Rolleston-on-Dove WI News 2002

Newsletter - Winter 2002

We had a glorious sunny day for our trip to Sandringham in September, which added to our enjoyment of a very pleasant outing. We learned to play Rummikub at our Games evening and were made very welcome when we visited the Mayor’s Parlour in Burton Town Hall.

Mrs Janet Stone kept us enthralled as she did arrangements entitled “Flowers with a Royal Theme”. Not only were the flowers beautiful, but Janet entertained us with her historical notes on the last fifty years. We were pleased to welcome fellow members from WIs in Staffordshire and Derbyshire.

The Forest and Vale group of WIs held their Autumn meeting in October, when we were the hostess institute. It was a most successful evening. Kandy Smith was a very interesting speaker who told us about the time she had spent with dolphins. Our members put on a wonderful supper, as well as providing entertainment. The choir was in good voice, and the “thespians” were well received.

Steve Powell from Fitness First was the speaker at our October meeting. He told us how, although we are getting older, we can at least keep ourselves fit. In November, Jeff Bates will tell us about “Colour in a Winter Garden”, and in December we shall hear about “Skeletons in the Cupboard” from Annette Hall.

On 8th November, Mrs June Walker will tell us about her experiences when she did VSO work in Africa. On Saturday 2nd November we shall hold our Christmas Fair at Rolleston Club at 2pm. We are looking forward to our Christmas Party on 10th December, and our Group Carol Service at St Mary’s Church, on 19th December at 7.30pm. Please come along and sing carols with us.

As you can see, we really do have a lot going on but, best of all, we actually enjoy ourselves! Our meetings are on the first Monday of the month at John of Rolleston School in Chapel Lane at 7.15pm. You will be made very welcome should you wish to come and join us. If you have any queries, please contact me on 813457.

Ann Burston, Secretary.

December Press Report


If only we could go back far enough, we should find that we all share common ancestors, the speaker, Mrs Annette Hall told members at the December meeting of Rolleston on Dove WI. Tracing ones family tree can be an absorbing occupation, and Mrs Hall told us how to set about doing this. 

She suggested that we first ask older members of our families what they could remember, and that we then keep family stories alive. If your family was either very rich or very poor, they may be easier to trace. We were shown copies of some very old documents relating to right of settlement and illegitimate children, and Mrs Hall pointed out that, not only will you trace your roots, but also gain an insight into social history. She said that we would be unlikely to discover too many skeletons in our cupboards.

Our Christmas Fair in November was very successful, as was our African Evening with Mrs June Walker. We are looking forward to our Christmas Party and the Carol Service at St Mary's Church, Rolleston, at 7.30 pm on 19 December. Please come and sing carols with us and have a mince pie afterwards.

In the New Year, we shall have an evening learning to paint on pottery at the Ceramic Cafe in Tutbury, and shall be hostesses at "Keep in Touch", when neighbouring WIs will be invited to join us and find out what is happening in the WI at County and National levels. One of our members is going to take us walking around Sinai House in January.

We really enjoy our WI in Rolleston: there's always something nice to look forward to, we learn a lot about a lot of different topics but best of all are the long-standing friendships that we have made. Why not come and join us on 6 January at 7.15 pm in the John of Rolleston School, Chapel Lane, when the speaker will be Jan Barrett on "Complementary Therapies", and the competition is for a small glass ornament. For further details, contact Ann Burston on 813457.

November Press Report

Some gardens in Rolleston will take on a brighter look this winter. That is if WI members act on the advice of the speaker at our November meeting. Mr Jeff Bates, a professional horticulturalist for thirty years, gave us ideas on which plants create colour in a winter garden. He also told us how to do planting to make an interesting structure. Jeff pointed out that tree bark can be seen much more clearly in winter, but that it is important to plant trees where they can easily be seen, especially from the house. Many winter flowering plants are very sweetly scented too, so not only will our gardens look nice, they will smell nice too. The slides which Jeff used to illustrate his talk were lovely, and proved that gardens don't have to look dead in winter, but can look interesting and beautiful.

We are looking forward to an evening with Mrs June Walker on Friday 8 November at the John of Rolleston School at 7.30 pm. June will tell us of her time doing VSO work in Ghana, and has promised to bring lots of things to show us.

