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RODSEC - Winter 2012 News

Frankly, it has been a relief raking up the remnants of a disastrous summer, its blighted remains finally squeezed into the brown bins of despair. Let ‘s hope that turning back the clock will restore something like normal services. The shift to GMT brings the return of long nights and the prospect of wonderful winter celebrations. The extended dark dimension brings forth bright, illuminated fruits as decorations are prepared, then hung and strung from hidden hooks and bristly branches. From cosy, thoughtful committee meetings, new calendars of events emerge with the promise of events yet to come.

Recent Events

Entertainment: Live & Local
Surprising Shows in Surprising Places

Supported by Staffordshire County Council, East Staffordshire Borough Council and the Arts Council England

“ZULU” featuring Zulu Tradition
Sunday 14th October Rolleston Club

A large and appreciative audience was treated to a stunning performance by a vibrant and energetic company from Durban in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. Dressed in traditional warrior costume, complete with short spears and shields, a brilliantly talented cast rekindled the spark of Zulu culture and heritage through drama, song and dance. In extraordinary war dances, we saw five young warriors and two women kick to impossible heights and then repeatedly, and emphatically, hurl themselves onto the trembling stage - reminiscent of an overweight wrestler being body slammed onto the canvas. The pace was relentless: some routines lasted for ten minutes or more. All the time, these dance sequences were accompanied by pulsating Zulu drums and glorious vocal harmonies.

Zulu Tradition generously treated us to a wonderful piece of physical theatre. The sheer effort put into the performance soon had them using their vests to mop up copious amounts of perspiration.

At the interval, many jugs of iced water were shipped in to help quench raging thirsts.

Fortunately, setting up for this performance was a simple task. Just as well, for we nearly did not see them at all! At 6:00pm on Sunday evening, Zulu were sitting outside Over Haddon Village Hall in Derbyshire waiting for someone to let them in. It was a “Houston, we have a problem” moment. With signal strength being very weak up there, communication by mobile phone proved to be somewhat problematic. A fortunate temporary lifting of the telecommunication fog brought us into brief contact. It seems they were working from next Friday’s booking sheet and had keyed in an alien postcode. By this time, the audience had started to arrive. The meal table was hastily dismembered and piled in the kitchen.

Still no show: it was due to start in less than 5 minutes! Remarkably, our guests’ satnav had bleeped that they had arrived. Try as I might, I could not see our troupe. My mobile kicked into life.

“John, where are you? We are here. Wave your arms so we can see you.”

Suddenly, a powerful light stroked my face. With arms still whirling like a windmill in a hurricane, I gyrated towards the voice of the invisible man dazzling me from the dark Croft.

My arms whirled even faster as we spun into the hall, now filled with a patient and understanding audience. In a little while, our lost tribe emerged from the cramped dressing room transformed. Zulu Tradition put on a spectacular and superb show. Remarkably, this was achieved without any kind of warm up. Our superbly spoken Zulu friends richly deserved the loud ovations that greeted the end of each thrilling set.

We are grateful to all those who supported this RoDSEC event, especially those who bought, sold, donated, raffled, helped, served and applauded. Particular thanks to Rolleston Club for providing an ever-improving venue and Kate Goldsmith for organising the imaginative seating arrangement.

Many thanks to Starbuck News for once again operating a superlative box office. Thanks also to all the RoDSEC team for their continuing support and commitment – it is appreciated.

Forthcoming Entertainment

The second Live & Local booking this year

MuHa in Concert
Sunday 10th March 7:30pm Rolleston Club

Tickets On Sale After Christmas

Future Meetings

The next RoDSEC Ordinary Meeting is Tuesday 15th January 2013 at 7.30pm in the OGSR
The agenda for this meeting will include a serious discussion of ideas for our next Special Event.
You are most welcome to join us.

