Doveside WI News 2018

Newsletter - Spring 2018

This time of year, just before Christmas, I always get a bit sentimental, and today even more so than normal. At the Doveside WI at Rolleston Club, we had our last meeting of the year 2017, followed by a Christmas fuddle. Additionally to our normal agenda, opened as always by the singing of an inspiriting Jerusalem, and delightful, ‘Christmassy’ anecdotes by our speaker Audrey Hall, we enjoyed plenty of festive food, listened to merry music, laughed at piquant poems and consumed scrumptious sherry and sparkling prosecco.

I realised today, more than ever before, what I love most about the WI.

Yes, I enjoy the talks, the social aspect, all our outings, making new friends, and the craft and games group, which is a particular favourite of mine; but it is the women themselves that really inspire me and give me so much joy.

It seems such an obvious thing to say, but it was truly brought home to me today.

We often make the mistake of judging people, especially the older generation, by just what we see. We ignore the years of experience and worldliness, the lifetime of adventures and happenings, and the existence of knowledge and wisdom that every single woman brings into our meetings and shares with all of us.
I feel privileged to be part of this inspiring community.

Why not try it for yourself?

We meet once a month, on the third Friday, at Rolleston Club from 9.45am until 12pm. Our craft and games afternoons take place on the first Thursday of each month between 2-4pm. You can contact me for more information on 07375474523, or e-mail me at

Michaela Waller
Vice President

Last updated: 21 February 2018