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Bryan Jennings sent these old photo's of children from Rolleston school on an outing to Stratford on Avon in about 1955. He was born in Rolleston and lived here (farming at Cross Farm) until he emigrated to Queensland in 1980.

Here is an earlier school photo c1949.

Top row left to right; David Alsop, Stan Ebberley, Frank Milton, Rod kirkland, Desmond Aldershaw, Johnathan Adams, Eric Cox, John Massey, Jon Underhill, John Taylor, Miss Cotton.

Second row left to right; Peter Sherrat, Peter Washington, Pat Frizzzall, Mary Johnson , Pearl Bailey, Chris Linton, Susan Fearn Maureen Cox, David Jennings, Peter Wright.

Third row left tp right; Elizabeth ?, Ann Knight, Janet Flint, Elvira ?, Maureen Childs, Gill Cheetham, G, Allen , Pam ?, Jean washington, unknown.

Bottom row feft to right; D. Johns, John Harris, ? Goodall, Maurice Johnson, keith Phillips, Eddie Solaman, Ashley Hazelhurst, Derek Davenport.

An enhanced version of the photograph can be viewed here.

The one below is from around 1955-56. Click the photo to see some of the probable names.

Bryan Jennings sent a picture of the W I trip to Champion Bakeries below could be late 50's, early 60's - he believes Janet Carter is 5th from right (his Dad was very good friends with her husband Joe) -

and a picture of the Victory Celebrations, Beacon Road, 1946.

So far the following names have been suggested:

Front row boy on the left (chewing a piece of grass maybe) Eddie Solomon, John Hodson Walker looking behind. Girl in jumper with label not known, next to her Elizabeth Manning. Immediately behind her is her sister Pat sitting on Iris Allen's knee. The lady on the extreme left in the flowery/spotted dress is Mrs Manning. Immediately behind Eddie Solomon is John Cheetham with Alan Taylor next to him. Moving right from Pat Manning past the other boy sitting on a knee, the next girl behind is Ann Hodson Walker. The last few suggestions are not quite so certain - one of the Fawkes girls third from the right of the older lady in the second row. In the front row on the extreme right are possibly Wedd or Jennings children. Brian Taylor on the left next to the the lady with the little girl. Middle row first girl sitting Pamela Newbury.

Bryan Jennings thinks the boy 2nd from right front row is his older brother David. He also thinks the boy on the left of his brother is Frank Milton from Chapel Lane and the girl next to him looks like Gill Cheetham, and the big boy on the left of the photo is John Cox.

Do you recognise anyone?

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Last updated: 3 June 2018