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The Band provides regular articles for the Rollestonian. It therefore seemed appropriate to reproduce them here (and any other news) for those interested in this local band.

Summer 2007 News
(This article is taken from Rollestonian - Summer 2007 issue)

If you didn't go to the Burton Town Hall on April 21st you missed a treat! It was one of the most enjoyable concerts that we've done. It was in partnership with Mosley Primary School and the professional percussionist, Alun Hathaway.

The Mosley Primary School children were brilliant. They first performed 'Swinging Samson' by Michael Hurd. In the second half they appeared in full African animal dress looking quite wonderful and singing really well the words to 'The King of Pride Rock' from the 'Lion King'. There was native singing and much leaping about to the delight of us all.

Alun Hathaway, the son of our Mayor who once told him that he'd never make a living from hitting things, performed eye-wateringly dexterous performances of Mozart, Listz on the xylophone accompanied by Bev Jones and a couple of Jack Simpson numbers accompanied by Tutbury Band. You realise just what a demanding job accompanying is when you have to do it. We were going flat out keeping up. And then for an encore we had to do it even faster! He was brilliant.

We weren't bad either. One of our euphonium players, Zoe Washington, who is also our vocalist, had the audience giving a standing ovation to her singing of 'Someone to Watch Over Me'. Later it was very gratifying to see our conductor, Kevin Orton, with his eyes shut and an expression of pure delight on his face as we played music from 'Miss Saigon'. We must have been something right! 

Then we all played together with Mosley School children singing the words and Tutbury Band playing the music of 'Thank You for the Music' from the musical 'Mamma Mia'. Alun Hathaway was featured on the triangle and his Dad, the Mayor Trevor Hathaway, banged the gong!

The proceeds of the concert went to Age Concern, Speak Ability and Scale. 

Tutbury Band will be appearing again at Pride Park for the Derby County versus Ipswich match on May the 6th, then the season starts with us playing at the Rolleston Scouts fete on 13th of May, followed on the 2nd of June by on of my favourite village fetes at Sudbury and then back to Rolleston for the Community event on the 9th of June. See you soon!

David Walford

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