We are busy preparing for our Christmas Fair on Saturday 23 November in Rolleston Club at 2 pm. We shall have stalls including cakes, books and toys, plants, tombola, raffle, green and red, bathroom, and of course there will be refreshments. Father Christmas will be in attendance.

One of our members, Mrs Sue Underhill, is going to show us how to make Christmas decorations on 20 November in the Scout HQ at 7 pm. On Tuesday 10 December, we shall have our Christmas party, and on 19 December a Carol Service will be held in St. Mary's Church at 7.30 pm, to which everyone is invited.

Our next monthly meeting is on Monday 2 December at the John of Rolleston School, when the speaker will be Annette Hall talking on "Skeletons in the Cupboard". The competition will be for a Christmas table decoration. Why not come along and join us? You will be made very welcome.

October Press Report

The speaker at the October meeting of Rolleston on Dove WI was Mr Steve Powell from Fitness First, who gave us a computerised presentation on the subject of "Fitness for Older Adults". This was a first for us as we had never had a computerised presentation before. Steve talked about the problems of ageing, and suggested lots of ways in which we can help ourselves to remain fit and healthy, even if we cannot stop the ageing process altogether. He put over a serious subject in an amusing way which members thoroughly enjoyed. His final quote of "If I knew I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself", sent us all home with food for thought.

Members had kept busy during the month of September. As well as the usual monthly meeting, we visited Sandringham and the Mayor's Parlour, learned how to play Rummikub, played Scrabble (with Mrs Elsie Wraight winning the Helen Howard trophy for the second time) and had a wonderful evening with Mrs Janet Stone when she demonstrated "Flower arranging with a Royal Theme".

In October, we are going to Derby Playhouse to see Alan Aykbourne's "Way Upstream", and we shall be the hostesses at the Forest and Vale Group Meeting, when we shall meet members from Anslow, Stretton, Doveside, Rough Hayes and Draycott WIs. Mrs June Walker will talk to us on 8 November about her experiences when she did Voluntary Service Overseas in Ghana. Everyone is welcome to this evening. If you would like further details, please contact our Secretary, Ann Burston on 01283 813457 or, better still, why not come to our meeting on 4 November at the John of Rolleston School in Chapel Lane at 7.15 pm., when the speaker will be Jeff Bates on "Colour in a Winter Garden", and the competition will be for "an attractive leaf".

September Press Report


At our September meeting, Mrs Myra Challend talked to Rolleston on Dove WI about the many changes that took place during the last century. In 1900 it would have been hard to imagine that aeroplanes, zeppelins, airships, motor cars, flights into space and computers would become commonplace. 

The two World Wars brought about huge changes. Household equipment improved after the First World War, when servants were not so readily available. After the Second World War, when rationing ended in 1954, people became more adventurous in their eating habits and started to enjoy foreign foods. Mrs Challend said that women have more power now than ever before, and exhorted us to work towards the abolition of war.

We had a lovely party in July despite the rain. We visited a garden in Kings Bromley, when it rained even harder, but we have enjoyed several walks when the weather was fine. Our trip to Sandringham took place in glorious sunshine, and was enjoyed by us all.

We shall have a games evening at the John of Rolleston School on 10th September, and a visit to the Mayor's Parlour on 23rd. We are looking forward to an evening of flower arranging by Mrs. Janet Stone, entitled "Golden Jubilee Celebration in Flowers", on Monday 30th September at 7.30 pm at the John of Rolleston School, cost £3.00. Tickets are available from Mrs Cath Gamble on 814250.

Our next monthly meeting is on Monday 7th. October in the John of Rolleston School at 7.15 pm. The speaker will be Emma Skipper, talking on "Fitness for Seniors", and the competition is for an unusual shell. Come and join us: we have a lot of fun and you will receive a very warm welcome. For further details, contact Ann Burston on 813457.

Newsletter - Autumn 2002

We have had a very busy but enjoyable summer. The evening with Mary, Queen of Scots in May, which was part of the Golden Jubilee Village Festival, was very successful. We had a display of work in the Exhibition, and members spent many hours, stewarding, demonstrating and doing many other jobs, which helped to make the festival a success.