RoDSEC Annual General Meeting, is on Tuesday 26th February at 7.30pm in the Old Grammar School Room


If you would like to be involved in the devising and delivery of RoDSEC-inspired community events or would just like to know more about us please contact - RoDSEC Chairman, John Phillips Tel: 01283 813833

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RODSEC - Autumn 2012 News

The Rain in Reign
A Reflection on Jubilation

Little did we think, as the last lengths of bunting were tied in place, that the soon-to-be-repeated refrain “Long to reign over us” could summon up far too many gallons of the wet stuff. This tribal chant proved to be the solution to dire predictions of desperate droughts and lengthening hosepipe bans. It would be useful to remember this when the jet stream inches north again and the term “global warming” once more replaces what we understand to be normal British weather. With Jubilation approaching fast, smiling forecasters began to click through gloomy icons, predicting nightmare scenarios for all outdoor events organizers. The long-term forecast was even worse! However, we were prepared for this. In fact, the inclement weather complemented the water theme that flowed through the national as well as our village’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Together, a fabulous floral flotilla of giant lily leaves and pageant of patriotic boats transformed the Alderbrook into a majestic river. Rolleston Parish Council’s inspired weir improvement project, completed just a few days before the celebrations, raised the water level and provided a superb reflective surface on which to float these amazing installations. The reality far exceeded the vision. All those involved are to be congratulated on achieving an outstanding installation of truly Olympic proportions. It attracted the admiration of countless visitors and even had very happy ducks quack dancing on the lily pads. Although slightly hidden from public view, performance art of the highest order was on show here: with flower arrangers standing wellington-top deep in the Alderbrook, as they dabbled for safer footing while artfully arranging stunning displays. After this, they would be at home in any paddy field. It was amusing to see John Underhill managing to achieve the impossible in raising all three sunken lily pad rafts. On Monday morning, after 24 hours of rain, he refused to be scuppered and miraculously managed to bale out and re-float the under water flower arrangements; all this achieved with two cracked ice cream boxes!

A wonderful well-dressing, produced by a team of exceptional enthusiasts, faired a little better. Diane Marriott had magnificently managed this demanding project, for it is quite some time since we last produced a well-dressing. Our team of enthusiasts was expertly guided by Pam Knowles. The central panel depicted a younger Queen Elizabeth sitting sidesaddle, taking a royal salute with a flypast incorporating the iconic Concorde and the Red Arrows. An image of the monarch on horse back classically conveys authority, status and power. This is supported by many additional references to military might. In our design, Grenadier Guards guarded the Queen on either aside. Centrally placed in the pediment above, was the royal coat of arms and lettering reading “1952 DIAMOND JUBILEE 2012”. In preparation, Diane had cleverly consulted with different groups. One of those groups was the Youth Club, it was good to see young people being involved. Out of this consultation emerged the crowned ducks idea in the bottom panel. Although the trees in front of the Almshouses afforded some protection, Pam could be seen on hands and knees repairing the panels each morning.

It was no surprise to anyone when the whole of Sunday’s (3rd June) programme was decanted into St Mary’s Church. Unrelenting, wall-to-wall, rain made this an easy decision. Something of a Dunkirk spirit seeped to the surface, with all hands determined to make everything flow as smooth as possible. A bedraggled yet spirited procession of mummer folk and supporters weighed anchor at the lower end of the Croft and steered itself into the calm of St Mary’s Church. We are grateful to Ian Whitehead for captaining the lifeboat and allowing us to perform and picnic in the pews following a superb United Churches Service.

Ian guided a packed church through a carefully designed Order of Service with Phil Poole delivering an amusing and thought-provoking address. Most of the congregation chose to remain in their seats and wait for the Picnic Concert. More streamed in as performers and supporters arrived. A stage had been put in place earlier and the finishing touches to the sound system still needed to be made. Picnic blankets were rolled out and hampers opened. Outside, Rolleston Scout Group had parked a fast food trailer and was decanting hot drinks and crepes, with a free pew delivery service on offer.

As people made themselves ready, there was plenty of opportunity for all to gaze upon the incredible banners expertly hung in the church nave. These ingenious panels artfully advertised the interests of each group and the number of years they had been in existence. People were moved to revisit the church in order to get a better view and take it all in. We are grateful to Tom and Sylvia Martin and crew for flying in another original community-inspired centrepiece.

A remarkable entertainment unfolded with people of all ages providing performances ranging from drama to dance, from mumming to magic, along with plenty of singing, ranging from acapella to pop. Talented musicians performed on a variety of instruments including trumpet, guitar, clarinet, keyboard and saxophone. Our thanks go to all those who volunteered, rehearsed and took part. You produced something quite special in our ark of entertainment. In fact, many onlookers felt that being forced inside helped to make this a very special event.

