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Major Planning Applications in and around Rolleston

A Parish Council meeting was held on Monday 27 January 2014 to consider the following planning applications:-

P/2013/01458 Erection of 11 dwellings and formation of access, Apple Acres, 14 Knowles Hill. (April update - the application has been revised and is currently out for re consultation. The number of proposed dwellings has been reduced from 11 to 6 and the designs of some of the dwellings have changed). Following deferral of the application in October 2014 revised plans have been received from the applicant showing changes to the designs of the properties, along with confirmation that two of the properties will be constructed to Lifetime Homes standard.

P/2013/01406 Outline application with all matters reserved except access, for a mixed use development including up to 500 dwellings, local centre providing up to 500sq metres of floor space or public house together with associated car parking and servicing, specialist care housing, public open space, structural landscaping and provision of drainage, and internal highway network to include the provision of access junctions to the A511 Tutbury Road and Rolleston Road with public realm works to Tutbury Road to replace the existing traffic lights with a roundabout and realignment of Harehedge Lane and formation of two mini roundabouts together with construction of off site parking, Glenville Farm, Tutbury Road.

Update: Plan To Build 500 Homes Refused

On 8 September a plan to build 500 homes (100 in Rolleston) was thrown out – just days after it was recommended for approval. Campaigners called the decision to refuse a proposal to build at Glenville Farm, off Tutbury Road, a 'victory for common sense'. Members of the planning committee made it clear they would not be comfortable backing it due to the impact it would have on the village of Rolleston. Ron Clarke and Julia Jessel were particularly adamant the development should not be forced on the village when it had not been included as part of its neighbourhood plan. Read more here.

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A copy of the planning applications can be viewed online at

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