We enjoyed taking part in Community Day, and have had trips to Tissington Well Dressings and a “Fuchsia Garden” in Kings Bromley. Our Summer Party was held on a very wet evening, but we had a good time just the same. Mrs Helen Barnett has led us on two lovely walks around Doveridge and will take us for a walk round Rolleston in August.

At our May meeting, we discussed Resolutions on support for existing small abattoirs and the re-establishment of local abattoirs, and the stricter controls on the import of foodstuffs. In June, Mr Charles Hardy told us the history of chocolate, showed us how he makes chocolate hedgehogs and let us taste his wonderful truffles. In July Mr Roger Hailwood told us the fascinating and moving story of the development of the National Memorial Arboretum.

In September, we are off to Sandringham, and we have a games evening on 10th, when some of us will learn to play Rummikub, while others take part in a Scrabble competition. On 23rd, we shall visit the Mayor’s Parlour in Burton Town Hall. Mrs Janet Stone will do us an evening of flower arranging entitled “Flowers with a Royal theme” on 30th. We shall be the hostess Institute to the Forest and Vale Group on 22nd October. On 8th November in the John of Rolleston School at 7.30pm, Mrs June Walker is going to tell us of her experiences when she did VSO work in Africa.

We have a lot of fun in our W.I. Why not come and join us on the first Monday of each month except August in the John of Rolleston School in Chapel Lane at 7.15pm. You will receive a very warm welcome. If you have any questions, please contact me on 813457.

Ann Burston

June Press Report


Chocolate was the subject of the talk given by Mr. Charles Hardy to Rolleston on Dove WI. Although the Aztecs made a drink from cocoa beans, and Christopher Colombus took cocoa beans back to Spain in 1502, we have only been eating chocolate in bar form for 150 years. Mr. Hardy showed us how he makes chocolate hedgehogs, and members were able to sample his truffles, which were delicious.

The President, Mrs. Verity Conner, thanked members for all their help during the Rolleston Golden Jubilee Village Festival, and said how successful our evening with Mary, Queen of Scots had been.

We are looking forward to outings to "Hello Dolly", Sandringham, and a garden in Kings Bromley. We shall have our Summer Party on 9th. July, and Mrs. Janet Stone will do an evening of flower arranging on 30th. September.

Our WI has sponsored Community Day at the John of Rolleston School on Saturday 15th. June, and we shall have a display of members' work and craft demonstrations. We really do have a lot going on. 

Our next meeting is on 1st. July at the John of Rolleston School, Chapel Lane, at 7.15 p.m., when the speaker will be Jackie Fisher from the National Arboretum, and we shall have strawberries and cream. Why not come and join us? You'll be made very welcome.

Newsletter - Summer 2002

We are looking forward to meeting Mary, Queen of Scots on 27th May, when she will come and tell us of her life. This is part of the Golden Jubilee Village Festival Celebrations. We are also putting on a display of members’ work in the Pastimes and Royal Memorabilia Exhibition; several members are doing craft demonstrations, and many more will take on stewarding duties. We shall also take part in community Day on 15th June at the John of Rolleston School.

Mrs June Bush handed over the Presidency to Mrs Verity Conner at our March meeting, when we had a fascinating talk by Mrs Joan Davies on her visit to Russia. In April we learned the history of childhood and how there were “street games” and “Sunday games”. Mrs Anthea Topliss told us about one of her childhood memories, a really memorable occasion when she had tea at St James’ Palace and met Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.

Forthcoming events include a picnic supper to the Tissington Well Dressings, a Summer Party and a visit to Sandringham on 1st September. The visit to Sandringham will be by coach, and we shall stop at Gayton WI for tea. If anyone would like to join us, please let me know.

On Saturday 30th September, Mrs Janet Stone will do a demonstration “Flowers with a Royal theme” at 7.30pm at the John of Rolleston School, cost £2.50. I will have tickets.

As you can see, we have a lot going on. Why not come and join us on the first Monday of each month, except August, at 7.15pm at the John of Rolleston School. You will be made very welcome.

