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Newsletter - Winter 2001

At last, after postponements because of Foot and Mouth Rolleston W.I. members have been delighted to receive their certificate at the Annual Council Meeting of the Staffordshire Federation of W.I.s for their contribution to the Millennium. They also entered a competition to make a display showing events which the W.I. had organised in 2000. the photographs and posters brought back happy memories. Now Rolleston W.I. is looking forward to a special programme of events to mark the golden Jubilee. Naturally Rolleston W.I. are organising an evening during the Arts Festival. Lesley Smith from Tutbury Castle will come fully costumed as Mary Queen of Scots. This evening will be open to everyone and there will be the usual high standard of refreshments.

Theatre trips have got off to a good start with a trip to Stoke to see "Flat Spin" an Alan Ayckbourn production presented "in the round". In December a coach party will be off to see the "Nutcracker" Ballet at Birmingham's newly refurbished theatre. The Christmas Fair is to be held on December 1st. this annual fund raiser is always popular in the village and Santa always puts in an appearance. Christmas will be able to get into full swing with the W.I. Christmas Party on December 10th - a do-it-yourself - sharing of delicious food to make up a buffet. Then the Forest and Vale Group of W.I.s will be hosting the Group Carol Service at St Mary's Church on December 13th when members and friends will be made very welcome. Rolleston W.I. choir will lead the singing.

Rolleston W.I. is very active. There is always a place for new members so please come and join us on the first Monday of each month at the John of Rolleston Primary School. Our programme of speakers is varied and interesting.

Verity Conner

WI December 2001 Meeting

Christmas is a time when rogue traders try to pass on counterfeit or dangerous goods to customers looking for a bargain, reported Phil Owens from the Staffordshire County Trading Standards Office. Rolleston WI members were asked to be vigilant ant to report anything they thought might be dangerous, such as toys or electrical equipment which might cause a fire. He also suggested that members could become volunteer watchdogs in the community and be trained to help in the fight against unscrupulous traders. It costs each adult only 5p. a week to finance the Trading Standards Office in Staffordshire which includes scientific services to make checks on fair trading and checks to maintain food chain safety. Phil answered a lot of interesting questions, as well as showing an up-to-the-minute video. Anyone seeking help should telephone 0845 3303313.

The President, Mrs. June Bush, was delighted to announce that this year's Christmas Fair had been a great success. After the hard work, there is now the Christmas Party to look forward to on 10th. December. Mrs. Cath Gamble, Group Convenor, reminded everyone that Rolleston WI Choir and the Hanbury Bell Ringers will be taking part in the Group Carol Service in St. Mary's on 13th. December at 7.30 p.m.

Members are also looking forward to seeing the Nutcracker in Birmingham and to visiting Chatsworth House. With the Jubilee Year approaching, members were busy signing up for the Jubilee Dinner to be held at the Priory Centre in Stretton. 

The next meeting will be on 7th. January at 7.15 p.m. at the John of Rolleston School. If you would like to come along, please telephone 813414.

WI November 2001 Meeting

Guy Fawkes celebrations did not keep Rolleston WI members away from their November meeting. Mrs Nancy Hawksworth from the Derbyshire Federation gave an excellent "live" cookery demonstration of Christmas Fayre to help put a sparkle into Christmas menus. Whilst she cooked and passed on her expertise, Nancy kept everyone entertained with stories of her television appearance. Recently Nancy has been televised cooking at Denby Pottery. She had been given some beautiful dishes and plates on which to present her finished produce. At the end of the demonstration everyone had a chance to taste the delicious food. The stollen, with a non yeast mixture, was very popular, as were the mince pies with orange flavoured pastry. The avocado dip was very tasty and the choux pastry buns with cream cheese and mackerel filling would make excellent canapes. Everyone found the pasta and rice salad a tempting savoury dish, which would make a snack on its own.

The President, Mrs June Bush was very pleased to welcome a visitor to such an interesting demonstration. She gave a short report on the Group meeting at Hanbury , which had been a very enjoyable evening. Mrs Giles was congratulated for her winning entry of a child's hat in the competition. Mrs Harding the Secretary had represented the Institute at the Staffordshire Federation Council meeting in Stafford, when James Herriot's son had given an insight into the life of a Yorkshire vet. Rolleston WI received a certificate to mark their contribution to celebrations organised during Millennium year. The newly formed Jubilee Committee has already made plans for a dinner, fixed for 27th February 2001. There will also be a visit by Mary Queen of Scots as part of the Rolleston Arts Festival.

Plans are well in hand for the Christmas Fair to be held at the Rolleston Club on Saturday 1st December when the usual array of beautiful handicraft, homemade preserves chutneys, cakes, pies and biscuits will be on sale from 2.00pm. After this busy weekend the Ballet lovers are off to see the "Nutcracker" at Birmingham and the "Chatsworth at Christmas" visit has also proved very popular. A party and the Group Carol Service will round off Christmas festivities.

