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Village news

Carols by Candlelight

It was good to see St Mary's Church so packed. The Rev. Ian Whitehead started the service by first apologising to those having to stand and 'joked' he might have to hold two services next year, one at five, and another at eight. Having explained the fire drill in BA style the crowd were not to be disappointed as he was joined 'on stage' by his 'other half'. Rolleston is truly blessed to have its very own two R's!! <News>

Rolleston Choral Society Christmas Concert

As they prepare for their fortieth anniversary, Rolleston Choral Society provided a musical treat for their friends when they gave a Concert of Christmas Music and Readings to a packed audience in the Methodist Chapel. The thirty-five strong choir under their conductor, Peter Vernon, sang carols and other Christmas songs, accompanied by Nicholas Waller, and Ruth Dews sang two solos. They were thanked by the new Methodist Minister, Mick Dilley. <News>

Church Wedding Fair

St Mary's Church in Rolleston on Dove has held another successful Wedding Fair. The event began with traditional wedding music by the organist, Jim Ottewell, and more modern songs on CDs to illustrate the wide range of possible styles of church weddings. There was then an opportunity for those attending to talk to the exhibitors and look at the displays which included flowers by Marilyn Ottewell, The Florist Gate which has recently moved to Rolleston, and Adams Florists from Tutbury.

There were also exhibits of cars and photographs by On Your Special Day, photographs by Jackie Stubbs, catering by Frazers Catering Service, wedding co-ordination by The Perfect Group and wines by The Forest Wine and Hamper Company. Arnold Burston was signing copies of his new "History of St Mary's Parish Church" as souvenirs of the occasion.

The Rector, Rev. Ian Whitehead, introduced the new edition of the St Mary's Wedding Book and demonstrated traditional and modern forms of the Marriage Service, with Jo and Simon Paterson acting as the "bride and groom". The organist then played a range of appropriate music for the signing of the registers, an ad hoc choir sang hymns with everyone joining in and even making their own requests, and the bellringers demonstrated rounds and change ringing. Throughout the event, refreshments were served by Pauline Alty and Jane Sharratt. <News>

Act of Remembrance

Over 50 villagers attended the traditional Act of Remembrance held by the Lych Gate of St Mary's Church on 11 November. The Rector, Rev. Ian Whitehead conducted a short service. The Royal British Legion Standard Bearer was Mrs Betty Chadfield and the traditional words were read by Mr George Featherstone. The service included a very moving poem written by David Blatt of the Norfolk Regiment, a fellow prisoner of the Japanese, of Rolleston resident Bombardier Leslie Carvell.

Remembrance services have been held at the Lych Gate, Rolleston's War Memorial, since it was dedicated in time for the first Remembrance service on 11 November 1919. It was built by public subscription and through the generosity of Sir Oswald Mosley, 5th Baronet, who, as well as a generous donation, gave seasoned oak from his estate. <News>

Almshouse Grounds

In the autumn 2002 issue of Rollestonian we reported that the Trustees had been given planning approval to fell a number of trees and shrubs which had become diseased or were about to damage both brook and almshouse garden walls. During the summer months this work has been carried out, associated with a general renovation of formerly cultivated areas. The almshouse frontages will now be maintained as a lawn. We are grateful to DRS Services and to Mr Phil Gould for their assistance in clearance and reinstatement work.

Two new trees have been planted in this lawn at suitable distances from the buildings, walls and existing beech trees. These new trees are specimens of Acer griseum, the cinnamon, or paperbark, maple and they have been funded by a generous donation made some time ago by Rolleston on Dove WI. They should mature into small, long-lived trees with fiery autumn tints and attractive peeling cinnamon coloured bark.

The acers are intended also as long-term replacements for the existing beech trees. These trees were planted by Sir Oswald Mosley in November 1902 to celebrate the coronation of King Edward VII. They were planted as specimens of Fagus sylvatica ‘Purpurea Pendula’, the weeping purple beech. These should be small domed pendulous trees created by grafting a weeping scion, at about 6-8 feet high, onto a conventional beech tree stock. These weeping branches then arch downwards until they touch the ground. Through mismanagement, many years ago, upright branches from the stock have been allowed to grow and the weeping branches pruned out. The existing trees are being managed by periodic crown reduction but, through their historic treatment, their life is believed to be limited. The bed between the brook and the almshouse wall has been planted with several specimens of Vibernum bodnantense ‘Dawn’ and the evergreen Vibernum tinus ‘Eve Price’, both winter flowering. These shrubs are interplanted with daffodils and tulips to provide spring colour. John Marshall and Tom Martin (for the Trustees). <News>

Station Road Development - Road Names

It has been announced that the Borough Council intends to adopt the following names - some reflect popular suggestions, however villagers may be somewhat puzzled by the inclusion of 'Streets' (as much in keeping with the village as the rest of the development): Needwood Avenue, Garrett Square, Ealand Street, Forest School Street and Station Road. A big THANK YOU to everyone who submitted suggestions. <News>

Blot on the Landscape?

