Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch Watch Liaison Officer: Tel 01785 235616.

Online Watch Link:

The aims of Neighbourhood Watch are:

1) To improve and maintain the quality of the area.
2) To reduce opportunities for crime.
3) To encourage people to be caring neighbours and look after mutual interests.
4) To improve communications between residents, the Local Authority & Police and to deter criminal elements.

Neighbourhood Watch is concerned with prevention and deterrence of crime and encouraging a pro-security culture for the village.

Through communication & cooperation, neighbours can work together to protect and improve their community by:

1) Reporting suspicious people and incidents to the police.
2) Keeping “an eye” on neighbours’ properties and
3) Sharing awareness between Police and Local Authority about crime problems and community issues & how they could be tackled
which can impact on the community’s well being.

Do you only consider the scheme when renewing your house insurance? Or, do you feel that to be a member you have to be nosy? Perhaps you are concerned enough about your neighbourhood and would like to try to make a difference?

A local scheme can bring together neighbours to discuss issues of concern, to work together for everyone’s benefit and help build community spirit. It can reduce the opportunity for criminal activity by making it difficult for would-be criminals to act. Belonging to an active and visible scheme acts as a deterrent against criminal activity and anti-social behaviour. The fear of crime is often reduced. Most people’s fear of crime is far greater than the chances of its actually happening. It can be very reassuring to some vulnerable groups to know that their neighbours are looking out for them.

Whilst many areas of the village have a NHW scheme in place some have no representation. If you do not have a local scheme and would like to start one, contact 01785 235 938.

Reporting of Crime

NOTE: Reporting of crime should primarily go through the Police on 101 (non-emergency) or
don't forget Crimestoppers - it's free confidential and you may receive a reward for information

If there is any danger or risk to life, or a crime is in progress, please dial 999.


Neighbourhood Watch (Summer 2015) News

Crime Statistics

  Jan to March 2015 April 2014 to March 2015
Burglary 4 16
C Damage 1 7
Theft 1 10
ASB 0 8
Other 0 2

Rolleston has mirrored the latest crime figures for East Staffordshire in terms of a rise in offences. Of concern in Rolleston are burglary, theft and criminal damage. Homes with no security measures in place are five times more likely to be burgled than those with simple security measures. Good window locks and strong deadlocks can make a big difference.

Here are a few suggestions:

1) Lock you doors and windows every time you leave the house, even if you are just out in the garden, remember to double-lock UPVC doors (lift handle & turn the key).
2) Hide all keys, including car keys, so that they are out of sight and away from letterboxes (remember it is easy to hook keys through the letterbox).
3) Install a visual burglar alarm
4) Install good outside lighting
5) Get a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on your property
6) Leave radios or lights in your house on a timer to make the property appear occupied
7) Make sure fences around your garden are in good condition
8) Secure bikes at home by locking them to an immoveable object inside a locked shed or garage
9) Keep ladders and tools stored away; don’t leave them outside where they could be used to break into your home.
10) Ensure side gates are locked to prevent access to the rear of the property
11) Improve natural surveillance at the front of you property i.e. trim high hedges
12) Mark your property with postcode and house number and register your property for free with
13) Consider joining a Neighbourhood Watch scheme
14) Remove valuables from view of ground floor windows.
15) Store any high value items (i.e. jewellery, passports) in a properly secured safe or bank vault

A new law making it illegal to drive whilst under the influence of drugs came into effect on March 2nd. This includes some prescription drugs. If an officer suspects a driver has taken drugs, they can screen the driver at a police station, even if the driver passes a roadside check. Penalties include a criminal record, loss of the driving licence for a least a year and a fine of up to £5000. However, people using prescription drugs within the recommended amounts will not be penalised.

Beware people who deliver unexpected parcels. Do not accept unexpected parcels. If a parcel delivery person asked for payment (cash, cheque or card), close the door, immediately dial 999 and report the incident.

John Wyers
NHW Chairman

Neighbourhood Watch (Autumn 2014) News

There was a considerable increase in burglary for the period April to June this year. Please ensure that doors and windows are locked/secured when leaving the house or going to bed. Would all residents be vigilant for bogus callers and sneak-in burglars and ensure elderly family members are safe. As demonstrated by the reduction in attempted garage breaks-ins, out-building security is working.

