dressing ~ Giant Floral Lily Pads & Floating Domes ~ Ducks & Veggie Vessels ~ Wrapped Trees
Giant “Wish You Were Here” Postcard Competition ~
“Love Rolleston” A4 Postcard Competition Exhibition

Monday 26th May: LOVE 3

Transport Festival ~ Grand Garage Sale Tour
Community Arts Installations

6th Charity Transport Festival
Organiser: John Morris & Transport Festival Committee
Location: the Croft, Burnside
Ticket Entry

Monday 26th May is set aside for the 6th Annual Charity Transport Festival. John Morris and teamsters will be rolling out this steaming, shining, chrome-plated spectacular road show. Follow the procession of precious, lovingly restored motors as they glide, rumble and stutter to the starting grid.

6th Grand Garage Sale Tour
Organisers: Bunty Bradbury & Sylvia Martin
Location: throughout the village.

For an entertaining experience, come along to the the place where Flog It meets Bargain Hunt! Bargains galore are to be found at this sensational Treasure Hunt.

Community Arts Installations
Well Dressing ~ Giant Floral Lily Pads & Floating Domes ~ Ducks & Veggie Vessels ~ Wrapped Trees
Giant “Wish You Were Here” Postcard Competition

We will keep you informed of any changes made to this programme.


.The next “Love Rolleston” Planning Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 7th January in the Old Grammar School Room at 7.30pm. You are welcome to attend.

John Phillips

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Old Time Country String Band
Sunday 6 April, 7.30pm Rolleston Club


Love Rolleston Village Fair Exhibitor Registration Form (pdf document)


RODSEC - Summer 2013 News
(Details extracted from article that first appeared in the Summer 2013 issue of the Rollestonian)

At the Twelfth Annual General Meeting, held on Tuesday 26th February in the Old Grammar School, we looked back on a stupendous year, recorded some personnel changes and contemplated the possibility of future events. It was pleasing to see so many in attendance. Thanks to Barry Edwards for Chairing our AGM.

We do benefit from stability in our core membership and enjoy increasing representation from other organizations. An important characteristic of this remarkable group is, I think, the incredible ability people have to adapt to changing circumstances and still make things happen. One of the changes we have had to accept is the recent retirement of Ron Price from the position of Vice-Chairman. Although this had been long signalled, it is hard to imagine him not being on the bridge, our polite and canny pilot. As one of the founding members, Ron has had an enormous impact on RoDSEC. He has steered a steady course and kept the good ship RoDSEC in tact. It is good to know that we will continue to benefit from his input at Committee Meetings. Verity Conner kindly takes on the role of Vice-Chair. It is reassuring to know that we are in very capable hands. As we welcome her, Verity knows that she enjoys our admiration and thanks for kindly undertaking this responsibility. It is comforting to find that our remaining officers have agreed to continue in their posts. It is also reassuring to have all but one of the Committee members agreeing to serve on the committee for another year. This team brings a remarkable energy and creativity to a forum that continues to enhance our community experience. We shall, of course, miss Margaret Heather, who has stepped down from RODSEC after serving twelve years on the committee. We are so very grateful to Margaret for her support and valued input, not the least in maintaining links with de Ferrers. Margaret has been very good for the village and us. We shall miss her.

Live & Local: Muha in Concert - Sunday 10th March 2013

It really feels like things are getting back to normal with RoDSEC promoting a Spring Entertainment in the ever- improving Rolleston Club.

A keen and appreciative audience quickly warmed to an intoxicating blend of multi-cultural Eastern European folk at its very best. It was easy to see why MuHa, a Nottingham based contemporary folk band, is attracting and ever-growing fan-base. This very pleasant cosmopolitan group made many new friends at this delightful concert. With Iryna Muha from the Ukraine charmingly fronting a quality quartet, with musicians coming from Latvia, Northern Ireland and England. At the end of a most pleasant evening, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that we had been entertained by a first-class act.

Good entertainment in fine surroundings and excellent company seems to have put people in a generous mood, for Tom & Sylvia’s raffle raised a handsome profit. Thanks to them both for being so persuasive and to all those who donated raffle prizes as well as all those who bought raffle tickets. We are particularly grateful to our ticket sellers, especially Starbucks for selling bundles of tickets and continuing to operate a friendly box office. Thanks also to Rolleston Club for making us so very welcome. We are, of course, grateful to all those who supported this event. We look forward to seeing you at our next entertainment. Special thanks to the hard-working committee for helping to put it all together.

We are pleased that Live & Local has again come up with the goods. We have grown to appreciate the value of this organization and the good work that it does for village communities. It is even better to learn that Arts Council England, Staffordshire County Council and ESBC will continue to fund it for this year. After lengthy consultation, we have applied for two Live & Local performances in 2013/2014. We are hoping to stage our next Live & Local entertainment in October this year and another in March; we hope to see you there.

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RODSEC - Spring 2013 News
(Details extracted from article that first appeared in the Spring 2013 issue of the Rollestonian)

Announcing the next Special Event 2014
May: Sat 24, Sun 25, Mon 26.

With the experience of last year’s Jubilation still fluttering in our collective memories, we urge all village organizations to join with us in the staging of a Special Event that celebrates living in and being part of our vital village community. While focussing upon particular skills, artistry and events, this festival might well draw upon the inspiration of local and national anniversaries.

At a RoDSEC Meeting, held on Tuesday 15th January, it was agreed that we should work towards a new Rolleston on Dove Special Event, to be held at the end of May 2014. We were determined to create a space in the calendar in which we could explore a theme that celebrates the topography, traditions and talents that help to shape the experience of living here. At this early stage, you might say that the theme was Rolleston itself! All Rollestonians are invited to join in a celebration that unites us in an expression of our love at living in this special place. If you would like to help shape and deliver our next Special Event please contact RoDSEC Chairman John Phillips Tel: 813833. Love Rolleston.

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