ESBC Site Allocation Document 2008

Those of you who keep an eye or an ear on Central Government activities will be aware that it wishes the national housing stock to be increased by a large proportion over the next 20 years. ESBC needs to provide 12,900 dwellings.

Planners are very conscious of the need to protect the thin green line that separates us from Stretton and greater Burton. However on examining the real nitty-gritty there seem to be four sites in Rolleston that may be considered suitable. At present these are simply sites ‘suggested to ESBC by external agencies’:

ESBC has published a comprehensive 'consultative document' relative to the Local Developement Framework, on it¹s web site, to which the Parish Council, the Civic Trust and Village Design Statement Group have responded. Maps and a list detailing all sites under consideration for development can be found here 

Villagers against any more large scale housing development should make their feelings known to the Parish Council via the Clerk , the Village Design Statement Group (contact John Underhill) and ESBC - and continue to monitor the situation closely.

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