Suggestions for security -

Secure passageways and side entrances and ensure sheds and garages are fitted with proper security locks, and put tools away so that they cannot be used to break into your home

If you have to leave ladders outside, make sure they are on their side and securely fixed to a wall or permanent fixture

Keep wheelie bins secure and away from your property to stop thieves using them to get through first floor windows, or setting fire to them

When darkness falls close curtains and blinds to stop would-be intruders “window shopping”

Mark items with your postcode and house number using an ”invisible pen” available from DIY stores to make stolen property easier to identify

Ensure valuable items are not left in view and keep them away from windows and doors

Fit mortise locks to all front and back doors and locks to windows if they are easy to reach

Keep house and car keys safe and away from doors, windows and letter boxes- NEVER leave your car engine running and unattended whilst defrosting the vehicle

Fit low cost security lighting as a deterrent

For further information, visit the “advice zone” section of the Staffordshire Police website –,
or ring the non emergency number. Lastly be a good neighbour, keep a eye on other’s property and report anything suspicious

Neighbourhood Watch (Summer 2013) News

Crime Reports – Rolleston - January 2013 to March 2013

Occurrences Criminal Damage 4
  Theft 3
  Burglary 1
  Robbery 0

Burglary has significantly reduced following the high peak of 12 in the previous quarter. From the information received this is due to the success of operation Nemesis. Data that had been researched 50 days prior to and after the Nemesis raids showed that serious acquisitive crime was down by 57% for the Tutbury and Rolleston areas.

Operation Nemesis was an East Staffordshire initiative that tackled drug and related crime and initially resulted in 30 people being arrested. A Ring of Steel has been put in place around Burton to try and stop drugs coming into Burton. Part of the Police’s aim now was to find a sustained solution to drug problems.

The Police with ESBC Neighbourhood Departments taking the lead were looking for greater community involvement. Various agencies were involved including drug treatment, housing, Social Services, Trading Standards, Border Agency, Riot, T3 and Sarac as well as community representatives. The approach was to help users become free of drugs, but the police were also been speaking to private and social landlords who could look at tenancy agreements with a view to getting drug dealers evicted from their homes and crack houses boarded up for periods of time.

A new school strategy around drugs is being created with the aim to safeguard children. The message from the police is zero tolerance and there is now a permanent team of police officers involved with Operation Nemesis. The police would request anyone who knows about, or suspects , activities linked to drug dealing to contact the police on 101 or alternatively call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111

Crimestoppers Trust is the only independent charity helping to solve crime. It is not part of the police service. Protecting anonymity is paramount for the Trust. Your call or online form ( is not recorded and will not be traced. You will not have to make a statement to the police.

Additional Resources
I am pleased to announce that as from April we have gained an extra PCSO and a permanent PC for the Rolleston, Tutbury & Anslow area. They are PCSO JULIA WELLS (16814) & PC ADAM WOOD (03708).

School Parking Problems
Unfortunately, it appears that the school parking had become really bad again around School Lane, Chapel Lane & Beacon Road. The police have informed me that they will be increasing patrols in the area at school times and vehicles causing an obstruction will be issued with fixed penalty notices.

Further Information
For further information on police matters, visit the ‘advice zone' section of the Staffordshire Police website, or ring the non-emergency number 101.

Lastly, be a good neighbour, keep an eye on others’ property and report anything suspicious.
John Wyers
Chairman of Rolleston NHW

Neighbourhood Watch (Spring 2013) News

Crime Reports – Rolleston - September 2012 to December 2012

Theft 2
Burglary 12
Criminal Damage 1
Robbery 0

Burglary has significantly increased during the last quarter throughout the village. Police are reminding residents to take simple crime prevention measures this winter to protect their homes against burglars. However, a major operation by the police to target drug dealers in January has also beneficially remanded criminals involved with burglaries and thefts in the area. Therefore, hopefully we will see a reduction in criminal activity. However, if you should witness anything suspicious please report it to the police. In addition please take appropriate precautions.

Chief Inspector Steve Maskrey, East Staffordshire Local Policing Team Commander, said: "We are urging residents to look at their property through the eyes of a burglar and make adjustments if there are weak security spots. Keep burglars out by shutting windows and locking doors, even when you are in the house or the garden. Residents are asked to be extra vigilant and report any suspicious activity or vehicles immediately by ringing 999."

To keep burglars at bay:
• secure passageways and side entrances, make sure sheds and garages are fitted with proper security locks, and put tools away so they can't be used to break into your home
• if you have to leave ladders outside, make sure they're on their side and securely fixed to a wall or permanent fixture
• keep wheelie bins secure and away from your property to stop thieves using them to get through first floor windows, or setting fire to them
• when darkness falls close curtains and blinds to stop would-be intruders ‘window shopping’
• mark items with your postcode and house number using an ‘invisible' pen available from DIY stores. This makes stolen property easier to identify
• ensure valuable items are not left in view and keep them away from windows and doors
• fit mortise locks to all front and back doors and locks to windows that are in easy reach
• keep house and car keys safe and away from doors, windows and letterboxes - NEVER leave your car running while it's defrosting.
• fit low cost security lighting as a deterrent.

For further information, visit the ‘advice zone' section of the Staffordshire Police website, or ring the non emergency number 101.

Lastly, be a good neighbour, keep an eye on others’ property and report anything suspicious.

John Wyers
Chairman of Rolleston NHW

Neighbourhood Watch (Winter 2012) News

Crime Reports – Rolleston – April 2012 to September 2012

Occurrences April to June July to September
Theft 6 1
Burglary 5 4
Criminal Damage 2 4
Suspicious Incident 1  

Crime has increased from its previously low level before April 2012. The village has been hit by a number of thefts and burglaries in the local area. Police believe that this spike (at Rolleston and elsewhere) has peaked, with ongoing investigations. With the festive season upon us please ensure precautions are taken and that items are not left on display in windows or cars.

