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Newsletter - Winter 2000

Seeing the White Ballroom made the day for those who joined Rolleston WI trip to Buckingham Palace in September. The weather was glorious and members and friends had a chance to see the sights of London before looking at the beautiful rooms in the Palace. At the end of the tour many enjoyed spending in the very enticing shop.

As a celebration of the Millennium year the Forest and Vale group of WIs held a dinner in October in the Town Hall. Mrs Cath Gamble, Group Convenor had worked really hard to make the evening a success. The meal was delicious, the company convivial and the entertainment, a dip into George Formby’s life, was amusing. A good time was had by all.

At the Annual Council Meeting of the Staffordshire federation of WIs Mrs June Bush was delighted to collect the Shield, on behalf of Rolleston WI for the Press Report competition, which is held annually. This was presented at the November meeting and reminds all members of the importance of good local publicity.

The final fling of the Rolleston WI Millennium sub-committee was to organise a Soup and Pudding evening at Tutbury Village Hall on November 2nd. Members and friends from Rolleston and neighbouring Institutes joined together for good food and good humour. Piping hot soups were served before the speaker, Janet Bradshaw talked about her fascinating work in the education department of the National Trust at Tatton Park

She spends days taking children back in time and showing them how life was for the workers in Saxon, Tudor and Victorian times at Tatton. Hot and cold puddings were then sampled from a glorious array, before the speaker drew the raffle. All the proceeds from this have been sent to the village WaterAid Appeal.

Rolleston members are busy preparing for the Christmas Fair in November when Santa will be on hand and the stalls will be full of Christmas goodies.

In December the Forest and Vale Group are for the first time holding a joint Carol Service. This will take place in Rolleston Church for members and friends on December 14th and will be a fitting end to a year of celebrations for the Millennium. As for next year there will be a Paris trip to look forward to in May. If you would like to find out about the WI look on the website - or come and join Rolleston WI on the first Monday of each month at 7.15pm at the John of Rolleston School.

Newsletter - Autumn 2000

For the village Millennium Arts Festival, Rolleston WI had organised an evening with TV weatherman, John Kettley. This event was over-subscribed and had a waiting list. Naturally the weather was kind and John Kettley kept us entertained with his stories of life on and off screen. The Scout HQ looked at its best with the Art Club Exhibition and the Technical College authorities happily lent chairs and offered parking. Delicious refreshments were served outside in a marquee and the whole evening was great fun.

Rolleston WI members were at the forefront stewarding and helping with the village Historical Exhibition, organised by Ann and Arnold Burston in the Church and Church Room. This aroused much interest and brought together village organisations.

At our monthly meetings Rolleston's own fire- eating Rector, Reverend Ian Whitehead, gave us an amusing and compassionate talk about his footsteps into the ministry. In July Mrs Audrey Morris opened up the treasures of Granny's Workbox full of beautiful items from the time when everyone had hand-sewn garments. Lesley Harding, Rolleston WI Secretary and delegate to the Triennial Meeting at Wembley had left a very detailed report. Prime Minister, Tony Blair, had a rough time from some delegates when he became too party political and there was a lot of press publicity. Our delegate put the day into perspective and highlighted discussions about the resolutions on Village Post Offices and the way benefits are paid, the care of stroke victims in different regions and the funding of hospices for children.

The guide on our walk round the National Forest brightened up the dismal evening for the Rolleston WI picnic supper. This year's splendid picnic was consumed in the very pleasant restaurant at Moira. We enjoyed a fascinating tour of Tissington Hall in July with very knowledgeable guides and a welcome from Sir Richard FitzHerbert himself. We are looking forward to Buckingham Palace in September and Paris in May 2001.

President, June Bush held a successful coffee morning for the Denman Fountain Appeal and the village WaterAid project. A small team then moved on to the Dove Clinic Garden Party to contribute a stall to raise more money for WaterAid.

As a final "Millennium" fling Rolleston WI will take a light-hearted look over the last millennium with "1000 years in a Dirty Shift", a talk given by Janet Bradshaw. The high-spot of the evening will be homemade soup and puddings from the Rolleston WI recipe book. Tutbury Village Hall is the venue for this entertainment on Thursday November 2nd at 7.30pm. Please apply for tickets at £3.50 from myself in September. We can seat 130 members and friends.

