Royal British Legion Rolleston-on-Dove Branch

Winter 2017 News

The Royal British Legion and the War Memorial

The members of the Rolleston Branch of the British Legion would like to offer their sincere appreciation to those responsible for the removal of the memorial Boards in the Lych Gate for refurbishment and to the generous donor who covered the cost of the work to be done. The finish to both the wooden WW1 plaque and the metal WW2 plaque is superb with the names now clearly readable. The finish which has been achieved on the crucifix is also excellent.

The Scouts who continue to meet at the Lych gate on Wednesday evenings to place poppies against the names to commemorate the anniversary of their death would also like to thank the PCC for restoring the light under the gate to enable them to see the names on the boards during the dark winter months.

For Armistice Day on 11th November we will assemble at the Lych Gate at 10.45 for remembrance at 11.00.

On Remembrance Day, Sunday 12th November we will Parade from the Scout HQ to the service in St Mary’s before moving outside for the laying of wreaths.

Bryan Pickering

Autumn 2017 News

The Royal British Legion doesn’t just organise Remembrance Day parades and sell poppies. In the past year the branch has collected £8500 from the collection tins in various business locations within the area and members collecting at the Co-op in Stretton. The funds collected in the Poppy appeal together with other income from bequests etc. are used to provide a range of services to serving and ex-service personnel and their families 365 days a year.

This work is done in a variety of ways, from day to day assistance to residential care in rehabilitation centres to support wounded, injured and sick service personnel. At Lilleshall the British Legion has established and runs the Battle Back Centre which exists to help casualties to achieve the best possible recovery to enable them to return to service duty or make a smooth transition to civilian life.

Elsewhere in the country, normally close to garrison towns, the British Legion works closely with Help for Heroes who have provided the funds to establish rehabilitation centres which are then managed by the Legion. You will have seen disabled service personnel taking part in sporting activities, some wearing kit with the legion motif and some with Help for Heroes motif. This is the high profile indication of the care which is afforded to our injured service men and women. What is not visible, is the day to day assistance given to any serving or ex-service personnel and their families, not just by the British Legion but by a range of other military charities with which there is close cooperation. Access to these services for those who may need assistance is available through the Veterans Gateway.

We are a small branch and would welcome new members who could help us achieve a higher profile at local events. You don’t have to be ex-service to join, just have an interest in caring for those damaged while serving Queen and Country.

Don’t forget our Silver Sax concert on 4th November in Rolleston Club. This event is always well supported so get your tickets early to avoid disappointment.
For more information about the Royal British Legion visit For more information about the Rolleston on Dove Branch contact either the Chairman, George Featherstone on 01283 814503 or the Secretary, Kath Pickering on 01283 815378. Alternatively, come along to one of our meetings at 7.00 on the first Wednesday of the month in Rolleston Club.

Bryan Pickering

Spring 2017 News

Thank you for supporting the members of The Legion on Friday 11th November when once again we brought traffic to a halt in church road to observe the 2 minutes silence at 11.00. This year we were joined by a group of children from John Rolleston School who took part by reciting the Homage. The Remembrance Day service on Sunday 13th was once again well supported and as the wreaths were being laid by the Lytch Gate, 7 members of Rolleston Scouts put remembrance crosses on the 7 war graves in the churchyard.

The Silver Sax concert held in the Club on the 19th November was once again a great success. Our thanks to the management and staff at Rolleston Club for hosting the event and providing the buffet.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the poppy appeal this year, so far the total raised is almost £7000 from the collection tins around the area, the collection in the Co-op at Stretton, the Quiz at Tutbury and the Silver Sax concert.

Silver Sax and Rolleston Club are already booked for this year’s concert on 4th November

Winter 2016 News
Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal

This year’s Poppy appeal is now underway and you will see collection boxes appearing in shops etc. In addition to collection boxes around the area, the Rolleston Branch is once again raising funds by holding a concert in Rolleston Club on Saturday 19th November at 7.30 featuring Silver Sax, which is predominantly a saxophone band playing a variety of music from the past 60 years. Tickets are £7 including buffet, available from the Rolleston Club, Starbucks, or by contacting George Featherstone on 814503 or by e-mail to We would suggest getting your tickets early as numbers are limited.

Remembrance in Rolleston is not just a once a year event, Rolleston Scouts are remembering the fallen on a weekly basis by placing a poppy against the names on the memorial boards in the Lytch Gate on the anniversary of their death. The annual Remembrance events will take place on Friday 11th November at the Lych Gate meeting at 10.45 and on Sunday 13th November following the parade from the Scout HQ to St Mary’s for the Remembrance service followed by laying of wreaths.

