Allotment Society News 2017

Newsletter - Autumn 2017

The allotment site has only a half plot recently become vacant but we have no waiting list. Now is the time to apply for any vacancies in the new year.

As ever we have to decide how much of our crops we share with our “friendly” wildlife. An unusual feature this year seems to be unseen field mice with a predilection for pea and bean crops. Overall and with care, our visitors are a small price to pay for the rural surroundings that we enjoy just outside the village.

Our independent competition judges continue to comment on the quality of our site with its full cultivation. Our policy of having no ramshackle sheds and greenhouses, in deference to the next door cemetery, also contributes to our appearance.

Changing crop types and cultivation practice have led to a change in our friendly competition arrangements this year. We have reduced to two assessments, late May and late August. Lady members continue to feature strongly in our top scorers. The May results -

Full Plot Half Plot
1 Mrs Norah Wilton Mrs Karen Salisbury
2 Barry Greenhalgh Alan Milward
3 Dennis Perry Des Gane
4 Roy Ottewell Ron Harrison
5 Steve Eszrenyi Mrs Margaret Clarke
6 Mrs Diane Marriott Paul Tattersall

We have followed our usual practice of sponsoring the vegetable classes in the village Gala. We hope to see some strong entries both from our members and those who concentrate on their home gardens.

Tom Martin (Tel: 813320)

Newsletter - Spring 2017

2017 saw the 40th anniversary of Rolleston Allotment Society and its occupation of ESBC land attached to the current cemetery site. We have just been given a new 5-year lease and can now plan for the immediate future. We have also held our January AGM and re-elected our present Officers and Committee for a further 3-year term.

We celebrated our anniversary modestly with a buffet, awards presentation and skittles evening in Rolleston Club. This was attended by 73 members and friends and appeared enjoyed by all. Unfortunately our President and one of the last of our founder members, Don Frost, was unable to attend.

We were delighted that Rolleston’s Mayor of East Staffordshire Borough, Cllr. Mrs Beryl Toon was able to come and present the Awards. She has always been a strong supporter of the Society and assisted us in many ways.

Award winners were –
Summer Competition
Full plot
1st= Mrs Norah Wilton
1st= Barry Greenhalgh
3rd Steve Eszrenyi
Half Plot
1st Alan Milward
2nd Ron Harrison
3rd Mrs Sally Wheeldon
Best crop not on a winning plot, Dennis Perry for sweetcorn.
Allotment Gardeners of the year
(over 3 competitions)
Full plot Mrs Norah Wilton
Half Plot Ron Harrison

We are reconsidering the format of our competitions. With changing seasons, horticultural practice and the trend to smaller plots there is less to observe in the winter months. This year we will trial a two competition year, late-May and mid-August.

With the usual turn-over of plots at the year-end we do expect to have a few vacancies. If you would like to try allotment life with a modestly sized plot we would be pleased to see you. You do not have to be an expert or experienced gardener, you can get plenty of friendly advice (sometimes right, sometimes wrong!) from members in the same boat.

Contact the Secretary, Tom Martin (813320)

The Mayor, Cllr. Mrs Beryl Toon, presenting the award to joint winners of the summer competition, Mrs Norah Wilton and Barry Greenhalgh

Last updated: 11 August 2017