Update - September 2017

Mr Martin has resigned from the Almshouses Trust and has been replaced as Chair by Simon Richardson.

Rolleston Almshouses Renovation (Rollestonian article - Autumn 2015)

Rollestonians will be aware that the Almshouses Trustees have been planning a major renovation of the almshouses for some time. Costs for the original plans have escalated and in the current financial situation, major grant funding is increasingly difficult to obtain.

The opportunity to obtain a significant grant from the Government’s Homes and Community Agency showed that this would require combined high loan and mortgage support. The Trustees could not forecast long-term income to repay these commitments and were unwilling to commit future trustees to such liabilities.

The Trustees have now decided to take a modular approach to refurbishment, proceeding as specific funds that can be supported by the Charity’s reserves become available.

As indicated in a previous article, the Charity has been converted into a “Charitable Incorporated Organisation”. This is a recent Government initiative. Superficially there will be no difference but the change both limits the financial liabilities of trustees and enhances status for grant and loan applications.

The trustees are negotiating the use of a professional charity fund raising organisation on a “no win – no fee” basis. They have also secured the services of local resident and architect, David Brooks, to assist in planning the way forward. It is the Trustee’s policy to use local expertise and resources wherever possible and they are grateful for the support received.

The Trustees wish to acknowledge the generous and continuing fund raising activity of the village on their behalf. Most recent donations include –

John Hayward (a long serving trustee) and his wife Jill who requested donations, rather than presents to celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary presented the Charity with £1,000.

The Rolleston Transport Festival Committee which gave £3,000 from this year’s income.

Mick Moseley who has many years service as a trustee has decided to “retire”, we thank him for the support and sound advice that he has always provided. Mrs Cath Warren, another active supporter decided to retire as Parish Council representative at the last Council Elections. We welcome Mick Robson as her replacement.

Tom Martin
Chairman of Trustees

Last updated: 6 December 2017