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The Band provides regular articles for the Rollestonian. It therefore seemed appropriate to reproduce them here (and any other news) for those interested in this local band.

Winter 2006 News
(This article is taken from Rollestonian - Winter 2006 issue)

Archtypically autumnal. Tight packed rows of birds (fieldfares?) lined up along telephone wires, ready for the long journey south to warmer climes. Two things were odd; the birds looked as if they were worried that they were there too early, and I was watching while standing in warm sunshine in my shirtsleeves and shorts - and this is the middle of October! But it is not only the weather that is warming up; so is Tutbury Band.

We have been hard at work practising for the solemn and often moving service of Remembrance at St Mary's Church Tutbury at 10.00am on Sunday the 12th November.. We will be playing music suitable for the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force together with the wonderfully emotive "Hymn to the Fallen" by John Williams. It will be the first Remembrance Service under the auspices of Tutbury's new Vicar, The Reverend Alex Mann.

Then on Saturday the 2nd of December at 2.00pm, we are having a "Thank You for the Music" memorial concert for Tutbury Band's founder, Malcolm Heywood, again at Tutbury Church. There will be performances from the children of Richard Wakefield School, where Malcolm had been Headmaster for many years and where he encouraged the beginnings of Tutbury Band. Then Tutbury Junior Band will play because Malcolm was always great at bringing young people into the Band, a tradition that continues; and then Tutbury senior Band. There will be special guests in the form of Vicky Heywood, Malcolm's widow, and Rebecca, his daughter, who will be with a party of people from around Driffield in Yorkshire, who were involved with the wind band that the irrepressible Malcolm started there as soon as he had left Tutbury. There will be refreshments afterwards at the Tutbury Institute.

There will be a very jolly occasion on Sunday 17th December at Burton Town Hall with a seasonal Concert called 'The Band That Stole Christmas'. No, don't ask me. It's the name that the vast majority of our very democratic Band voted for. Perhaps our Musical Director will dress up as Gringe - or even Cringe! There will be festive food and drink, a giant raffle, lots of singing and some splendidly played Christmas music. All that and free mince pies - how could you not go?

Then to bring things right up to Christmas, we will be playing at 7.30pm at St. Paul's Church in Burton for Christmas 'Carols by Candlelight', always a delightful occasion especially as they lay on lots of lovely refreshments afterwards! Not that I'm food oriented - ascetic even - but I feel the Christmas season in addition to thanksgiving is also a time for laying down insulation for the cold winter months!

Compliments of the Season!

David Walford

Spring 2006 News
(This article is taken from Rollestonian - Spring 2006 issue)

It is ridiculous! The sun is shining, snowdrops in bloom and there is even a hardy daffodil putting its head above the parapet in my garden - and we are still in the depths of winter - supposedly! Not so surprising are the signs of new growth in Tutbury Band. Keen young bloods are thrusting forward to the auditions to improve their ranking in the Band or take on new instrumental responsibilities; new shining faces are seen in the ranks of the brass section (along with the not so shiny ones - some even in need of a shave!). There are chirrupings in the woodwinds as the competition for places increases and everywhere the cheerful honks and squeaks of players coming to grips (or not) with new pieces of music.

I don't think I can push this Spring simile any further! Suffice it to say that after the roaring success (as usual) of the Christmas Concert, Tutbury Band is hard at work getting ready for a new season of good music. We do have a lot of new pieces with which to delight you, garnered from all parts of the globe. From West Side Story to Miss Saigon, from Lindisfarne to the courts of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. Well, Christopher Columbus had to get their permission to go India hunting in 1492 and we play a bolero named after him to prove it!

I hope, dear reader, that you had a joyful festive season and are looking forward to a gratifyingly rewarding New Year. If you are planning an event and want to boost the attendance, then it is a sound (ho ho) investment to book Tutbury Band. The amount spent by the Band and its hangers on - sorry, supporters - on refreshments alone will more than outweigh the modest cost of hiring the Band and they are bound to buy tomato plants, second hand books and lots of other ju..... things. So you should make a good profit on the deal. Please contact Sue Brooks on 01283 813673 to check availability and make bookings.

Engagements so far include:

Sunday 26th March - Junior Band at Tutbury Church for Mothering Sunday.
Saturday 3rd June - Senior Band at Sudbury Fete
Saturday 10th June - Junior Band at Rolleston Community Day
Friday 16th June - Senior Band at Bently Hall, Alkmonton
Saturday 17th June - Junior Band at Mosely School, Anslow
Saturday 1st July - Junior and Senior Bands at Richard Wakefield School
Saturday 15th July - Senior Band at Alrewas Show in the afternoon
** Saturday 15th July - Senior Band at Tutbury Music Festival at 7.30pm.**

You will hear a lot more about the Tutbury Music Festival as time goes by because Bands of musicians from all around the district will come to perform at Tutbury Castle - just as they did in John of Gaunt's time; but I expect they will be playing some tunes that are more up to date.

I look forward to seeing you at some of these enjoyable musical events.

David Walford, Publicity

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