In the local papers police representatives fear that falling officer numbers will lead to an increase in crime, It appears that the current force of 1915 officers (down by 400 in the last 6 years) is set to reduce to 1700 as the force needs to save £35 million.

However, despite the loss of 400 officers in the last 6 years, the good news is that crime in Staffordshire is at its lowest level for 35 years. I would ask the residents of Rolleston to do all they can to assist the police in ensuring criminal activity does not increase.

I would also ask people to be aware of scams, some of which may carry personal and legitimate details and therefore, appear genuine or trade on the emotions. Never give any personal information or reply unless you have independently enquired and established the legitimacy of the correspondence.

With the recent increases in shed burglaries at Tutbury, police emphasise the need to keep sheds padlocked, any valuable items such as bikes chained and preferably keep shed windows covered to prevent viewing.

With Christmas shopping, pick pocketing incidents increase. Therefore, please remember to take simple crime prevention measures to keep your handbag, purse or wallet, money and bankcards safe:

1) Keep your purse or wallet out of site and be careful not to let anyone see what’s in your purse or wallet as you pay for goods
2) Avoid carrying large amounts of cash
3) Never keep pin numbers with bank/credit cards
4) Be vigilant and aware of who is around you – particularly when withdrawing money from cash machines. Make sure no one is looking over your shoulder and shield your pin number entry. Don’t let people see how much you have withdrawn and place it securely in your bag or pocket before moving away from the cash machine
6) Never leave your purse or bag unattended on a trolley, pushchair or wheelchair as it only takes seconds to steel it.

If you would like further crime prevention advice please contact your local officers by calling 101 or visit

John Wyers
Chairman of Rolleston NHW

Neighbourhood Watch (Summer 2012) News

Crime Reports – Rolleston January 2012 to March 2012

Occurrences Suspicious Incident 3
  Criminal Damage 2
  Theft 1
  Attempted Burglary 1

Crime in the Rolleston Area has again reduced to the lowest level for 2 years Owl notifications in total were 23 which included 6 bogus caller warnings, 3 theft incidents, 2 fraud warnings & 2 dubious company warnings.

You may be aware that the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act received the Royal Assent last September. Therefore, Police Authorities will be abolished and be replaced with elected Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) immediately following elections on 22 Nov. 2012.

The PCC will have responsibility for:
1. Appointing the Chief constable (CC) and holding them to account for running their force.
2. Setting out a 5 year Police and Crime Plan (in consultation with the CC) determining local police priorities.
3. Setting the annual police council tax precept and annual force budget.
4. Making community safety grants to other organisations aside from the CC (including but not limited to Community Safety Partnerships).

The PCC will be subject to checks and balances provided by the Police and Crime Panel (PCP), made up of Councillor and Independent persons in each police force area. The role of the PCP is to hold the Commissioner to account. The PCP is not a replacement for the Police Authority as it will be for the Commissioner to hold the Chief Constable to account.

In Staffordshire the County Council will lead on establishing the panel and it is anticipated that this work will commence in early spring to have the panel established by July 2012. Independent members will be appointed following public advertisement. An information booklet for prospective candidates and details of eligibility requirements for candidates is available on the Home Office website.

Further information on changes to governance of policing are available on the Police Authorities website (the authority also has a Twitter account @StaffsPA that provides regular updates).

John Wyers, Chairman of Rolleston NHW

Neighbourhood Watch (Spring 2012) News

Crime Reports October to December 2011

Occurrences Theft 4
  Criminal Damage 3
  Suspicious Incident 1
  ABS 1

Crime in the Rolleston Area reduced to the lowest level for 2 years. Two incidents of theft involved motor vehicles. OWL notifications for Rolleston concerned three of the thefts and one of criminal damage. Notifications for the East Staffs area were 24 in total concerning 6 bogus caller warnings, 2 PDS postal scams, 2 alerts concerning gardens, 2 Trading Standards alerts, 2 alerts on pop-ups freezing computers and advice on crime prevention. Please keep outbuildings/sheds locked/secure and property such as electrical garden tools & pedal cycles out of sight.

The police non-emergency number was changed in October to 101. Police advice is to use this number to report less urgent crime or disorder and for general police enquiries. For example:

1) If your car has been stolen
2) If your property has been damaged
3) When you suspect drug use or dealing, or
4) To give the police information about crime in your area.
Please note that calls from landlines and mobiles cost 15 pence per call

Our new ESBC NH warden is Lee Evans covering the wards of Needwood, Branston, Yoxall, Stretton, Rolleston on Dove, Tutbury and Outwoods. NW has a very varied role and deals with a vast array of issues, such as:

• Providing a visible presence in the areas
• Acting as the eyes and ears of the council and other agencies
• Reporting issues such as fly tipping, graffiti, abandoned vehicles and anti social behaviour.
• Giving educational talks on recycling, waste reduction, littering and dog fouling.
• Attending community events.
• Tackling environmental crime, such as littering and dog fouling, by way of Fixed Penalty Notices or prosecution.
• Enforce removal on bins left on the street.
• Working alongside many organisations such as: Staffordshire Police, Fire and Rescue Service, Social Housing Companies, Trading Standards, Young Peoples Services, Parish Councilors, Ward Councilors, Schools, Community Groups and Residents.

