Allotment Society News 2016

Newsletter - Autumn 2016

Now that the Borough Council has agreed to renew our lease for a further five years members are planting with more assurance for the future. At times the site has appeared to be more of a furniture factory with “deep beds” being constructed on many plots.

Apply For A Plot

We no longer have a waiting list and now that our immediate future is settled we would welcome applications. With the natural turn-over of plots we do expect a few vacancies in January. For an application form, please contact Tom Martin: email, Tel, 813320.

This year is the 40th anniversary of out tenancy of the site and we are celebrating with a modest buffet and skittles evening at Rolleston Club in November. Our “dinner lady” turned Mayor has accepted our invitation to attend and we are forcing her to sit down and eat someone else’s food for a change!

How many people watched the TV programme on Tatton flower Show? We were treated to a surprise visit to the vegetable garden of the Society’s and Village Gala judges, Mr & Mrs Wagstaff of Measham. This was followed with an interview with Rachel de Thame (more attractive than Monty Don). The Wagstaff’s garden is not large but intensively cultivated for competition produce.

The Society has sponsored the vegetable classes at the Village Gala as usual and we hope to see yet more entrants this year. It’s no good standing there on the day saying “i could have done better than that”. We are not looking for national champions – just nice examples of something that you can eat. Get a copy of the schedule from the Club or Starbuck’s and have a go.

Last updated: 26 September 2016