Allotment Society News 2018

Newsletter - Summer 2018

Writing in mid-April and what can we report?

More rain, cold and water-logged soil – this will be one of our latest seasons for years.

At least the rhubarb is on the move but too few members seem to arrange a forcing bed for this low maintenance crop.

With our open south-facing site a black tub placed over a root early in the year will work as well as a solar panel and produce tender pink stalks that can rival anything from Yorkshire at supermarket prices.

The season will catch up and the plug grown plants now widely available in nursery centres will replace seeds that would have been struggling in adverse conditions. Just look for plants that are not cell bound and have been kept in open conditions. Too many young plants, especially bedding, are being kept internally in warm, low light showrooms, inappropriate for transfer to home or garden environments.

A few allotment plots still available - and it’s not too late to start!

Enquiries to Tom Martin, Tel: 813320

Newsletter - Spring 2018

Following a successful season we have entered a period of cold, wet weather and there is some frustration waiting for the ground to dry – which it will, as always. We are fortunate in our south-sloping, draining site.

We have been able to sit back and look at our catalogues from Sutton’s Seeds who give a significant discount on a Society order. Another advantage of membership is our ability to bulk purchase high quality composts and sell these to members at cost.

We ended the season with our annual Social Evening and Prize Giving and this year, invited Andy Starbuck, who doesn’t have to go to bed early any more, to make the presentations.

Competition winners for 2017 were –

Full Plot Half Plot

1st Norah Wilton Alan Milward
2nd Barry Greenhalgh Letitia Siekierski
3rd Colin Shaw Karen Salisbury

Best Crop Not On Winning Plot

Colin Shaw for sweet corn

Flower Bed Of The Year

Alan Milward

Allotment Gardener Of The Year

Full Plot:Norah Wilton
Half Plot: Alan Milward

Last updated: 19 May 2018