Autumn 2016 News

As we commemorate the centenary of the Battle of the Somme let us not forget that men were fighting and dying elsewhere in France at the time. Many returned as casualties, unable to work and care for their families at a time with no health service or benefit system.

The situation so moved Lancastrian Lance Bombardier Tom Lister, that he decided that if the government was either unable or unwilling to do anything to improve the lives of ex-Servicemen, he would do something about it himself. This eventually led to the formation of The British Legion on 15 May 1921 to care for those who had suffered as a result of service in the Armed Forces during the First World War, whether through their own service or through that of a husband, father or son. It is still a charity supported by donations, legacies and of course the sale of poppies.

The First World War didn’t end wars and there has been conflict in every year except one since 1918 many of which have involved the armed forces of this country with the inevitable casualties. As a result, the need for the work of the Royal British Legion continues; in high profile activities like rehabilitation of those who have lost limbs, as seen in the recent INVICTUS games and other challenges lead by Prince Harry. Also, more private support for families like the lady from out of our area who came to our table at the Transport Festival and thanked us for the support and help the legion had given her as she cared for her terminally ill ex serviceman husband and continued assistance after his death.

By the time of the Legion's formation in 1921, the tradition of an annual Two Minute Silence in memory of the dead had been established. The first ever Poppy Appeal was held that year, with the first Poppy Day on 11 November 1921. Poppies have continued to be used for remembering the fallen. Anyone passing through the Lych Gate recently will have noticed that poppies have been put on the memorial boards. The Rolleston Branch with the Rolleston Scouts are working together to honour the memory of those killed by placing a poppy against their name close to the anniversary of their death.

The Legion was granted ‘Royal’ status in 1971, and membership is open to anyone as well as serving members of Her Majesty's Armed Forces and ex-Service personnel and we welcome men and women of all ages from Rolleston and the surrounding villages, whether they have served in the Armed Forces or not, to continue the work that was begun nearly 100 years ago.

For more information about the Royal British Legion visit For more information about the Rolleston on Dove Branch contact either the Chairman, George Featherstone on 01283 814503 or the Secretary, Kath Pickering on 01283 815378. Alternatively, come along to one of our meetings at 7.00 on the first Wednesday of the month in Rolleston Club.

Spring 2015 News

We would like to thank everyone who supported the Poppy Appeal which stands at £7,500 against £6,400 for all of last year.

Also, very many thanks to all who supported the Band Night, which was a great success.

We have arranged for the Silver Sax Band to return on Saturday 19th November.

New members are always welcome. We meet in Rolleston Club on the 1st Wednesday of the month, 7.00 pm.

George Featherstone

Summer 2014 News

We wish to thank all who contributed to the local area “Poppy Appeal” which raised over £5,500. Also thanks for support for the big band night with “Silver Sax” at Rolleston Club. They will be appearing here again on Saturday 15th November.

The Branch meets on the First Wednesday of Each Month at 7pm at Rolleston Club. Anyone wishing to join should contact George Featherstone on 814503.

Autumn 2013 News

The Branch has been busy doing stalls across the villages that we support and recruit from. We have had a stall at Rolleston Carnival; the Transport Festival, Hatton Carnival and we have more to go to including Rolleston Gala on August 26th. We hope to see you there.

At the Transport Festival we had a small ceremony where the branch became affiliated with Burton Sea Cadets and we are waiting now to see what events we can support each other on. If there are any other groups in the Rolleston, Tutbury, Hatton area that would like to see about affiliation with the Royal British Legion then please don’t hesitate to get in touch for further information.

The branch is also holding a few events of its own including a Sing Along Night with Tommy T at Rolleston Club on the 21st September. Tickets are just £5 and proceeds from this go to the Poppy Appeal

Looking ahead, don’t forget – Remembrance Day on Sunday 10th November. The parade starts at the Scout Headquarters meet up approx. 09.00hrs for the parade to start at 09.30hrs.
Armistice Day, Monday 11th November. Meet at the Lychgate at around 10.45 Hrs for a short service.

Coming up in the New Year, 2014
Big Band Night Rolleston Club 25th January
Quiz Night Rolleston Cricket Club 5th April

The Branch meets on the First Wednesday of Each Month at 7pm at Rolleston Club. Members do not have to have served in the Armed Forces. For further information ring Andy James on 01283 810347 or 07933332269

Winter 2012 News

The Royal British legion has been out in force, asking you to buy a poppy for Remembrance Day on the 11th November. Have you ever wondered where the words come from that are said at the homage? They are taken from a poem for the fallen written by Robert Laurence Binyon in September 1914

The Royal British Legion helps remember the dead, but it also helps the living. All your donations are used to support the injured service men, women and their families from all wars and conflicts. The poppy appeal runs throughout the year, selling poppies is just the start. If you would like to help by becoming a poppy collector then please get in touch with our poppy appeal organiser Mr Brian Wright on 01283 812736 you do NOT need to be a member to be a poppy collector.