Look at the village noticeboard for all our activities. Come and join our lively WI. We meet on the first Monday of each month at 7.15pm at the John of Rolleston School, Alderbrook site. Telephone me for details of all our events.

Verity Conner

Newsletter - Summer 2000

Spring started for Rolleston on Dove WI with the launch of the Millennium Recipe Book. Zena Skinner, one of the early TV cooks from the days of "live demonstrations", gave a very amusing and fascinating talk about "Facing the Camera". She has also read through the book carefully and in her forward praised the work of those involved with its production. Copies are now on sale. Telephone 812184 for the Recipe book hotline for as many books as you like. Of course they are selling like hot cakes! Many of the recipes were cooked and offered as tasters at the Book Launch.

BBC Weatherman, John Kettley, is talking at the Scout HQ on May 15th and this evening has been organised by Rolleston WI members as their contribution to the village Millennium Arts Festival. Sorry, tickets were sold out in March.

Current issues are always at the forefront at WI meetings and, in April, Staff Nurse Lea from the Queen’s Medical Centre brought everyone up to date with the dangers of osteoporosis. This disease attacks women from the time of the menopause and all women need to be aware of it. A diet with a good calcium intake helps as does regular weight bearing exercise.

May is the time when individual W.I.s can discuss the Resolutions to be raised at the Triennial General Meeting to be held in London this year. The change in the role of the village post office was highlighted as soon pensions and child benefit will no longer be paid out in cash. Many village post offices may close. Another health issue raised was the after care of stroke victims as the help offered is not co-ordinated and fairly distributed nationally.

A splendid summer programme of outings has been arranged to "As You Like It" at Stratford with a behind the scenes tour, a picnic supper to the National Forest at Moira, a garden visit to Dove Cottage, Clifton and a visit to Tissington Hall. If anyone is interested in a visit to Buckingham Palace on Sunday September 10th there are places available.

A very varied and interesting programme is always on offer. Please come and join Rolleston WI at the John of Rolleston School, Alderbrook site on the first Monday in each month at 7.15pm. New members are joining all the time. Don’t be left out.

Verity Conner

Newsletter - Spring 2000

Since the last Rollestonian was published, we have held a very successful Christmas Fair at Rolleston Club, and enjoyed a Christmas Party. Members attended the Staffordshire Federation of Women’s Institutes Carol service at Lichfield, some singing in the choir, and several of us had a nice day out in Worcester at the Christmas Market. We have learned from speakers at our monthly meetings about Carnival Time in Venice, Hypnotherapy, and what it was like to work in the Pottery Industry in Victorian times. We are looking forward to hearing about the Burton Mail Archives from Mr Jim Black on 7th February and our Annual Meeting will be in March. We shall no doubt have enjoyed our Quiz Night on 28th January.

Mrs Zena Skinner is coming to launch our Millennium Recipe Book on Monday 10th April at the de Ferrers High School, Trent Campus at 7.30pm. Tickets will cost £2.50. Mrs June Bush, our President has presented prizes to Edward Paul aged 5 for his Chocolate Biscuit Cake recipe and to Lorna Hutton aged 9 for her Pasta recipe. The book which will cost £4 contains over 125 recipes, so please come to the launch and buy a copy.

On Monday 15th May we are holding our Open Meeting with John Kettley at the Scouts Headquarters in Rolleston at 7.30pm, cost £3.50. Light refreshments will be served and there will be a bar. Come and find out how "weather men" work! SOLD OUT.

The Historical Exhibition will be open in the Church and Church Room on:

This promises to be very interesting although we are still looking for items to display: Have you got anything, please? There will be flowers and music in the church and a Mummers’ Play will be performed on the Croft. Look out for posters giving more details nearer the time. For further information on any of our Millennium events, please contact me.

Why not come and join us on the first Monday of the month at 7.15pm at the John of Rolleston School in Chapel Lane.

(Ann Burston)

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