This photo was taken in Rolleston!! Do you think such a development would adversely affect the character and rural setting of the village and result in neighbours experiencing a loss of privacy? What about these? <News>

The BBC Bus

The BBC BUS visited Rolleston on Thursday 9 October, between 10am and 3pm, giving villagers the opportunity to have a go on the internet, get free advice about computer courses, and the chance to broadcast live on BBC Radio Derby. Subjects covered on-air included Idris Bowen talking about the Mosleys, Ann Burston on RODSEC and Well Dressing, John Morris local developments and the Parish Plan, and Arnold Burston was able to promote his church history book. <News>

"Gilberts' Galantee Show"

Members and friends of the Rolleston on Dove Special Events Committee (RODSEC) were treated to a fascinating glimpse into the world of the Victorian magic lantern show when Ray and Pat Gilbert presented a new version of their "Gilberts' Galantee Show". Find out more here. <News>

Staffordshire Historic Churches Trust Bike Ride

This year Ian Whitehead, the Rector of Rolleston, undertook a bike ride for this event. Instead of cycling between Anslow and Rolleston, like last year, he cycled twice around the 12 rural churches of the Tutbury Deanery, a distance of 66 miles (not including the hills!). He was joined by PC Dave Lear, our Community Policeman, on the ride. Some pictures of them can be seen here. <News>

Rolleston Golfer Goes Fishing

It wasn't just the fish in the pond on the 12th hole at Craythorne Golf Club that had a shock when an out of control electric trolley resulted in a near naked past captain manfully wading in to retrieve his errant machine. There was no time to lose as the trolley began to sink - and with it his clubs, car keys and cigarettes - he stripped to his underwear as his wife stood guard. Like a true golfer, he dried himself down and completed his round! <News>

Westbury Homes - Vandals Strike

The site office at the Station Road development was broken into between 6pm on 28 May and 8am the following day. The vandals sprayed the word 'Kos' on the walls before stealing 25 sachets of sunblock and two pairs of safety goggles!! <News>

No Time to Hang About

Thanks to a legacy left by Rolleston resident Mrs Veronica Sheppard (who wanted the St Mary's church clock to be repainted because she could not see it when she tended her husband’s grave), a grant of £1,500 from Councillor Frank Bather (from Staffordshire County Council’s local member initiative scheme), a contribution in memory of Alan Woodbine and other donations work began on the restoration of the church clock on 19 May. Mr Jonathan Lee, who can be seen giving the 150 year old clock a coat of paint - the first time in 40 years - is also electrifying the mechanism so that volunteers will no longer have a 75-step 40ft climb, three times per week, to wind it. <News>

"Make 'em Laugh"

The latest event organised by RODSEC was a joint venture with the Stretton Theatre and Revue Society (S.T.A.R.S.) in the Scout HQ on 17 May. The first half of the performance consisted of a series of sketches "dedicated to the Forest of Needwood High School, by former pupils both past and imagined". This was followed by "The Arkwright Saga", a play for radio set during the Industrial Revolution. After refreshments, prepared by RODSEC members and friends, the second half was a pseudo-Shakespearean drama entitled "The True Historie and Tragicke Death of Henry the Tenth" by Michael Green. The photograph shows King Henry the Tenth (John Cartwright) and Queen Catherine (Margaret Smedley). <News>