The Rolleston on Dove Branch is looking for new members and if you would like to know more, our next meeting is being held on Wednesday 5th December at 7pm at the Rolleston Club or you may contact me, Andy James (secretary ) on 07933332269

On March 23rd the Branch is holding a quiz night at Rolleston Cricket Club. For further information please contact Mr George Featherstone on 01283 814503

Andy James

For The Fallen by Robert Laurence Binyon

With proud thanksgiving, a mother for her children,
England mourns for her dead across the sea.
Flesh of her flesh they were, spirit of her spirit,
Fallen in the cause of the free.

Solemn the drums thrill; Death august and royal
Sings sorrow up into immortal spheres,
There is music in the midst of desolation
And a glory that shines upon our tears.

They went with songs to the battle, they were young,
Straight of limb, true of eye, steady and aglow.
They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted;
They fell with their faces to the foe.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

They mingle not with their laughing comrades again;
They sit no more at familiar tables of home;
They have no lot in our labour of the day-time;
They sleep beyond England's foam.

But where our desires are and our hopes profound,
Felt as a well-spring that is hidden from sight,
To the innermost heart of their own land they are known
As the stars are known to the Night;

As the stars that shall be bright when we are dust,
Moving in marches upon the heavenly plain;
As the stars that are starry in the time of our darkness,
To the end, to the end, they remain.

Autumn 2012 News

The Branch is doing well with 32 members but is still looking to recruit more. The Standard bearer for the branch is going to the Albert Hall on the 10th November for the festival of remembrance so, if you watch it on TV, keep an eye out for him. On the 11th November the parade will be starting from the Scout HQ as usual followed by the church service and wreath laying.

Last year the total sum raised by the Branch for the Poppy Appeal was £7,022.05 which is really great and a big thank you to all of you who contributed. This year we would like to try and beat that figure and with your help we will be able to achieve this. To help beat this figure we are holding a sing-a-long with Tommy T on the 24th November at Rolleston Club. Ticket price is £2.50 each and all proceeds to go to the Poppy appeal. Further information from the Club or Mr George Featherstone.

Looking to the future the branch will be celebrating its 75th year in 2015 we are looking at revamping the lych gate any help would be appreciated in helping to raise the funds for this event.

Autumn 2011 News

90th Anniversary “The Legion in the Community” - Saturday 9th July 2011

The planning for these very special manoeuvres had been long plotted in the billiard room of Rolleston Club. Evening light cannoned in-off the bay window and settled upon the assembled ranks of worthy volunteers. It was close to “C” Day, for on Saturday 9th July the Rolleston Branch of the Royal British Legion was about to go into action. Their mission was to bring the nation-wide celebration of the 90th Anniversary to the community of Rolleston on Dove.

These men and women, under the chairmanship of George Featherstone, are the embodiment of a movement that came into being on 15 May 1921. The British Legion brought together four National Organizations of ex-Service men that had been established after the Great War of 1914 -1918.
It was moved to provide care for those who suffered as a result of service in the Armed Forces. “Royal” status was granted in 1971 and membership extended to serving members of Her Majesty’s Forces in 1981. Now anyone can become a member of The Royal British Legion. By holding this event, these stalwart custodians of Remembrance were intent on raising funds for the Poppy Appeal. Artfully produced posters and informative articles had raised both awareness and expectations. George brought the meeting to order with a crack of the gavel, reminding members that the parade on Saturday was to start at 11.00am from Rolleston Scout HQ. It was hoped that village organizations would join the parade.

Some civilian paraders had taken the precaution of arming themselves with furled umbrellas. These were quickly clicked open, for as soon as the big drum boomed a warm, wet squall pelted the company. With each arm swing the uniformed marcher caught the bitter-sweet odour of damp military worsted. The gold and blue banners of the Royal British Legion flapped in the breeze as their bearers soon fell in step. They were followed by a party of Sea Cadets from TS Modwena in Burton upon Trent. To the rear, a small flotilla of the brolley brigade stuttered and tripped. Andrew Griffiths and partner joined the procession in perfect stride, but with the opposite foot! For the rest of the journey, our MP made himself useful by picking up dropped drum sticks and returning them to the clumsy percussionist. Police cars, in front and behind, escorted the proud phalanx along Station Road, up School Lane, Beacon Road and right into Beacon Drive then left into Elizabeth Avenue. More people lined the roadside as the column approached Rolleston Club on Burnside. There was a smattering of applause as the proud parade approached its destination. By now, some of the company were beginning to flag and dismissal came as a relief. A sizeable crowd gathered casually on the car park opposite the Bowls Club flag pole. Reverend Ian Whitehead conducted a short service, during which a bugle played and the Union Flag was hoisted, unfurled and saluted.

