Sarah Mayer

One former resident I (the webmaster) knew nothing about until contacted by someone doing research about her was Sarah Mayer. The researcher informs me that Sarah “was somewhat of a celebrity in London before the Second World War. She then disappears from records for 10 years or so, and the next find I have, is of her living at “The Caravan, 62 Church Road, Rolleston-on-Dove” in 1951, at which time she changes her name by deed poll to Sarah Benedict Ovington. She was a writer as well as an actress and judo champion of all things, so I suspect she may have had a bit of an impact on the village at the time. … She was born Winifred Sarah Tapping in Wandsworth (1896) and was the first English woman to have achieved a dan grade (black belt) in judo. … It has been fascinating research so far, including the Agra Diamond, (her 2nd husband’s father bought it), garden parties with the king in 1936 and a half sister who was an actress in Hollywood; so you can see why the end of her life seems so strange.”


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Last updated: 9 November 2013