This kaleidoscope of talent formed delightful patterns in the skilled hands of our superb compere, John Cartwright. John’s masterly and witty links helped to produce a near seamless article. None of this could have been achieved without the vision, enthusiasm and persuasive skills of Kate Bailey and the support of Caroline Mills.

As the concert in the church wound down others were continuing to enjoy the Big Screen showing of the live broadcast of the River Thames Pageant. People were able to appreciate the dry and homely atmosphere of a comfortable and pleasantly decorated Rolleston Club, as they watched a thoroughly saturated fleet squelch by and dissolve into the grey drizzle at the end of the world. In contrast, cream teas and deliciously unhealthy scones were being served in this cosy haven.

The morning of Saturday 2nd June simply did not prepare us for this sorry spectacle. Cool, dry conditions encouraged troops of volunteers to unfurl and set up stalls for the Jubilee Fete. Sheets of captured fabric were pegged in place on the Croft and transformed into a handsome hamlet. Before this, in a daring dawn manoeuvre, Rolleston Scout Group had pitched a marquee, hoisted flags and set up stalls long before an early morning duck quacked. Thanks to all for providing so much interest and fun. Your support is greatly appreciated.

From 8:00am onwards, ingeniously decorated Jubilee boats were lowered into calm waters. Each royal vessel anchored in line with a string tied around a brick. The Alderbrook was soon packed with and admirable armada. Athletic ducks could cross the brook without getting their webbed feet wet. Little did we know of the devastation that was to follow in the night.

Throughout the afternoon, the turf beyond this happy hamlet of stalls felt itself being pleasantly pounded by the well-polished shoes of leaping morris men, then battered and stained by battling mummers. The Uttoxeter Heart of Oak Morris jingled, clattered and wafted their way through two wonderful half-hour slots. The colourful and audacious Rolleston Mummers lumbered, stumbled and mangled their way through this chaotic tale with consummate accomplishment. With three outdoor performances on Saturday and another daring variation inside St Mary’s Church on Sunday, the crew richly deserved the appreciation of a delighted audience. A number of extra acts were added to their Sunday schedule, including a performance by the Guisers, soliloquies from Peter Williams and Val Keeling and a reading of the hilarious Arkwright Saga at the very end. The Rolleston Mummers were an important presence throughout the whole weekend, providing colour, character and delightful entertainment. We are grateful to the whole team for playing their part so well and helping to make this celebration so very memorable.

Apart from a few first night nerves it was mostly calm on the banks of the brook. A large, friendly and well-presented crowd, interspersed with brightly dressed Mummers, had collected on the lawn of the Almshouses for the Official Opening of Jubilation, which was to be done by Andrew Griffiths, MP for Burton & Uttoxeter, and our guest of honour.

In matching red ties, RoDSEC Chairman John Phillips introduced Andrew Griffiths and welcomed all. In an interesting address, Andrew referred to The Speaker’s (Anthony Burcow) Westminster Hall speech in which he praised Her Majesty and described her as being the “kaleidoscope Queen”. Without the use of notes, Andrew shared his observations of the Queen at this point and then went on to mention that ours was for him the first of 16 official Diamond Jubilee engagements. After wishing us a successful “Jubilation” Andrew declared the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations open. A well-timed peal of church bells greeted this announcement and mingled with the enthusiastic applause.

John Phillips then referred to the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations for Queen Victoria in 1897 and the history of the Rolleston on Dove Commemoration Hall (The Club). On that occasion, Sir Oswald Mosley Bart., and principal benefactor, read a written speech at the laying of the foundation stone on 22nd June, almost 115 years ago. At this point, a cardboard replica of the foundation stone was produced and Sir Oswald Mosley emerged from the capsule concealed in the Almshouses. He was followed by his sidekick, Rev Canon Fielden. With copies of the actual speeches in their hands, these two important time lords, namely John Cartwright and Ced Morgan, performed an impressive re-enactment of the event. Bewildered onlookers were auto cued to respond with enthusiastic “Cheers” and “Hear, Hears”. The synchronicity of the two events was quite remarkable. A century ago, Sir Oswald had laid a foundation stone: only a matter of weeks ago Andrew Griffiths had helped heave into place new massive oak weirs, in the Alderbrook opposite The Club. Both actions were part of diamond jubilee celebrations. The ceremony ended with the characters Sir Oswald Mosley and Canon Fielden shaking hands with Andrew Griffiths MP, symbolically linking the past with the present.