There was an air of anticipation as we turned away from the flag, hoping to see a company of re-enactors encamped on the Croft. Instead of a teeming army campsite all we could see was an advance party of stall holders setting up gazebos of various kinds. The moment of dread had arrived: the re – enactment group, it seemed, was a secret army, in fact an invisible army! The promised battalions had failed to show. Furious blinking failed to make the armed force appear. During the last few weeks the omens did not bode well: the re-enactment organizer could not be contacted. He simply was not responding to repeated calls and petitions. Our General had gone AWOL.

Hopes were raised when one small jeep, containing khaki uniformed passengers turned up. But this was no Trojan horse. It transpired that they had turned up on the off-chance. Either the promised eight units were well camouflaged or they had gone into a retreat before making an advance.

People surrendered to this disappointment and gave themselves up to the appetizing aroma of grilled bacon oozing from the Rolleston Club bunker or made a break for shelter in the Old Grammar School Room and the solace of hot tea and cakes. Rolleston on Dove WI had stockpiled a mouth-watering arsenal of confectionery and was primed to deliver salvos of sweet slices of cake. Sadly, much of this delicious ammunition was returned unopened in anger.

Giant red poppies strapped to the roadside railings and rippling banners marked the site of a battle that did not happen. Indeed, this was a very phoney war!

It was a pleasant contrast to find Rolleston Club filled for “An Evening of Nostalgia”. The disappointment of the day had filled folk with something like the Dunkirk spirit. The loyal cavalry had arrived. A packed hall warmed to “Tommy T’s” friendly manner and impressive solo performance. Tom Faulkner had prepared a fine programme of music from the Past 90 Years. It took Tommy no time at all to coax his determined audience into an evening long sing-along.

With some relief people thankfully rummaged through pockets, wallets and purses for their tickets as the Grand Raffle Prize Draw was announced. A mountain of prizes guaranteed a lengthy respite and time to cool sore vocal chords. Into this no-man’s–land stepped the heroic Andrew Griffiths. He expertly extracted, diffused and announced the winning tickets. Those leaving without a prize seemed to be in the minority. George Featherstone thanked all those businesses, companies and individuals who had generously donated raffle prizes.

A refreshed audience picked up flags and song sheets and waved both as Tom did his Chas & Dave impersonation. By the end of the evening, couples had stepped out onto the dance floor to complete a happy and glorious evening of nostalgia. Special thanks go to all those who played a part in making this such a pleasant occasion. A remarkable and spirited victory had been plucked from the jaws of a forlorn afternoon. In the end, a very creditable £620.00 was raised for The Poppy Appeal. The Rolleston on Dove Branch can be proud of its imaginative and spirited celebration of The Legion in our Community.

Rolleston on Dove Royal British Legion Branch would like to thank all who gave their support and help for a successful day (and also John for this article).

Spring 2011 News

The Branch regrets the death of its President, Mr Dennis Wright, last autumn. Our new President is Mrs Pauline Atton a long serving village member.

We would like to express our appreciation to all who supported the 2010 Poppy Appeal in any way. Local generosity resulted in the area raising £1,000 more than in the previous year.

“The Legion in the Community” - Saturday 9th July

Rolleston Branch is planning a community day to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Royal British Legion Plans so far include a Parade, an Enactment Group on the Croft and a Nostalgia Music Night in Rolleston Club. The Branch would welcome participation in the day from both other village organisations and residents. If you would like to be involved or provide a supporting event or have any memorabilia for a display, please contact George Featherstone, Branch Chairman, 94, Beacon Road Tel: 814503

Autumn 2010 News

The Branch will be holding a quiz night Saturday 2nd October, 7.00pm in the old school room with buffet and a raffle. For those who are interested please contact Mr George Featherstone on 01283 814503.

In 2011 the Royal British Legion will be 90 years old and to celebrate this achievement the Rolleston branch is looking to hold an event, any ideas would be most welcome. We have changed our meeting date to the second Monday of the month to be held at Rolleston club at 7pm all are welcome to come along and see what we do. You do not need to have served in the armed forces to be a member of the Royal British Legion if you would like further details then please contact Andy James (Secretary) on 01283 810347.

Remembrance Sunday this year will be on the 14th November at 11.00hrs. There will also be a short service at the lych gate on the 11th at 11.00hrs please try and come along the Remembrance Service is not just for the world wars but for all wars and conflicts that our troops are in. If you would like a wreath or poppies then please do not hesitate to contact any of the above numbers, we will be glad to help.

