Bishop Sherbourne

In January 2014 it was noted by Julian M, who was soon to give a talk on Bishop Sherborne, that his old grammar school in Rolleston churchyard must be the least photographed building in England. The following image was provided:

In return he sent a copy of the School foundation charter in the Winchester College version of Sherborne's 'Donations'. There are 4 versions in Chichester, 2 in Oxford, and 1 in Winchester - and probably the prettiest.

He also expressed an interest in the windows to St Frideswide. "I wonder how old? Sherborne was devoted to St Frideswide, but it is curious as to who put the windows in (NB was Fellow, not Warden of New College, which is dedicated to St Mary; and St Richard's king was Henry not Richard!). His memorial in Rolleston is rather unusual, almost Italianate."

Local expert Arnold Burston replied "The window to which you refer was made in 1935 by Camm of Smethwick. It was paid for by Arthur Benwell, the nephew and heir of Samuel Higgott, whose family were originally called Agard of Foston. The three main panels are of St. Richard, St. Andrew and St. Frideswide, echoing the design of the wardens’ seal. Three quatrefoils at the top show Bishop Sherbourne, the arms of Agard and the arms of Benwell."

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Last updated: 19 January 2014