60th Anniversary Commemoration of V E Day

To commemorate the 60th Anniversary of Victory in Europe Day, on 8th May, Rolleston on Dove was the centre of a host of activities and displays organised by Rolleston Club, St. Mary's Church and the Rolleston on Dove Special Events Committee (RODSEC). Pictured above is the opening ceremony performed at noon on 6th May by one of our World War II veterans, Bombardier Leslie Carvell, who enlisted in 1934 and served throughout the War. A siren was also used to draw the crowds.

Jazz Concert by "Beyne Upbeat"

As part of Rolleston's commemoration of VE day, St. Mary's Church hosted a jazz concert by "Beyne Upbeat" on Friday 6 May. Under their Musical Director, Peter Vernon, they presented a varied and exciting programme of traditional jazz, songs from the shows and solos. The band was introduced by Rev. Ian Whitehead, whose daughter Amy presented a bouquet to newsagents Patsy and Andy Starbuck, who had generously sponsored the event to celebrate an "important" Wedding Anniversary.

Well Dressings - Friday 6th Sunday 8th May 2005 (Burnside Almshouses Pump)

A village well dressing group, formed last year under the aegis of the Rolleston on Dove Special Events Committee, has now taken on a life of its own under the enthusiastic leadership of Mrs. Angie Gillespie. This year's display follows the very successful first dressing last July, which was described by welldressing.com as "a superb rendition of St. George and the dragon ... it showed excellent use of colour and particularly of texture". The 2004 display (pictured here) was part of the Traditional English Events Day. This year the theme was VE Day and it was timed to coincide with the village celebrations and the two dressings were erected on the lawn outside the Almshouses on Burnside.

Mr. Colin Brodie produced a full-sized coloured design, and the flowers were again sponsored by Ian Barker, Butcher. This year, there was also a board designed and dressed by Mrs. Delia Wyers and the Rolleston Guides and Brownies, on the theme of wartime children's games. Their board was sponsored by Starbuck News, and brought a colourful addition to the display. Pictures of the well dressings can be seen here.

Exhibition of World War II Memorabilia

The Rolleston on Dove Special Events Committee (RODSEC) staged a free exhibition in the Old Grammar School on Fri 6th, Sat 7th and Sun 8th May, with wartime artifacts, such as uniforms and other wartime clothing, kitchen and other household equipment, recipes and souvenirs, anything connected with World War II. Pictures of the exhibition can be seen here.

The Fleet at Anchor on the Alderbrook

As part of the V E Day celebrations there was a Regatta on the Alderbrook. Village organisations, families and individuals were invited to participate and about 30 craft took part. Like last year John Underhill provided support. Pictures of the boats can be seen here.

V E Day (Sunday 8th May)

A parade assembled at the Scout HQ at 9:15am and left for the church at 9:30am (just as the heavy rain stopped!!) to arrive at St Mary's church for the service at 10am. The Burton Sea Cadets volunteered to provide a Parade Marshal and escort, and a bugler. The service ended with the salute being taken outside the church, and the raising of the colours at Rolleston Club at around 11am. Pictures can be seen here.

In the evening there was free entertainment (and buffet) at Rolleston Club - with a World War II theme and of course, Spam sandwiches and Corned Beef etc.

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