Also if you know of anybody who has served in the armed forces who might benefit from the services of the Royal British Legion then please give them our numbers and get them to contact us we are here to help in which ever way we can.

Spring 2010 News

The Rolleston Branch of The Royal British Legion needs your support, we need New Members. Although our membership is growing steadily we need new people to help it grow and remain part of the community. If you are aged 15 and above have you ever wondered what it would be like to carry the standard, well now you can find out - we are looking for enthusiastic young people who are willing to be trained in this sought-after position of pride and responsibility, Training will be provided and transport can be arranged. There are other positions within the Branch that you could become involved with, including Branch management and welfare worker. The training is free and all courses are run by the Royal British Legion, so if you are interested and would like further information then please come along to our meeting or contact Andy James (secretary) on 01283 810347. The Branch meets on the 1st Monday of the month at Rolleston Club, the next meeting is on the 1st March 2010 at 7pm. The Royal British Legion supports all servicemen and women from all conflicts and wars so come along and join us and together we will make a difference to the lives of the veterans in our community.

Many thanks for your continued support for the poppy appeal. The amount raised so far is £4366-00; the appeal runs all year round and wreaths are available at any time for further details please contact our poppy appeal organiser Mr Brian Wright 01283 812736.

Winter 2009 News

The Branch meets on the first Monday of each month at 7pm at Rolleston Club.

Since the Autumn 2009 issue of the Rollestonian we have had 5 New Members join and we would welcome anybody who would like to come along and see what it is all about.

The Royal British Legion helps support our troops not only from WW1 and WW2 but from all conflicts including Northern Ireland, Afghanistan and Iraq providing financial and welfare support where needed. You do not need to have served in the Armed services to join the Royal British Legion.

The next meeting of the Branch will be on 7th December 2009. Why not come along and make new Friends? For further details contact Andy James on 810347.

Autumn 2009 News

On the 14th June 2009 the Royal British Legion held their Group Parade in Rolleston. It was an excellent day with many members on parade marching behind the Uttoxeter town band, The day had a sad aspect because the women's section standard was carried for the last time by Mrs J Chadfield and was escorted by Mrs J Featherstone and Mrs P Atton before being laid up in St Mary's Church.

Our next meeting will be on the 7th September 2009 in the Memorial club starting at 7pm. All people are welcome to come along and see what we do. We meet on the first Monday of the month on a regular basis at 7pm so if you are interested in joining and require any more information you can contact Andy James on 01283 810347

.The next events we have got coming up are Remembrance Parade on Sunday 8th November 2009 and a parade at the Lych Gate on Wednesday 11th November 2009 at 11am .

We also require people to help with the Poppy Appeal, if you can spare a couple of hours for this worthy cause please contact me on the number above.

May I take this opportunity to thank all the people of Rolleston for your support for the branch.

Andy James (Secretary)

Summer 2009 News

On Sunday June 14 the Rolleston Branch will be hosting the Annual Group Parade in Rolleston. This will start at the Lawns/Hall Road junction at 2.15pm, marching to St Mary’s Church for a service a 3.00pm and afterwards meeting at Rolleston Club for light refreshments - all are welcome.

The Poppy Appeal last year raised £4711.00 and many thanks for all those who contributed.

We also have a new poppy appeal organiser - Mr Brian Wright who as taken over from Mr Alex Carruthers due to ill health.

Owing to lack of support the Women’s Section has had to close and their standard will be laid up in Church on 14 June.

The next meeting will be held at Rolleston Club at 7.00pm on 1st June. All are welcome to come and join us and see what its like, contact Andy James (Secretary) on 01283 810347 for more information.

Events for the diary:

Sunday 8 November - Remembrance Day
Wednesday 11 November - Armistice Day - short service held at the Lych Gate at 11.00am

Andy James (Secretary)

Mrs Sybil Limbert

Please note Mrs Sybil Limbert, Chairman Rolleston RBL Womens' Section, passed away peacefully on 11th March 2009 aged 88 years. Sybil, a long standing member and stalwart of the Branch, both men and womens sections, will be sadly missed. She was a member of the long established Carter family of Rolleston. Although she lived in Stretton in recent years she remained a regular member of the Church choir and the Choral Society as well.

Autumn 2008 News

The Branch held its monthly meeting on the 4th of August. It was well attended and supported from members of the Staffordshire Regimental Association but we still need new members to keep the Legion going in Rolleston. Anyone interested in finding out more please contact Andy James on 01283 810347

We will be holding a Quiz Night at the old School Room on the Saturday 27th September. The cost of this is £5 per ticket, including buffet if anyone is interested in joining us for the evening please ring George Featherstone on 01283 814503

The next meeting will be on the 1st September at the Rolleston Club, the meeting starts at 19.00hrs.