We aim to engage residents in identifying issues

The Neighbourhood Wardens have the authority to issue on the spot £75 fixed penalty notices under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Clean Neighbourhood and Environment Act 2005, to anyone seen dropping litter.

John Wyers, Chairman of Rolleston NHW

Our Neighbourhood Warden (December 2011)

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Lee Evans one of the ESBC Neighbourhood Wardens, as a team we have been patrolling the Borough on a rotation basis, however, this has now changed, and we now have a set area.

My Wards are Needwood, Branston, Yoxall, Stretton, Rolleston-on-Dove, Tutbury and Outwoods.

We have a very varied role and are able to deal with a vast array of issues, such as:-

• We provide a visible presence in the areas
• We act as the eyes and ears of the council and other agencies
• We report issues such as fly tipping, graffiti, abandoned vehicles and anti- social behaviour.
• We give educational talks on recycling, waste reduction, littering and dog fouling.
• We attend community events.
• We tackle environmental crime such as littering and dog fouling, by way of Fixed Penalty Notices, or prosecution.
• We enforce on bins left on the street.
• We work alongside many organisations such as:- Staffordshire Police, Fire and Rescue Service, Social Housing Companies, Trading Standards, Young Peoples Services, Parish Councillors, Ward Councillors, Schools, Community Groups and Residents.
• We aim to engage residents in identifying issues in their area and looking at ways to address them.

We Operate A Zero Tolerance Approach To:-

Litter is an unsightly problem within our Borough and we as Neighbourhood Wardens are continuing to work towards reducing it. As well as being a visual problem, litter is also harmful to the environment and attracts vermin.

The Facts
• Litter costs the tax payer £550 million a year to clean up in the UK
• To clean the streets across the whole of East Staffordshire costs this authority £970,000 per year.
The Environmental Protection Act 1990 defines "Litter as any item including
Chewing Gum And Cigarette Ends thrown, dropped or deposited on any open
space accessible to the public and left".

Fixed Penalty Notices For Litter
The Neighbourhood Wardens have the authority to issue on the spot £75 fixed penalty notices under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Clean Neighbourhood and Environment Act 2005, to anyone seen dropping litter.

Dog Fouling And Dog Control Orders (DCOs)
Sections 55 To 67 Of The Clean Neighbourhoods And Environment Act 2005

Offences that may result in a Fixed Penalty Notice:
• Failing to remove dog faeces
• Not keeping a dog on a lead
• Not putting, and keeping, a dog on a lead when directed to do so by an authorised officer
• Permitting a dog to enter land from which dogs are excluded

Court Action
Littering is a criminal offence for which you can be taken to Court and if found guilty can face a fine of up to a maximum of £2500 and a criminal conviction. However, our Neighbourhood Wardens can issue a Fixed Penalty Notice instead of taking you to Court.

The penalty for committing an offence under The Dog Control Orders is a maximum fine of currently £1000.

The Neighbourhood Wardens have the power to require the name and address of a person they wish to issue with a fixed penalty notice. Failure to supply details or to give false information to an authorised officer is an offence for which a maximum fine of £1000.

Please feel free contact me on:-
Office: 01283 508526
Mobile: 07966455647
Alternative E-mail:

- and take a look at the my warden page at

Neighbourhood Watch Crime Reports – Rolleston – May to Sept. 2011

Burglary + attempted Burglary 10 (6+4)
Criminal Damage 1
Theft 11
Graffiti on play area 2

Crime for the 4 month period decreased compared with the previous quarter. However, though antisocial behaviour/criminal damage reduced there was a substantial increase in theft that included 5 instances of theft from vehicles. Three of the 6 instances of burglary concerned outbuildings. OWL notification sent out 8 scam alerts, 8 crime alerts concerning areas in the near vicinity of Rolleston, 6 notification updates and 1 rogue trader alert. Please keep all easily removable items out of sight and premises appropriately locked. Monthly information on actual crimes can be viewed on the Police national web site (

With the change of police structures, the officers assigned to Rolleston & Tutbury are Lesley Hardware (PCSO), Roy Musgrove (PC), Sergeants Chris Beckett & Garry Sargent and Inspector Daniel Ison. Inspector Steve Maskey replaces Phil Fortune in Burton and Uttoxeter. The new Assistant Chief Constable for Staffordshire is Julian Blazeby responsible for Local Policing and Operational Services.

