Butchers Boy to Football Club Chairman

Local lad Ben Robinson sent me this picture of his days as the butchers boy taken he thinks in his last year before he left school. He worked for Harold and Iris Dewey in Rolleston and remembers he used to deliver to the blacksmiths Mr Topley and was given notes to pass on "What a sense of humour they shared requesting a pound of rubber nails and a left handed hammer". He also recalled his encounter with a particular dog "When he first appeared on the scene I was somewhat apprehensive as the bane of most butchers boy’s lives is the potential surprise meeting with pet dogs and so I used to carry a selection of bones in my butchers basket ready to deploy in case I came up against what I thought was an unfriendly dog."

Mr Robinson has come a long way and is now Chairman of Burton Albion Football Club who in 2016 were promoted to the Championship.

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Last updated: 16 April 2018