Summer 2008 News

We pay tribute to the late Mrs Jessie Faint, a wonderful lady who kept the RBLWS going up to her illness and was an example for all to follow. Unfortunately with only 4 members left continuation of the Section has become almost impossible. We still have a Treasurer and Chairman, but no-one to follow such a wonderful Secretary. Our President had also resigned as, living out at Hatton, transport is a problem. However, we intend to survive another year, and hope some young members will join us.

Details of a Conference to be held in October will be given later in the year when they have been finalised.

Sybil Limbert, Chairman
Rolleston RBL Womens' Section

Autumn 2007 News

On the 9th June the branch was out and about at the Community Day in Rolleston. Thank you to those of you who came to the caravan and had a look at what we have to offer. We have had a new member join us and we would welcome anybody else who would be interested. The branch is holding a quiz and buffet night in St Mary's old school room on the 22nd of September at a cost of £5 per person. You can get tickets for this event from Andy James on 01283 810347. If anybody would like to help out on the Poppy Appeal in November please get in touch. The next meeting of the Branch is on the 20th August at Rolleston Club, 7pm start.

Andy James
Secretary Royal British Legion
Rolleston Branch

Spring 2007 News

I have been asked to put an article in the Rollestonian by the members of the Royal British Legion As this is my second year as the secretary of the branch. We, as a branch, meet in Rolleston Club on the first Monday of each month at 19-00hrs (7pm).

At this present time we are recruiting new members for the Men and Ladies Sections of the Branch. If anybody is interested in becoming a member you can contact me on 01283 810347. You no longer have to have served in the H.M. Forces to qualify because there is just the one membership now. 

We are also looking for a new Standard Bearer for the Ladies Section as the last one retired due to ill health. So, any young person who feels they would like to give it a go, please get in touch. I am sure the standard bearer for the Men’s Section will be prepared to help with any training. 

Even though it seems a long way off we would appreciate anyone who is willing to help during the Poppy Collection Week. Please get in touch even if you can only spare a few hours to help.

Our next meeting is on 12 March 2007

Andy James (secretary)
Rolleston Branch 
Royal British Legion

Autumn 2006 News

Once again the Royal British Legion has been busy. A card was sent to Her Majesty the Queen on her 80th birthday. It was designed and a verse written by the partner of one of our members – Sheila Maria Robinson. A reply was received from Her Majesty, thanking Branch members.

Some members of our Branch joined with the Burton on Trent Branch and the Staffordshire Association for a very enjoyable visit the Severn Valley Railway at Bridgenorth. Members of the Women’s Section were invited to a rally at the Town Hall by the Burton Branch on the 75th year of their formation. It was most interesting and the Mayor and Mayoress talked to us about Burton and the regalia that they wore. We also attended Tutbury Church for the Mayor’s Civic Service which was very well supported.

The Royal British Legion Women’s Section has been formed 85 years this year and a party including Rolleston and Burton RBL travelled to York on Sunday July 23rd for a Parade Service in the Minster, Tea and Beat the Retreat.

I also attended the unveiling of a life size statue of an A.T.S girl at the Memorial Arboretum. The A.T.S was formed in 1938 and disbanded to form the WRAC in 1949.

The next meeting of the Royal British Legion will be held on Tuesday 29th August at 7.00pm in Rolleston Club. Please note CHANGE OF DAY. The Women’s Section is still on Monday 4th September at 2.00pm in the Club.

Please try to bring along some new members. The ladies need a new standard bearer! How about it?

S. M. Limbert (Mrs )
Membership Secretary.

Spring 2006 News

It is with great pleasure I can tell you that we now have a new secretary. He is Mr Andy James, originally of Rolleston, but now living in Hatton. Also in the next financial year his wife Jenny is to take over as treasurer. I shall remain as Membership Secretary for the time being. I would like to thank all who have helped me as secretary and hope you will continue to help Andy and start to recruit new members. For all members Mr & Mrs James’ telephone number is 810347.

During the last year we have had a kneeler made to remind us of Mr T. Woodward MBE. Two more kneelers have been ordered to keep the royal British Legion and Royal British Legion Women’s Section in the public eye and we hope to see more members coming back and new ones joining. Mr Featherstone remains as Chairman, and Mr Carruthers our Poppy Organiser. Many thanks to Rolleston Club for letting us continue to use the club.

A belated Happy New Year and our next meeting is on 3rd April.

Sybil Limbert
Membership Secretary

Winter 2005 News

By the time you read this the Rolleston Branch of the Royal British Legion will have held their Annual General Meeting. We have had a fairly quiet year and although we have lost one member we had two new ones and a transfer from Halesowen.