Locally, inconsiderate parking around John of Rolleston School is being tackled by the Ziggy and Zaggy scheme. PCSO Lesley Hardware, in partnership with Staffordshire Road Safety Officers and pupils from year 6 will patrol the area identifying vehicles causing obstruction. The children will take the details of the vehicle and issue a card, designed by themselves, urging parents to park safely, we hope the initiative will encourage parents to think about where they park, making it safe for pupils to walk too and from school.

There have been a number of incidents of bogus callers stating that they are from the water board. Always check identification, which will include the person’s name, user identification and the telephone number of the organisation that you can ring to verify. Never allow anyone in your property if you are unsure of their identity. If you suspect a bogus caller at your door immediately ring 999.

Due to the number of bicycles that have been stolen in the past few months in East Staffordshire, local Police Officers will be doing regular checks on cyclists in the coming weeks to confirm that they are the owner of the bicycle, so please do not be offended if you are stopped whilst on your travels in the near future.

Staffordshire police have changed their non-emergency number to 101 replacing the 0300 123 4455 number. 101 is being introduced nationally to all police forces and calls to the new number will cost 15 pence no matter how long the call is or what time of the day it is. The emergency number remains the same (999).

The Fire Service advise that smoke alarm batteries may be affected by a drop in temperature and begin to bleep periodically, signalling a low battery. You should be able to test the alarm by pushing a button on it. For advice on Fire Angel brand alarms call 0800 141 2561. If not or you have any in doubts call Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service 0800 team on 0800 0241 999 for advice, replacement battery or free call out.

The Staffordshire Fire Service will be around Rolleston on Dove over the next month or so giving advice in a TRV designated vehicle. Please feel free to ask their advice.

Burton Police Station public front counter in Horninglow Street is open from 8am to 10pm Monday to Saturday and 9am to 5pm on Sunday.

John Wyers: Chairman of Rolleston NHW

New Staffs Police Non Emergency Number (Nov 2011)

Staffordshire Police will be changing their non-emergency number. As of Tuesday 8th November 2011 the non emergency number will change to 101 and will replace 0300 123 4455. 101 is being introduced nationally to all police forces and calls to the new number will cost 15 pence no matter how long the call is and what time of the day it is dialled. Please make a note of this new number and pass it onto friends, family and neighbours. Remember, in an emergency always dial 999.

Staffordshire Police Citizens' Panel

The Staffordshire Police Citizens' Panel provides a 'voice' for the diverse communities of Staffordshire in key decisions of Staffordshire Police and the development and review of its services. The Panel is currently made up of 3,000 people from across Staffordshire who regularly share their views and ideas on a wide range of policing issues. We would like to increase our panel membership so that we can give even more people living in Staffordshire a strong and credible voice in the decisions we make.

For more information go to

Neighbourhood Newsletters

Read the latest neighbourhood newsletters for Tutbury & Rolleston here. You can get an email when they update it by visiting the site and then subscribing to the page (bottom right of page).

There has been a lack of support for Neighbourhood Watch quarterly meetings since this time last year. Therefore, the following changes are being introduced

1) Neighbourhood Watch quarterly meetings will cease to be held
2) A quarterly NHW report will be presented to the Rolleston on Dove Liaison Committee meeting regarding crime matters and if there were particular item/s concerning Neighbourhood Watch a special meeting would be held as required.
3) This report will be sent via OWL to the co-ordinators (by email).
4) This report will form the basis for entry in the Rollestonian. Lesley Hardware would add comments to the report and the joint effort would be forwarded for publication

It is considered that the above arrangements would reach a far wider audience far more effectively than current arrangements.

The police and Parish Council support the above changes.

Crime Report – Rolleston – Feb to May 2011

Burglary + 1 attempted Burglary 7 (6+1)
Criminal Damage 6
Theft + 1 Attempted Theft 6 (5 + 1)
Anti-Social Behaviour 3
Break-in 1

Although crime increased during the period; with theft, criminal damage & burglary incidents resulting in 17 incidents, it mainly concerned sheds and garages (some of which were insecure). Therefore, I ask everyone to keep sheds, cars and out buildings secure, remain vigilant and keep an eye on neighbouring properties and not give criminals opportunities.

As a point of clarification please note that locally issued crime figures will NOT necessarily agree with the information on the Police National web site ( Certain incidents (such as those classified as domestic) are not included in local crime figures and the areas covered (under Rolleston) are not exactly the same.

Police reorganisation continues following new Police structures introduced in April. The 4 divisions & 21 neighbourhood policing units were replaced with 9 local policing teams with boundaries that are coterminous with local authority boundaries. Therefore, the officers so far designated covering the Tutbury & Rolleston Neighbourhood are Inspector Stephen Burton, PCSO Lesley Hardware and Police Officer Roy Musgrove.

Included in these changes is a new Protecting Vulnerable People Department that will deal with criminals who target the most vulnerable members of society. A new joint Police Authority Committee has been set up led by Douglas Paxton (Staffordshire’s Deputy Chief Constable).