A most enjoyable day was good preparation for Rolleston Choral Society’s evening concert in St Mary’s Church. The title of the concert “This Is The Day” was taken from John Rutter’s composition for last year’s Royal Wedding. A packed church enjoyed a rich programme of music from the United Kingdom. In a cleverly devised programme, Conductor Simon Lesley directed us to all corners of Great Britain, taking in Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England. We were treated to the works of William Byrd, Henry VIII, Thomas Morley, Gustav Holst, Edward Elgar, Gerald Finzi, John Tavener, Paul Mealor, John Rutter, Handel and Parry. The thrilling arrival of a swirling bagpipe fluttered the forest of overhanging banners and sent fingers flying to hearing aids. Experiencing a powerful sound being squeezed by a bag of wind seemed to encourage the audience to join in more heartily with the singing of “The Londonderry Air”, “Cwm Rhondda”, “Jerusalem” and The National Anthem”. We are so very grateful to Nick Willmot and Rolleston Choral Society for treating us to such a splendid concert.

It was still raining on Sunday evening when the ground crew were putting in place barriers and marked out lines on the Croft for next day’s 4th Charity Transport Festival. Imagine the surprise when Monday proved to be a blue-sky glorious day. You could almost see steam rising from the saturated ground. Better weather put a spring in everyone’s step. Burnside was duly closed to everyday traffic, extra lines were chalked on the road and soon exhibitors were rolling up. Light blue balloons marked Garage Sale sites and two double decker buses sat at the terminus outside St Mary’s Church. Iconic cars from the past sixty years were prominently displayed at the lower end of the Croft . It was good to see so many exhibitors entering into the spirit of the occasion by wearing period fashions. A powerful fairground organ filled every atom of space with the music of mechanical effervescence. This was a glorious day. Up to two thousand visitors brought a very special sense of occasion to the event. Congratulations to all involved in this outstanding event.

People streamed through the village and took the opportunity to visit the splendid exhibitions on show in the Methodist Chapel. It was free to see both the Art & Craft Exhibition in the chapel and the Jubilee Years Bygones Exhibition in the hall. It proved to be useful having two exhibitions based in one building. It was wonderful to see a steady stream of visitors over all four days. New visitors continued to arrive just minutes before closing time on the last day.

The Art & Craft Exhibition attracted a rich variety of skilfully worked pieces. It comfortably filled a well-presented exhibition space. There were many fine small watercolour studies. It was good to see artwork produced by junior pupils from the John of Rolleston Primary School and Rolleston Pre-School. Plenty of impressive textile pieces revealed just how popular this medium is and the abundance of talent there is. Thanks to all exhibitors for taking part and a special thanks to Ron Price for organizing and curating a very successful exhibition.

The video showing the Millennium Exhibition placed at the threshold to the Bygones Exhibition did create a rather effective link between the two spaces. The Jubilee Years Bygones Exhibition was packed with material produced by many local organizations and some individuals. Clearly, a great deal of effort had gone into selecting and displaying the material. Judging by the number of visitors and the level of interest, these efforts clearly paid off. On entering the rear door, one was struck by an impressive exhibition celebrating Rolleston Choral Society. Just to the right of the door, Delia Wyers had effectively created a 1950s interior. It was hard to resist the temptation to handle the items on show in the Cricket Club display. Artful displays arranged by Rolleston WI and Doveside WI highlight the continuing strengths of these two very active groups. Pieces displayed by Rolleston Pre School reminded us just how well established this institution is. Thanks to all who contributed to this magnificent exhibition. Arnold Burston is to be congratulated on putting together a first class show. Many of the fascinating pieces on show came from his extensive archives, which appear to be limitless.