Ann Burston (813457)

May Press Report

Rolleston on Dove WI have a busy summer ahead. As part of the Golden Jubilee Village Festival, we have arranged an evening with Mary, Queen of Scots at the Scout HQ on Monday 27th. May at 7.30 p.m. Members will be stewarding and doing craft demonstrations at the Exhibition from 31st. May to 4th. June. We shall also have a display of members' work.

We shall have a stand at the John of Rolleston Community Day on 15th June. A Summer Party on 9th July will be an evening of good food and good company. We have a visit to a garden in Kings Bromley on 23rd. July and, continuing a royal theme, a day out at Sandringham on 1st September.

At our meeting in May, with the help of Miss Mary Adams, we discussed one resolution urging HM Government to support existing small abattoirs and to promote the re-establishment of local abattoirs, and another resolution asking for stricter controls on the importation of foodstuff. Members were in favour of these issues and thought that they should be supported by the National Federation of Women's Institutes.

Our next monthly meeting will be on Monday 10th June at 7.15 p.m. at the John of Rolleston School in Chapel Lane. The speaker will be Mr. Charles Hardy on "Chocolate and its History". The competition is for a photograph suitable for a chocolate box.

As you can see, we have a lot going on and we shall have a lot of fun. Why not come along and join us?

April Press Report

Childhood was the theme of Rolleston on Dove WI's April meeting. The speaker, Mrs. Carolyn Aldridge, talked on the history of childhood. She showed slides of children playing with street toys, such as skipping-ropes, marbles, whips and tops, and hoops, many of which date back hundreds of years, and would be enjoyed by children of rich and poor families alike. Sunday toys, which were of a religious, moral or educational nature, were limited to the wealthier families.

The theme of childhood experiences was continued by Mrs. Anthea Topliss who told members of her 1954 visit to London, along with sixty-nine other children, as a guest of the Soldiers, Sailors and Airforce Families Association. The children were entertained by each of the armed services, and the highlight was tea at St. James' Palace with Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.

An interesting display of childhood souvenirs, which formed the competition, included several well-loved teddies and well-thumbed books. The next meeting will be on Monday 13th. May at 7.15 p.m. at the John of Rolleston School. The meetings are always enjoyable: why not come and join in?

Newsletter - Spring 2002

Throughout December Rolleston members were busy enjoying themselves. Firstly the Rolleston Club was the venue for an excellent Christmas Fair, when it was very pleasant to see so many people from the village coming to buy all the lovely homemade cakes and pies as well as the beautiful craft. 

The Christmas Party is always the high spot in the social calendar and this year proved no exception. Members brought along a plate of goodies and everyone enjoyed a feast. The games were as amusing as ever and Marina Greensmith and her friends performed a very amusing sketch. The Choir were delighted to be asked to lead the singing at the Group Carol Service at St. Mary's, with the Hanbury handbellringers setting the mood beforehand with their selection of Christmas music.

With the arrival of Christmas many members consulted the recipes so ably demonstrated by Nancy Hawksworth in November and made the stollen and savoury choux pastry buns.

On a lovely sunny day just before Christmas a party, organised by Margaret Hewitt, set off to enjoy Chatsworth decorated for the festive season. This came at the time when spirits were flagging as the great day approached and was a welcome break from cards and gift-wrapping.

The January Meeting proved an eye opener for those members who enjoy the Amateur Shows put on at the Brewhouse Theatre. Coral Gould and her husband talked and showed a video all about the special effects designed to make the shows go with a swing. 

In February, our Birthday month there are two chances to celebrate this year. Firstly there is the traditional Fish and Chip Supper at the meeting and on 27th there is a Dinner at the Priory Centre Stretton. This is the start of Rolleston W.I.'s Jubilee celebrations.

Plans are well in hand for the visit of Mary Queen of Scots from her imprisonment at Tutbury Castle on 27th May to give us an insight into her life. Tickets are on sale by contacting 813414 and they cost £3.50 to include a buffet supper. Do try and come along to the Scouts H.Q. but be sure to book up early as tickets will sell quickly.

Rolleston W.I has a busy schedule, so if you don't want to be left out come and join us on the first Monday of each month at the John of Rolleston primary School at 7.15 pm. You will be very welcome.