If you think you would like to join Rolleston WI members at their next meeting come to the John of Rolleston School on Monday 3rd December at 7.15pm or telephone 01283-813414.

Newsletter - Autumn 2001

May is always a month for discussing Resolutions in the W.I. so that our delegate, Mrs Joan Price this year, could take our decisions to the I.G.M. in Cardiff. Ann Burston, our W.I. Adviser helped us with the issues raised on the provision of a school nursing service and on caring for the elderly. We will miss her next year as she presents them so clearly and gives a lot of food for thought. Unfortunately Ann has decided to retire from the W.I. County committees but she will still remain an active Rolleston W.I. member. 

A coach load of W.I. members and friends set off to Paris at the end of May for a delightful long weekend. The arrangements went very smoothly and everyone will remember the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower seen on the Paris by Night Tour. Margaret Hewitt must be congratulated on her excellent organisation.

The June meeting gave us another opportunity to hear Archie Gentles. This time he was talking about the "History of the Greetings Card". With his anecdotes, cracker jokes and golfing jokes Archie Gentles kept his audience thoroughly entertained for an hour.

Mrs Ann Howard helped us to create some beautiful hanging baskets in two sessions at her home and members took off to the National Arboretum for an excellent visit and the traditional picnic supper in the rain.

In July members enjoyed delicious English strawberries with cream and listened to Mrs Anne Fisher on being big. She made us realise that just because children are tall they are expected to be grown up and above all she hated hearing "big girls don't cry".

The President's Coffee Morning was very successful and donations were sent to the village RODSEC fund and to the W.I. Carers Bursary. The expedition to Catton Hall on a sunny afternoon in July was very interesting and the house and chapel were full of fascinating artefacts and paintings.

Members are looking forward to a visit to Blenheim Palace in September. Rolleston W.I. is a very busy group with lots going on. Please come and join us on the first Monday of each month at the John of Rolleston Primary School at 7.15pm.

Verity Conner

Newsletter - Summer 2001

Despite many cancellations of county and local events because of the foot and mouth crisis, Rolleston W.I. members have still been able to enjoy some excellent speakers at the meetings. For those interested in crafts Mrs Jean Thornton brought some exquisite plaited and braided items and talked knowledgably about how to create and use plaits and braids. W.I. advisor Jill Williams encouraged everyone to be happy and assertive (not aggressive) whilst they have fun. She gave some excellent tips for public speaking, highlighting posture as being so important. She recommended head and shoulders back, bottom and tummy in and she suggested thinking of "squeezing a lemon between your buttocks" before any public speaking. In contrast, Foston's prison chaplain showed great compassion for and understanding of those women who are in prison, mostly on drug offences.

Members had brought along in April their examples from the silk painting classes. The colours which could be reproduced were gorgeous and the designs created in just two hours were most effective. Hopefully a day-long class can be organised for the Autumn.

Excitement is mounting as the long awaited Paris trip in May will soon be upon us. Those going are looking forward to seeing a lot of the sites in Paris as well as visiting Versailles. Then during June WI members will be plunged into activity with a garden visit, the picnic supper and of course taking part in Community Day.

Summer is also the time for the President's Coffee morning on Saturday July 14th at 14, Walford Road. Mrs Bush will be pleased to welcome everyone. Our meetings are interesting and informative so come along on the first Monday of the month at 7.15pm to the Alderbrook site of the John of Rolleston School .

Verity Conner, Press Correspondent.

Newsletter - Spring 2001

A very successful Millennium year for Rolleston WI drew to a close in December 2000. All the events arranged were very successful. Zena Skinner launched the Millennium Cookbook in April and 500 copies have already been sold. An evening with John Kettley was a sell-out and a night to remember, with so many members and friends to share in a light hearted look at a “Met Man’s Job”. November was the time for Soup, Puds and a fascinating talk from a member of Tatton Park’s education department on “One Thousand Nights in a Dirty Shift”. Members were delighted with the response they received from everyone in Rolleston and from members of many local institutes.

It was with great delight that June Bush, the President, received a letter from the Staffordshire Federation awarding Rolleston WI a special certificate from the National Federation for the active role played in the Community during Millennium year. She has asked Ann Burston to collect this at the Council Meeting in March on behalf of the Millennium sub-committee.

Christmas was a busy time with an excellent ‘do-it-yourself’ party when members had fun with their own entertainment. Rolleston WI choir sang heartily at the Group Carol Service and members and friends from local WIs found the event moving.

As usual the regular monthly meetings have been very interesting. In January Sylvia Martin gave a fascinating insight into the life of the Victorian designer and artist, William Morris. The fish and chip supper will be the highlight of the February meeting and later in March the Annual Meeting will take place with some changes on the committee.

If you are interested in joining our active organisation please contact 813414. We meet on the first Monday of each month at the John of Rolleston School.

Verity Conner

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