Keep Rolleston Clean

Watch Out! Watch out! Dog walkers!

Watch Out! Watch Out! Dog walkers!
Who donít pick up the poop,
Thereís a revolution starting,
Against this irresponsible group.

I have a secret identity,
A mum of two by day,
The walk to school with my little ones,
Should not leave me in dismay.

The pavements are disgusting,
Quite frankly a doggy mess,
Just walking round our pretty village,
Becomes an agility test!

The doggy poo left lying,
By the ones that just donít care,
But itís me cleaning shoes and pram wheels,
Itís simply just not fair.

Iíve had enough of this behaviour,
Now Iím making my mark,
Circling the poop with my chalk,
Left by owners, who think itís a lark.

So if you see a chalk circle,
Then be sure to step carefully around,
Itís to tell bad dog owners,
Not to leave it on the ground!

Iíll be out on the Rolleston streets,
With my pocket full of chalk,
And call on others to join me,
To help keep streets clean to walk.

So a notice to dog walkers,
Itís not invisible poo,
The moment that youíve left it,
It stinks, squidged on my shoe.

So whatever you do, PICK UP! PICK UP! PICK UP THE POO!!!!!

* * * * * *

A Dog Walkerís Sequel

I leant upon a kissing gate
When sky was spectre-gray
And spied the litter in the hedge
Plates, forks and take-away

Of weekend match thereís evidence
On Craythorne football ground
Not from the echoes of the game
But litter all around

The wrappers, cans and sweetie bags
Mean Tafflands just ahead
I see the bumble bee where heís trapped
His friend already dead

And is that early blossoming
Adorning hedge and tree
No, a host of dangling dog-poo bags
For all the world to see

From dog-owner, allotment digger and nature-loving lady.

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Last updated: 1 August 2012