Verity Conner

February Press Report

Appropriately, as fifty years ago in February Elizabeth became Queen, Rolleston members had a chance to be immersed in Royal memorabilia at their February meeting. Mr Bill Broom and his wife had beautiful samples from their collection which they have been building up for over thirty years. They started by buying china to celebrate the Silver Wedding of the Queen and Prince Phillip and never looked back. Commemorative china has become very collectable of late and the speaker had an exceedingly wide background knowledge of the pieces and the personalities involved. The earliest item is dated 1699 and the most recent acquisition is a ‘Coming Out' mug to commemorate the first public engagement of Charles and Camilla. Members were enthralled by the stories and misdemeanours of past Royals and loved Mr Broom's final comment from Prince Phillip, who thinks Royal commemoratives are ‘Just one silly mug on another silly mug!' 

As the President Mrs June Bush encouraged every member to come to the Jubilee Birthday Dinner, she reminded those present that this was the start of the 2002 Jubilee Celebrations for Rolleston W.I. Tickets were also on sale for the W.I. event in May, which will be part of the Village Festival. Mary Queen of Scots will be appearing at the Rolleston Scouts H.Q. as she makes a break from her captivity in Tutbury Castle. Lesley Smith takes on her role as Mary and will be completely in character for the whole evening. There will be a buffet supper served and anyone wishing to order tickets at £3.50 can telephone 813414. This evening is in keeping with the theme of the Festival Exhibition of Pastimes and Royal Memorabilia. To raise money to fund the Jubilee, RODSEC, the committee linking all the interested Village organisations, is holding a ‘Murder Mystery Night 'with the Red Herrings performing ‘Battered by the Beetroot' on Saturday 23 February at 7.30pm at the Scouts HQ. Tickets at £5.00, to include a supper can be obtained by telephoning 813457. 

Several members are looking forward to attending the Craft Day at the County Showground and the Group meeting in March. Mrs Bush tried to persuade members to be nominated for the Committee for the coming year. There are some good outings organised already to Tissington for Ascension Day to view the Well Dressings and to an open garden.

Rolleston W.I. always welcomes new members so please come along to the next meeting on Monday March 4th at the John of Rolleston Primary School at 7.15 pm.

Verity Conner

January Press Report

Coral & John Gould gave an impressive show of theatre techniques and some in depth information about producing musical shows to welcome in the New Year at the WI meeting in January. Members were fascinated to learn how their company, Mellow Dramatics, started 20 years ago with 10 people  has now become a very large group. Indeed with such excellent training from Coral some actors and actresses have turned professional. Mellow Dramatics perform three shows a year and John was on hand with his video clips to explain some of the masterful techniques he has used to create for example, a rising sun or a moving train. This expertise, along with a wardrobe mistress, who can make period costumes has helped to give the shows a very polished air. Coral selects a suitable show for the cast that she has available and there are rigorous auditions for those wanting to join the group. The cast really enjoy the acting so this thriving society is looking for a proper H.Q. to store their huge collection of props and costumes and to provide a place to rehearse. President June Bush introduced Coral as an old school friend, who she had known for many years and it was great pleasure for Rolleston members to welcome local celebrities.

All the Christmas events had been very enjoyable. Mrs Lockley was particularly thanked for training the choir, who sang at the Group Carol Service, which had been so ably organised by Mrs Gamble. The service itself had been lovely. Both the outing to Chatsworth and to the new performance of the Nutcracker at Birmingham had been splendid occasions. The Christmas party had been a lot of fun and all the food provided was most acceptable.

More plans are in hand for revelry with a Jubilee Year Birthday Party at the end of February, to be held at the Priory Centre Stretton. The February meeting is always rounded off with a fish and chip supper, so members were urged to contact the Secretary to make sure their names were on the list for this.

Ron Price and John Underhill from the Rolleston Village Design Group then provided a thought provoking Social Time. They are seeking the views of as many residents of the village to formulate a Parish  plan which will encompass the wishes of the majority of villagers and carry us well into the 21st century so they were keen to encourage plenty of comments from their audience. As well as visiting local organisations they will be chatting to shoppers in the village stores and to those waiting for buses.

If you are interested in joining the W.I. do come along to the next meeting on February 4th at 7.15pm at the John of Rolleston School.

Verity Conner

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