The Neighbourhood Watch system is being extended with “Farm Watch” and other watches (rural, horse, business, shop, forecourt & pub) in the process of being implemented. A number of local farms are on the alert system.

There have been numerous reports of scrap metal merchants taking items from people’s front and rear gardens without permission in the East Staffordshire area. With this in mind the police would like to advise that:

1) Any items that are not scrap metal should be locked away as securely as possible and not left on view.
2) Any scrap metal is removed from the property as soon as possible

If you see any scrap metal merchants acting suspiciously please contact the police immediately, preferably with the registration number, vehicle details and descriptions of the persons involved. The police are carrying out regular checks to ensure scrap metal merchants are bona fide.

John Wyers
Chairman of Rolleston NHW

A Neighbourhood Watch Message (Spring 2011)

2011 Census: Coming Soon - Help tomorrow take shape

A census has been carried out every ten years since 1801 (except for 1941) to find out more about the population and about the make-up of local neighbourhoods. The next census in England and Wales will take place on 27 March 2011, when the Office for National Statistics (ONS) will be sending out questionnaires for around 25 million households to complete. The questionnaires will be delivered by post, arriving throughout March, in large white envelopes with a bright purple logo on - you can't miss it!

The census asks about work, health, national identity, citizenship, ethnic background, education, second homes, language, religion, marital status and so on. These statistics are then used to build a picture of today's society. Everything you tell the census will be in strictest confidence and will only be used to produce statistics. ONS will not share your personal information with any other government department or organisation.

You'll be able to do it online, or by post. But you must do it. Following census day, our Census Collectors will be out and about in the community, encouraging and helping people complete their form. If you haven't returned your census questionnaire, they'll be knocking on your door, to see if you need help or assistance with it. They will carry official ID and will not ask to enter your house, and please remember, they're there to help you. However, if you're not comfortable with opening the door, the easiest way to avoid any visits is simply to return your census form soon after census day!

Find out more at, or by calling our national helpline on 0300 020 1101.

Police Newsletter to Residents (Winter 2010)

We have been receiving reports of elderly residents who have been persuaded by a telephone cold caller salesperson, to arranged a home visit from a sales representative or trades person. Whilst telephone cold calling is not illegal and the companies who have been reported to us have turned out to be legitimate. Not bogus! It has caused some Rolleston residents considerable concern. With clever sales technique's, residents have given over personal information on the telephone and have agreed to unknown person attending their home.

Advice given to residents is that unless you have invited a salesperson to make contact you are not obliged to speak with them. We advise not to give out personal information on the telephone or at your door to persons unknown to you. Even if they use your name and make out they have had dealings with you before. These are often sales techniques used to build up confidence.

Never let any person’s into your home without first asking for their ID card & checking its authenticity. ID cards should have the picture of the card holder, along with their name & company name. Ask for the company telephone number, which you can ring to verify if the sales/tradesperson is legitimate. If in doubt do not let them in !

If you have a suspicious caller or need any further advice please call Burton Police station on telephone number 101 (replaced previous 0300 123 44 55 in November 2011) or call your local officers on the numbers below…

PC Roy Musgrove 0300 123 2345 04168
PCSO Lesley Hardware 0300 123 2345 16848

You can e-mail your Neighbourhood Policing Officer on

Did you know in 2008 we averaged less than one house burglary a day in the whole of Burton.

Neighbourhood Watch News (Winter 2010)

OWL Communication System

What is OWL

Neighbourhood Watch is about supporting and engaging with communities while encouraging them to look out for each other. Owl was born from the frustration of enthusiastic NHW member who found that there were no tools tailored specifically to support Neighbourhood Watch. OWL has streamlined the process managing neighbourhood watches where information can be shared between participants in real time via the Internet.

How it works

OWL can handle email, fax, print, phone & text messaging with a suite of cohesive and user-friendly tools. One of its major advantages is that the Police/PCSOs can send crime messages/information direct to members and members will be able to reply directly to Police/PCSOs, thereby improving the police/NHW links. OWL works on multiple levels for many types of users:

Police (NHW administrators, support staff, community officers etc).
Coordinators of areas, wards and streets
Residents (watch members)

What it means to you

Provides powerful, accessible & practical tools at all levels
Empowers volunteers & victims
Increases coverage of Neighbourhood Watch
Builds stronger ties with communities
Supports neighbourhood policing policies
Ensures watches remain active
Increases street level intelligence
Ultimately helps to reduce crime (evidence shows a correlation between active watches and lower crime rates)

Who runs what

David Jones NHW Co-ordinator for East Staffs
Roy Musgrove PC covers Rolleston area
Lesley Hardware PSCO covers Rolleston area
Local Coordinators cover streets

Neighbourhood Watch open meetings

Local Neighbourhood Watch meetings take place quarterly on the 1st Tuesday of the months of December, March, June and September. You are invited to attend, to raise any concerns you may have and learn how to keep crime at bay in the Rolleston area. Details of the meetings are published on the village notice boards up to two weeks before the meeting date. The next meeting is on 7th December at 7.30pm in the St Mary’s Old Grammar School, Church Road

John Wyers
Rolleston NHW Chair

Neighbourhood Watch News (Autumn 2010)

David Jones has been appointed as the Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) Co-ordinator for East Staffs. The OWL messaging information system to local co-ordinators is, therefore, fully operational.