The Great Safari Supper

Jambo Bwanas - On a damp May evening an intrepid bunch of explorers known as the Soggy Bottoms set off from the Wet Lowlands of the village to seek supper & anything else they could pillage, from the rich rolling foothills to the West of the Zambesi Brook which is infested with pet crocodiles put there by the Hill Tribes to keep out the Soggy Bottoms. However on this occasion they were granted permission to cross the old stone bridge and arrived at the first eating places, one being the Superior Basha of the District Head Priest with his close neighbour at the Legal Eagle Courthouse, both offered superb starters - Broccoli & Apple Soup or Pressed Antelope Pate with the usual trimmings and a delightful selection of medicinal juices to warm them up for the next leg of the safari. This took them up the dark wooded slopes of the Hallie Grandios Private Reserve for the next course at the Ancient Hall, home of the Taylor Tribe, here were stacked dishes of Baked Yams, Breadfruit & butter to go with smoking platters of Wildebeest Lasagne and Buffalo Chilli Con Carne. Further swallows of jungle juice helped to revive their weary bodies, and also launched the party into legends of past safaris, floods, frosts etc. They then scattered and somehow after a long trek arrived at the Tomasio-Sylviano Residence on the gently sloping Lawns Estate, a home full of strange measuring instruments, sliding rules, more books than a library and a garden full of strange plants. Here they finished off with the Sweet courses, so many, such variety, such lust and genteel overindulgence with glugs to suit each and every taste. What a memorable evening - one elder from the Soggy Bottom was so carried away that he made an offer of Fourteen Shillings for the eldest daughter of the Head Priest, but withdrew the bid upon being informed that said daughter had no idea how to produce a Boiled Suet Apple Pudding, thus avoiding a rather delicate diplomatic incident. Jambo Bwanas - May your wells and your milche cows never go dry.

The event held on 16 May, and organised by the Gardens Sunday Committee, raised £200 for church funds. <News>

Derby Airfield

At a recent meeting of the Consultative committee for the airfield, Rolleston Parish Council representative Paul Taylor suggested a regular news article from Derby Airfield should be issued for inclusion in Rollestonian - read more here. <News>

Rolleston Gallery on the move

After six and a half years the group are vacating their post office base at the end of March but will continue with regular exhibitions in various locations until new premises are found. <News>

Pancake Races

The weather stayed fine for the St Mary's Church and Rolleston Civic Trust 15th Annual Pancake Races on 1 March. The races this year were held on the Croft and the new venue proved very successful thanks to the 'mowers' who prepared the course. A good crowd turned out to offer support, with the Playgroup parents kindly providing pancakes in the Church Room after the event as in previous years. The Senior race was won by the Civic Trust, the Junior Race by "Flipping Brilliant", the Infant winners had no name and the Pre-school race was declared a "Tie" - they just stopped running when everyone had had a turn! The event raised £120+ for the church's fabric fund. <News>

Rollestonian Wins North v South Movie Competition 2002-2003

Local movie maker John Parker of Twentylands and his colleague Bob Wood, members of Burton Camcorder Club (South), have won a national film competition with their entry 'Thats Life' - a short video showing people enjoying the delights of Rolleston. This annual competition between the North and South of the country, in which a great many IAC members take part, is open to all movie making clubs in the UK. This year entries were invited on the theme 'relaxation'. The North then selected their best five entries and the South did the same. These ten movies were then entered into the grand final. The final was held on Sunday 26 January with films shown both in Farnborough Village Hall and in Altrincham, with Burton Camcorder Club being declared the winner. <News>

Memorial Primroses

Members of the Rolleston on Dove Special Events Committee (RODSEC) and friends have planted 100 primroses on the Croft as the first stage of their permanent memorial to mark last year's Golden Jubilee. This will be followed by the planting of snowdrops and winter aconites as they become available. RODSEC has also commissioned two new benches, made by local craftsmen, to be placed on an appropriate base between the existing seats overlooking the Alderbrook. <News>

Limos and Silky Draws

Two gleaming white limousines greeted visitors to St Mary's Church Wedding Fair on 26 January, a Mercedes and a Daimler Ds420, owned by Terry Evans of A1 Cars, who also had a stand inside the Church. Other stands were by Jackie Stubbs (photographer), the Craythorne, Frazers Catering, Sue Adams of Tutbury (jewellery) and Silky Draws (cards). There were spectacular displays of wedding flowers by Marilyn Ottewell and Janet Stone, the bells were rung, and Jim Ottewell demonstrated wedding music on the organ. A group of Church ladies served tea and cakes. The Rector, Rev. Ian Whitehead, talked to a large audience about Church weddings and introduced the newly-designed St Mary's Wedding Book. He went through a specimen Marriage Service (with a couple who were already married!), and answered questions from visitors. Anyone considering organising their wedding in Rolleston should contact Ian at the Rectory on 810151 . <News>

Christmas Quiz 2002 Winner Announced

Congratulations go to Lee Cooke who won with a score of 98pts. Close behind on 96pts were the Bush family who despite having a maths graduate in the family got the pi question wrong! The results along with all the 'answers' can be found in the Spring issue of the Rollestonian and in church. <News>

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