Thanks to all those people who added to the spectacle by decorating their houses and gardens. Your efforts did most certainly contribute to the feel-good factor that has been rippling through our village ever since. There were many wonderful decorative schemes, including the very impressive Almshouses, Spread Eagle Island Rolleston Club, Jinny Inn and the Burnside planters. Although around 200 houses had been specially decorated, only a few people actually entered the Flags ‘n’ Flowers Competition. This was kindly judged by Trevor and Ann Foster. Certificates were awarded as follows:

Best Street - 1st Prize Ealand Street

Best House - 1st Prize 62 Beacon Road
2nd Prize 94 Beacon Road
=3rd Prize 44 Forest Green Street
=3rd Prize 52 Beacon Road

Thanks for entering into the spirit of things and helping to make things happen.

Certificates of Appreciation were awarded to:

Alders Reach – No 11: Beacon Road – No 27: Blacksmiths Yard – Anvil Cottage & The Old Forge
Burnside – No 20: Caravans ( Marston Lane ) – No. 5 & 49: Church Road – No. 48 & 54:
Croft Close – No 4: Dovecliff Road – No 22: Glebe Close – No 14: Knowles Hill – No 56 & 57:
Meadow View – No 44: Shotwood Close – No. 16, 19 & 30:
Station Road – No. 44, 46, 58 & The Old Bakehouse
Walford Road – No 110

At the end, many of us bowled down to the Cricket Club for the last over of the Jubilation innings. Light rain could not dampen down the barbecue nor shorten the hungry queue. A friendly mix of members, visitors and families relaxed, played games outside, made things inside, tucked into burgers, loyally toasted Her Majesty the Queen, sang heartily, pondered over a cunning quiz and, after a splendid night, went home, happy an glorious - still with the rain over us.


Forthcoming Event:

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RODSEC - Summer 2012 News
(Details extracted from article that first appeared in the Summer 2012 issue of the Rollestonian)

A Four Day Celebration of Our Queen’s Diamond Jubilee
Saturday 2nd June, Sunday 3rd June, Monday 4th June, Tuesday 5th June

With the celebrations of Our Queen’s Diamond Jubilee royally approaching, you might have noticed that Rolleston village has become a hive of creative activity. This spring, so many people have been buzzing purposefully. Lengthening days and rising temperatures have brought to life the bumble bee within us. If you were to lift your head you might just hear on the breeze a hum of activity as swarms of boat builders, banner-makers, artists, historians, collectors, stitchers, knitters, well-dressers, flower–arrangers, drivers, mechanics, bargain- hunters, mummers, musicians, singers, planners and so many more go about their busy tasks. We are very grateful to all those organizations, community groups, businesses, households, families and individuals who are contributing to this historic celebration. We hope that you will come and join us as we rejoice and reflect upon Elizabeth II’s 60 Glorious Years as Queen of the United Kingdom.

Diamond Jubilee Community Art Installations
Saturday 2nd June to Tuesday 5th June

On display throughout this four day festival you will have had the opportunity to see and contribute to a jubilation of impressive art work, ingenious installations and excellent exhibitions. Our Burnside Boats, Floating Flowers and the Well Dressing pick up on national themes and add a distinctive local character to our celebrations.

Whatever you choose to bring to the party, you will be made most welcome at Rolleston on Dove’s “Jubilation”. There is, of course, time left for you to get involved, you might like to help and take part in some of the following events -

Flags ‘n’ Flowers ~ Decorated Streets & Gardens

Join in creating a decorative celebration that fills our village streets and front gardens with a jubilation of flags, bunting and banners, supported by patriotic planting schemes. 1st, 2nd & 3rd place prizes will be awarded to individual and street entries. A Flags ‘n’ Flowers Entry Form is to be found in the Spring Edition of Rollestonian and also can be obtained from Starbucks, Rolleston Club and St. Mary's Church.

Please return entry forms by
Friday 18th May to
John Phillips ~ Tel: 813833

Rolleston’s Own Water Pageant –
Burnside Boats

Fleet Launching
Saturday 2nd June: 8:00am – 11:45am

We will be launching Rolleston’s maritime procession to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee on the morning of Saturday, June 2nd. All boats must be moored before the official opening ceremony at mid-day.