If any local co-ordinators are not receiving updates please contact David Jones on 01785 238243 or email - (to be re-instated).

Those who would like to know more about the Neighbourhood Watch local crime alert system called OWL, can also contact David. Will all Rollestonians support the efforts of the local co-ordinators and the police by reporting crime and suspicious behaviour.

The next NHW quarterly meeting is on Tuesday 7th September 2010 at 7.30pm in St Mary's Old Grammar School, Church Road. All residents are invited to attend our open meetings to find out more about how Neighbourhood Watch works in the village, and raise any concerns you may have.

Details of the meetings are published on the village notice boards one to two weeks before the meeting date.

John Wyers,
Rolleston NHW Chairman

Anti Social Behaviour, Did You Know? (Autumn 2010)

In April, May and June 2010, there were 38% fewer incidents of anti social behaviour in the Neighbourhood Policing area of Anslow, Hanbury, Needwood, Upper Outwoods, Rolleston and Tutbury, than in the same three months of 2009. When compared with the rest of Staffordshire the number of incidents in this area is average.

The Police and Local Authority take anti social behaviour seriously and we are working closely with our partners to ensure that the number of incidents continues to decline. There are many ways you can report anti social behaviour:

• To your local neighbourhood police team on 0300 1234455
• To the community safety officer on 01283 508000 or online at
• To Registered Social Landlords e.g. Trent and Dove
• To your Local Councillor

You can find out more information about anti- social behaviour and what’s being done to tackle it on the anti-social behaviour pages of East Staffordshire Borough council website

For more information on crime statistics in your area visit Staffordshire Police Crime mapping website.

Rolleston Police and Anti Social Behaviour Updates (Jan - Apr 2010)

Police and Anti Social Behaviour updates can be downloaded from here.

Neighbourhood Watch News (Spring 2010)

There will be a Neighbourhood Watch Meeting at 7.30pm followed by a Police Surgery at approx 8.30pm on Tuesday 2nd March in the Old Grammar School.

The meeting and surgery will be attended by PCSOs Lesley Hardware and Katie Fellows.

All residents are welcome. It is not necessary to attend the meeting to see the PCSOs at the surgery and discuss any issues that you wish to raise on a one to one basis

Neighbourhood Watch update for the Rolleston area (Autumn 2009)

In the last 2 months the following crimes have occurred in Rolleston.

Burglary Dwellings 2
Attempted Burglary Dwellings 1
Theft from Motor Vehicle 2
Criminal damage 1
Theft of Motor vehicles 2

The burglaries at houses always cause most concern. At one a valuable 4 x 4 was stolen along with a quantity of electrical items. I gather that the vehicle has been recovered after its registered number and chassis details had been altered and was bought by an unsuspecting person after being advertised in a car magazine. The purchaser is now a lot of money worse off, and the thief somewhat better off !.

In a more positive note I gather that, following a call from a local resident, two well known and good quality burglars from some distance away were arrested in Rolleston for non related matters. It just goes to show you never know who is in the area.

We always advise that householders take all precautions with their security. You would be surprised how many houses are left unlocked or windows open ( not that this was the case in the above burglary.) If you are concerned I suggest that you contact a local alarm company to come in and advise you as to the best type of alarm to suit you and your circumstances.

If you would like to know more about the new Neighbourhood Watch crime alert system called OWL that lets you know about local crime please contact - why not try and be one step ahead of thieves !

Although I have given my e-mail address above, I will soon be retiring from my job as Neighbourhood Watch Manager. I would like to thank all of the members for their support and assistance over the past few years in their efforts to make Rolleston a safer and a better place to live. You should already be getting messages from your local PCSOs’ who started sending all crime messages to you since the beginning of June.

Please take care
Simon Bullen, Neighbourhood Watch Manager

Neighbourhood Watch update for the Rolleston area (Summer 2009)

Two or three months ago there was a worrying spate of house burglaries in the Rolleston area. The focus for the thieves’ attention was breaking into houses for the car keys for high power cars. The Police believe that the offenders were not local, and in fact two of the stolen cars were found some distance away. Luckily, these burglaries appear to have stopped at the moment.

Over the past few weeks the focus of attention appears to have shifted to break-ins at local churches, with two being attacked in the Rolleston area, and in one case attempts were made to remove the safe. There have been several other similar church break-ins in the surrounding area, which are believed to be the work of the same team. If you live near the churches please keep an extra careful eye open.

