Proposed Development off Knowles Hill/Anslow Lane (Update February 2014)

'Hopes' for a single-site primary school on land in Rolleston have been dashed, after it was revealed at the February meeting of Rolleston Parish Council there were now no plans to build on the proposed site. Staffordshire County Council had mooted the idea of relocating John of Rolleston Primary School to land between Knowles Hill and Anslow Lane in the village, as part of a larger housing development proposed for the site. However, the authority has now confirmed it will not be developing the land, and the much-needed school is no longer an option. Read more in the Burton Mail article.

Proposed Development off Knowles Hill/Anslow Lane (June 2013)

The clerk to Rolleston on Dove Parish Council has been advised by SCC that they have "aspirations" for a new housing and new primary school for their County Farm land holdings located between Knowles Hill and Anslow Lane. The land in question covers an area of approximately 26.4 acres. This is despite a statement made in December 2011 by Councillor Atkins, Leader of SCC and Councillor Winnington Portfolio holder for Economy and Infrastructure, SCC in which they state they are not selling County Farms.

The area is outlined in red.

In summary, the County Council wishes to pursue an outline planning application seeking consent for a new single-site primary school which will replace the current split-site in the village centre; and housing development. There is also the possibility for other community uses within the proposals such as a GP’s surgery. To date, the County Council has not undertaken any supporting technical studies or survey work which will be required to inform their initial masterplan and which are necessary to support a planning application. Consultants may be walking the site in the coming weeks to undertake such surveys. Following the completion of necessary technical studies (e.g. topographical survey, transport assessment etc); they intend to present their initial draft plans to the Parish  – where they will field questions from Parishioners and obtain feedback which can inform their plans.

The Parish Council clerk has written to SCC outlining that the Parish Council are against the principle of any development of SCC land along Knowles Hill/Anslow Lane. County Councillor Fraser and Andrew Griffiths, MP have been copied into the correspondence. In addition the Parish Council have written to Andrew Griffiths, MP and asked him to support the village’s objections to the proposals.

Although there is not currently a planning application to be considered, you could write to the following SCC Representatives and make them aware that you are against the principle of any development along Knowles Hill /Anslow Lane:-  (Leader SCC),  (Portfolio Holder for Economy and Infrastructure, SCC)  (Strategic Property Unit, SCC)  (Head of Property, SCC)  (County Councillor, SCC)

Please bear in mind that these objections will not be carried forward to the formal planning process. Should a planning application be submitted, you will need to raise your objections again with East Staffordshire Borough Council.

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Last updated: 21 February 2014