Please bring your boats to The Croft side of the Alderbrook, where we will be waiting to receive them from 8:00am onwards.

If you haven’t already got a family boat project under way, now is a good time to start. You can use anything that floats, up to a metre in length, as your base but we can still make a basic hull for you to decorate or build your own theme on.

If you would like a ready -to -float hull to decorate Phone John Underhill on 815266.

Fleet Retreat
(Tuesday 5th June: 4:00pm ~ 6:00pm)

We will be removing all boats from the brook between 4pm and 6pm on Tuesday the 5th June. Please collect yours between these times. If you really cannot make it please let us know so that we can make some other arrangement otherwise, as we have no storage, we may have to dispose of them.

Art & Craft Exhibition
Rolleston Methodist Chapel
(10 am ~ 4 pm: Sat 2nd June ~ Tues 5th June)

This is to be an all-embracing celebration of the visual arts. It is for people of all ages, with a special section for children. The subject-matter is not confined to a Diamond Jubilee theme but we welcome artwork that highlights this special occasion. We are looking to include paintings, drawings, calligraphy, photographs, textiles, ceramics and 3-D work.

All art work should be delivered to the Methodist Chapel with a completed Entry Form between 10:00am and noon on Saturday 2nd June. However, if this is not convenient

Please contact Ron Price:
Tel 812184. Email

Bygones of the Jubilee Years Exhibition
Rolleston Methodist Chapel
(10 am ~ 4 pm: Sat 2nd June ~ Tues 5th June)

We shall be staging an exhibition of Rolleston Bygones and Memorabilia from the sixty years of Her Majesty’s reign. We are looking for items of local interest which would help us to tell the story of the Age of the Modern Elizabethans. As well as documents (photographs, maps, local press cuttings, memories), we should like to display 3-D items: cups, trophies, uniforms, and bric-a-brac from the late Twentieth and Earl Twenty First Centuries.

So dig deep into your drawers and let Arnold know if you are willing to lend items to the “Bygones of the Jubilee Years Exhibition”.

Please contact Arnold Burston:
Tel: 813457. Email:

Alms Houses Well Dressing
Alms Houses front lawn, Burnside
(Saturday 2nd June ~ Tuesday 5th June)

If you are interested in practicing the noble arts of puddling and petalling contact Diane Marriott of Doveside WI.

Official Opening by
Andrew Griffiths MP

Saturday 2nd June 12.00pm

Everyone is invited to join Andrew Griffiths, MP for Burton & Uttoxeter, at the Official Opening Ceremony.

Diamond Jubilee Fête on the Croft
Saturday 2nd June 12:30pm – 5:00pm

Stall spaces are available for traders, community groups, families, individuals and organizations.  You can book a pitch now by contacting Delia Wyers (813405) or John Phillips (813833).

“This Is The Day”
Rolleston Choral Society’s Jubilation Concert
(Saturday 2nd June St Mary’s Church ~ 7:30pm)

Join Rolleston Choral Society in a thrilling celebration of British music including a choral version of Elgar’s “Nimrod”, a rousing Swingle version of “Pastime and Good Company” by Henry VIII, two 16th- century English madrigals and John Rutter’s “This Is The Day”, which he composed for the Royal Wedding last year. Also being planned are three pieces to reflect the other three facets of the UK, ie Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Be prepared to join in some rousing community singing. Tickets: £8.00 ~ available from Starbucks and members.

People’s Parade
(Sunday 3rd June 11:00am ~11:30pm)
Subject to Local Authority and Police approval.

Help mark this occasion by joining our very own Village People’s Parade. Starting at 11.00am from the Scout HQ the parade heads off along Station Road and enters the Croft via the Spread Eagle car park. You are invited to join in this lively, colourful, patriotic and joyful procession. All are invited to join in the throng as it assembles for a celebratory open-air service on the Croft. Please let John Phillips (813833) know if you are willing to join the People’s Parade.

United Churches Open Air service
If wet in St Mary’s Church
(Sunday 3rd June 11: 30am ~ 12:15pm approx)

The parade swells the congregation already assembled on the Croft, where Ministers from
Rolleston Methodist Chapel and St. Mary’s Church combine to celebrate this extraordinary occasion in a Special Diamond Jubilee Service at 11.30am.