Details are listed below:

Date Location Crime
01/01/09 The Lawns Burglary – window forced – wallet/cash stolen
06/01/09 Beacon Drive Vauxhall car damaged – repeat incident
09/01/09 Twenty Lands Burglary, back door forced, owners on hols, lot of property stolen
13/01/09 Beacon Road Burglary – door forced – keys for Audi car taken – car stolen
16/01/09 Station Road Caravan – two gas bottles stolen
19/01/09 Brookside Car window smashed & entered but offenders disturbed
20/01/09 Dove Lea Car window smashed
21/01/09 Glebe Close Door Locks damaged on Fiat – nothing stolen
23/01/09 Church Road Burglary – house broken into – tools stolen
28/01/09 The Lawns 2 men offered to do tarmac work – conned other people in area
30/01/09 Elizabeth Avenue Youths – anti social behaviour
07/02/09 Anslow Lane Empty house broken into and power tools stolen
15/02/09 Church Road Burglary – car keys stolen – Audi car stolen following burglary
15/02/09 Church Road Burglary – car keys stolen – Volvo car stolen following burglary
20/02/09 The Lawns Food, alcohol & pedal cycles stolen from garage
08/03/09 Beacon Drive Suspicious male in area at 3.00am
12/03/09 Church Road Farm machinery stolen
21/03/09 St Mary’s Church Doors forced, attempt to steal safe
22/03/09 Methodist Church Pane of glass removed, church entered, nothing stolen
22/03/09 The Lawns Complaints of mopeds nuisance
02/04/09 Walford Road 13/14 yr olds throwing stones
23/04/09 Home Farm Possible attempt to steal car after tarpaulin was removed

Crime Mapping East Staffordshire Borough Council (Number of crimes per 1000 people)

  Nov Dec Jan Av Burglary Robbery Vehicle Crime Violence ASB
2007/9 7.7 6.2 5.8 6.6 0.8 0.0 0.7 0.6 3.2
2008/9 5.9 6.0 5.4 5.8 0.6 0.1 0.6 0.6 2.7

At this time of year garden equipment theft always rears its head, and there has been at least one theft from sheds in the last few weeks. Householders are asked to be extra careful and keep sheds locked. But consider chaining large items together, and permanently marking valuable items by scratching your postcode into them. You would be surprised as to the value of the contents of your shed !!

The new Neighbourhood watch messaging system has now gone live, and if you would like to see what it is all about crank log onto . If you would like to find out about local crime this may be of interest to you. It also gives lots of other information such as planning applications If you would like to learn more please use the online application form.

Two new Police Community Support Officers (PCSO’s), Katie Fellows & Jenny Black, are now operating in the Rolleston and Stretton areas to back up your local beat officer Pc Dave Lear.

If you would like to hear more about Neighbourhood Watch please come along to the next Rolleston meeting which is at the Old School Room, St Mary’s Church on Tuesday 2nd June at 8.15pm, hopefully one or both of the PCSO’s will be there. Please note revised time for this meeting only.

Please take care and look after your property, don’t let somebody else walk away with it!!!!! If you do see anything of concern do please ring the police on crime number 0300 123 4455

Simon Bullen, Neighbourhood Watch Manager, Staffordshire Police
John Wyers Chairman Rolleston NHW

Policing in Rolleston – Importance of Reporting Crime (Autumn 2008)

At the Parish Council meeting held on the 9th June, Councillor Mr Morris advised that Police Community Support Officers (PCSO) were allocated on the basis of need; higher crime related locations receiving greater allocation of resources.

If crime or suspicious events go unreported this has the consequence that -

  1. Patterns of activity cannot be easily detected,

  2. Allocation of police resources to the location is, therefore, reduced

- to the detriment of the local community and policing in general. With the current resources of 14 PCSOs for the Burton area, low crime related areas, in certain circumstances, may not receive any allocation of resource.

Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) assists the police in reporting and intelligence gathering, but relies on everyone in the community to report crime or suspicious activity however minor it can appear at the time.

Therefore, can I urge everyone (not just NHW co-ordinators) to report crime or suspicious events to 0300 123 4455. (In an emergency still dial 999).

John Wyers
Chairman of NHW

Neighbourhood Watch Volunteers Announced (Spring 2008)

Rolleston is very fortunate in that two new volunteers have come forward to coordinate this important function for the village. They introduce themselves below –

I have volunteered to be the chairman of Neighbourhood Watch for the village of Rolleston on Dove. Initially from a background in industry, I worked in the National Health Service for 35 years before retiring in February 2007. Whilst in the Health Service I trained in security and risk management including the law, incident investigation, prevention and deterrence.

John Wyers

I have lived in Rolleston now for 30 years and worked for the local educational authority for 27 years with disaffected adolescents .I have a particular interest in the environment and ensuring Rolleston continues to be a safe and pleasant place to live for everyone and in particular for the future.

I have been involved with neighbourhood watch for Fairfield Avenue for a number of years and have taken on the post of Secretary because I am anxious for N.W. to continue in Rolleston and as I feel it serves a very useful purpose.

Sheila Hallmark

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