At the AGM the Secretary/Treasurer will ask for new officers for one or both of these positions and hand in her resignation for September 2006. Please can we have some new members who will be willing to take over one or both of these positions. She is 85 years old and by next year will be 86 and not in very good health.

On October 13th,Veterans (persons who were born before 1926) and served in the forces were invited to the National Arboretum, Alrewas, for a photo shoot by the National Lottery. I represented Rolleston on Dove and the A.T.S. Some 3000 photos were taken and when we get the photos I will make sure they are available. A Roll of Honour of all veterans is being printed. 

A bit early, but a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

Sybil Limbert
Secretary, Rolleston RBL

Autumn 2005 News

In this year of VE and VJ end of war celebrations, members of Rolleston RBL and Women’s Section decided to make a visit to the National Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas. It was a very wet day, but we hade a good guide who took us into the chapel and explained all the fittings, altar seats, lecterns, font and sculpture. Some of our members braved the rain and went round the new Women’s Section Memorial Garden which had been opened and dedicated by HRH the Princess Royal on June 6th 2005.

Everyone then went into the restaurant for refreshments. While in there one of our members Mr Alan Elsby of Beacon Road was presented with his Veteran’s Badge by Mr Graham Nolan, one of the curators of the Arboretum. Despite the rain members and friends enjoyed themselves.

Now that the remembrance period is on the horizon, please come and help us as Poppy Collectors. If you can help in any way contact Mr G. Featherstone on 814503 or Mrs Limbert on 534921 as soon as possible.

The next Royal British Legion and Women’s Section meetings will be held on September 5th – Women’s Section 2.00pm and Royal British Legion at 7.00pm in Rolleston Club.

Secretary R.B.L.

Spring 2005 News

We started the New Year with the unfortunate loss of our oldest member. Mr J.T. “Tom” Woodward MBE passed away on January 8th 2005 aged 96.

Tom, born in Ripley, joined the North Staffordshire Regiment in 1926, serving in Gibraltar, Palestine, Northern Ireland, India and the Far East. He was promoted to Regimental Sergeant Major in 1942 and in 1948 came to Burton to re-form the 5/6 North Staffordshire Territorial Army. In 1952 he was awarded the MBE for his services. After 26 years in the army he joined the War Department Constabulary, working at various depots including Branston. On retirement, in 1971, he came to live in Brookside for many years. He was a staunch member of the British Legion until his death.

If there are any old soldiers out there, you can now receive a Veteran’s Badge for service in the Forces, if you were born before 1926. Contact the Secretary Mrs S. Limbert (Tel: 534921) who will fill in your details, no charge.

We are now preparing for the 60th Anniversary of VE Day. The R.B.L. will be leading the Parade and full details will be issued in due course.

We are once again holding our meetings at Rolleston Club on the first Monday of most months. The next meeting is on March 7th and we hope to see some new faces. The Women’s Section meets on the same date, but at 2pm, again new faces would be welcome.

Thanks to all who helped with the Poppy Appeal last year. The total collected to date is £3630.98 which is an increase on last year. I hope that you will all help again next year and bring some new collectors with you.


Summer 2004 News

A Local Anniversary and a Special Lady

2004 is the 60th anniversary of the formation of the Rolleston on Dove Royal British Legion Women’s Section. At that first meeting there were quite a few ladies, and one of them was Mrs J. Faint of Knowles Hill, Rolleston on Dove. She is the only founder member left and celebrates her 90th Birthday on June 28th.

She has held several official positions in the Legion, the first being in November 1960 as a Committee Member. She was voted as Treasurer in 1961 – a position she held until 1989.

In 1964 she was also voted on to the Service Committee and relinquished her post when she became Secretary to the Branch in 1989, and she still holds that position today.

She received a Merit Award from the North Staffs County on 2nd March 1994.

The Branch awarded her a Certificate and Brooch for her work as Poppy Collector and Treasurer.

At the moment, with her daughter, Elizabeth Whitlock, she keeps the Branch alive with a small weekly Bingo at the Rolleston club.

Her daughter Janet North is also a member of the Branch – she joined in 1959 and helps with transport to the meetings at her own expense. She also helps at the Bingo and is a Poppy Seller.

When the Branch first began, the meetings were held in the Girls’ School at the rear of the Spread Eagle. A record player set fire and the Branch moved to Ivy House on Chapel Lane the home of the President, Mrs Maud Welch. We were there 2 – 3 years and then moved back to the School room which had been taken over by the Royal British Legion. We had to move out when the Hotel changed hands from Bass’s and in the meantime the floor had collapsed at one end.