Big Picnic Concert on the Croft
If wet in St Mary’s Church
(Sunday 3rd June 12: 30am ~ 3:30pm)

You are invited to bring your hamper and join in the Picnic on the Croft as a programme of live entertainment is performed by local musicians, dancers and entertainers. You could, of course, both picnic and play on the day.

We are looking to include performers of all ages. If you would like to play a part in this special concert please contact Kate Bailey (812144) or John Phillips (813833).

Big Screen Televising of the River Thames Pageant
Rolleston Club
(Sunday 3rd June: 3:00pm ~ 5:30pm)

For the biggest and best view in the village, join the crew and enjoy this spectacular pageant while enjoying cream teas, dainty sandwiches and cakes fit for a queen. Tickets: £3.00 (inc. cream tea) available from Rolleston Club and Starbucks.

Diamond Jubilee Transport Festival
The Croft, Burnside, Station Road
(Monday 4th June: 10:00am ~ 5:00pm)

John Morris and teamsters roll out the 4th Charity Transport Festival. Come and see this fabulous steaming, shining, chrome-plated spectacular road show. We encourage villagers to join in this classic event dressed in the fashions of the last 60 years. Entry: £3.00 Souvenir Brochure includes entry for one person or £2:00 without brochure. Brochures available in advance from Starbucks.

Diamond Jubilee Grand Garage Sale Tour
Throughout the Village.
(Monday 4th June: 10:00am ~ 5:00pm)

Fill in a form, then string up a sky-blue balloon, add some bunting and enter into the spirit of the occasion. Bargains are to be found on this crown jewel occasion.  You can start your bargain hunt with a ride on one of our famed festival buses.  Complete a Trader Registration Form and return to Bunty Bradbury at 48 Church Road, tel: 814773.

Grand Garage Sale Tea Room
The Old Grammar School Room ~ All Day
(Monday 4th June: 10:00am ~ 5:00pm)

Revive yourself with a refreshing hot drink and enjoy a slice or two of deliciously fresh home-baked cake.

Diamond Jubilee Barbecue
The Willows, Rolleston Cricket Club
(Tuesday 5th June: Late Afternoon onwards)

It’s over to Rolleston Cricket Club for a right royal barbecue with plenty of family fun and games. In a final celebration we shall reflect upon Jubilation 2012 and drink a loyal toast to Her Majesty, the Queen. Long may she reign!

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RODSEC - Spring 2012 News
(Details extracted from article that first appeared in the Spring 2012 issue of the Rollestonian)

By now we will have forgotten the worst of winter’s icy grip, when frosty fingers coated all in cold crystals and remind us of the recent festive season. For Christmas, Tom Martin had co-ordinated tree fellers and decorators to put in place a handsome tree outside the Alms Houses. Lumber jack, Jeremy Marshall had chipped away at the sturdy trunk until it was narrow enough to slide the 12 foot spruce into the ancient post hole.

Another season of meetings is upon us. The first RODSEC Meeting of the New Year was held on Tuesday 10th January. At this gathering it soon became apparent that Rolleston will be enjoying another packed year. We are keen to extend the membership of Rolleston on Dove Special Events Committee in order to promote events that you are interested in. To this end, an open invitation is extended to all interested individuals as well as representatives from organizations not currently involved.

The major thrust of our planning this year is the celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012 (“Jubilation”). In the year of the London Olympics, we aim to draw together and tie-in significant local anniversaries, including those of Rolleston Cricket Club and Rolleston Choral Society.

As well as piloting whole-village special events, we at RODSEC support village organizations in the delivery of events particular to them. Recently, we have enjoyed a successful partnership with Rolleston Club, especially in the staging of two Village Galas. In December, it came as a surprise, when Tim James announced that he was standing down as President of Rolleston Club, with immediate effect. It has been good working with Tim. He is a gifted and enthusiastic manager. Although we shall miss Tim, we are looking forward to continuing our working partnership with Rolleston Club and the Gala Committee, with Kate Arnold in the chair.

Next RODSEC Meetings

Ordinary Meeting & Jubilation Planning Meeting 7: Tuesday 20th March 2012 @ 7.30pm in the Old Grammar School Room

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