The meetings are now held at the Rolleston Club where Mrs Faint still remains supreme and all the members thank her.

There are only 9 members in the Branch at the moment, but we are hoping when you read this that more will join to keep the Branch alive.

Sybil Limbert, Secretary

Spring 2004 News

The next meetings of the Royal British Legion will be the Women’s Section 2.00pm, Men’s Section 7.00pm on Monday 19th April 2004.

The Chairman wishes to thank the Poppy Organiser, Mr A. Carruthers, Mr G. Featherstone, Mr Denis Wright and all helpers for the poppy distribution and collection 2003. The current total is £3328.94 with some more to come in.

Is there anyone in Rolleston who would be willing to help, if only for an hour; putting labels on, filling Poppy boxes and helping to deliver them to shops, pubs etc.? Please contact our Chairman Mr G. Featherstone. It is a little early, but we start in June getting them together.

There will be a Church Parade on 6th June to celebrate D-Day, please support this occasion.

Sybil Limbert, Secretary. 

Autumn 2003 News

Advance notice
The Remembrance Parade and Service will take place on Sunday 9th November at 10.00am in Rolleston and 11.30am in Anslow. The Parade for Scouts, Guides, Cubs and Brownies and other uniformed organisations will start from the Scout HQ at 9.30am, unless notified differently.

The Two Minute Silence will be held at the Lych Gate on 11th November, meet at 10.45am.

Reminder - subscriptions for both RBL and Women’s Section are due on 30th September.

S. M. Limbert (Hon Secretary)

Summer 2003 News

Meetings to be held in Rolleston Club at 7.00pm on 2nd June, 4th August and 6th October (to arrange poppy distribution & Remembrance Day service)

LADIES SECTION, Rolleston Club 2.00pm
12th May, 2nd June, 4th August, 1st September, 6th October and 3rd November (AGM)

Please try to attend relevant meetings so that we can arrange some events.

S. Limbert - Secretary RBL & Chairperson Women’s Section.

Spring 2003 News

The Royal British Legion meetings recommenced on February 3rd 2003, from now on they will be held every two months on the first Monday in the month except July when there will be no meeting.

The Women’s section hold Bingo every Tuesday evening at the Club and all are welcome. It is a Prize Bingo, not money and it is a Button Bingo.

We are still looking for new members, men and ladies and the next meetings will be on April 7th – Ladies 2pm, Men 7pm in Rolleston Club. Thank you for your interest.

People to contact are Mr George Featherstone, Chairman RBL (tel.814503) and Mrs Sybil Limbert Secretary RBL & Chairperson Women’s Section (tel. 534921).

Winter 2002 News

Thank you - 

·  To you all for your presence at the Remembrance Service at St Mary’s on Sunday 10th November. It was so rewarding to see all the different groups with their Standards and so many other people as well.
·  To the Rector and the Methodist Minister who gave such an enlightening service.
·  To the 40 people who attended the Two Minutes Silence at the Lychgate on Monday 11th November.

From 2nd December the meeting place for the Royal British Legion and ladies will be Rolleston Club. Meetings will be held on the first Monday of the month, Women’s Section at 2.00pm and Royal British Legion at 7.00pm. Men and ladies, both young and old, are invited to join.

If you would like any more information on any aspect of the Royal British Legion please contact Mr George Featherstone (tel 814503) or Mrs Sybil Limbert (Women’s Section, tel 534921) We look forward to building up the Branch now that we have a settled meeting place and we wish to thank Mr John Edwards and Mr Terry Whitlock for helping to bring this about.

Mrs Sybil M Limbert
President, Rolleston Branch
Chairman, Women’s Section

Autumn 2001 News

All members of the Branch wish to say thank you to everyone in Rolleston who turned out on Sunday 10th June to support the No1 Group, Burton and District Annual Parade.

It was wonderful as we paraded by to have the support of the villagers.

It was a wonderfully memorable day for all of us and, I hope, for Rolleston Church and village too.

Joan M. Taylor (Hon Sec.) 

Summer 2001 News

SUNDAY 10th JUNE 2001 at 2.30pm 

The Parade, led by the Band of the West Midlands Regiments will assemble at Rolleston Scout Headquarters and leave at approximately 2.30pm, marching via Station Road, School Lane, Beacon Road, Beacon Drive, Burnside and Church Road to St Mary's Church, where a service will take place, led by Rev. Ian Whitehead - all are welcome.

After the service there will be a Salute and March Past to the Rolleston Commemorative Club for dismissal.

Please join us on this important occasion to celebrate 80 years of continuous support to the Ex-Service Community and their dependants by THE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION "A CARING FORCE FOR THE FUTURE"

Last updated: 13 November 2017