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The Band provides regular articles for the Rollestonian. It therefore seemed appropriate to reproduce them here (and any other news) for those interested in this local band.

Summer 2005 News
(This article is taken from Rollestonian - Summer 2005 issue)

Spring has definitely sprung! Tutbury Junior Band took their part in the habitually delightful Mothering Sunday service at St. Mary's Priory, Tutbury - and then there was the Easter break when band members could practice all the twiddely bits. You may smile but something like that is going on in the Junior Band because they keep on getting better! And Richard Woodberry's careful and enthusiastic musical direction is a great boost as well. 

There are Spring-like sap-risings in all part of Tutbury Band - we have very welcome newcomers with oboe, saxophone and trombone and there was a forest of raised hands waving about in answer to the question: "Has anyone passed any Grade exams?". Perhaps it is easier when you're young; my young colleague has romped through grade eight while I'm still fighting my way through ever-Diminishing Sevenths. 

But that says something about the encouraging ethos of the band that most members want to become better players - from the Training Band through the improving Junior Band (both on Wednesday evenings) up to the Senior Band. And just when we thought we were getting the hang of it, Kevin Orton, our revered musical Obergruppenfuhrer, throws new challenges at us in the form or marches, light classics, and music from the shows. I'm looking forward to the time when we are swinging though Stan Kenton's 'Peanut Vendor' and galloping along with Rossini's 'William Tell' overture. Did you see the film 'Brassed Off'?

Well, we may not be featured in the Albert Hall this year but you will find us playing splendid music at an event near you :- 

Marstonís Brewery - 10.00am 4th June 
Sudbury Village Fete - 2.00pm 4th June 
Bentley Hall, Alkmonton - 6.30pm 10th June 
Rolleston Community - 12.30pm 11th June (Junior Band)
Moseley School, Anslow - 2.00pm 18th June 
Heathfield School Fete, Hatton - 1.30pm 25th June 
Richard Wakefield School Fete - 2.00pm 2nd July 
Kirk Langley Round Table - 6.30pm 9th July 
Cubley Village Fete - 6.30pm 15th July
Alrewas Show - 1.45pm 16th July 
Bombadier Open Day, Crewe - 10.30 11th September

Hope to see you there! 
David Walford, Publicity

Spring 2005 News
(This article is taken from Rollestonian - Spring 2005 issue)

A Review

It was awkward, cold, uncomfortable and so cramped that the trombone section were in some danger of falling into the alabaster coffin of a wealthy mediaeval noblewoman. But it was one of the most gratifying performances that Tutbury Band have made. It was at the Rememberance Day Service in St Mary's in Tutbury. Some eighty musicians and their instruments crammed into the North Aisle to leave enough room for the rest of the very large congregation in the rest of the church - they were nearly as cramped as we were. A lovely and moving service.

That came to mind because it is traditional to look back over the past year and ahead to the new at the turn of the year. It was a turbulent year with the change of musical director to Kevin Orton, and a change in the way the various functions in running the band took place. But, judging from the enthusiastic response to the wittily entitled "18/12 Overture to Christmas" which took place on the 18th December, the band has gone from strength to strength. This last concert at Burton Town Hall featured a piece called "1811" (nearly 1812) a mix (or is it remix?) of Tchaikovsky's famous overture and various Christmas carols arranged by our now Life President, Malcolm Heywood - who was there at the premier of his opus! It was a great and enjoyable occasion where, apart from the splendid music, there was the biggest collection of raffle prizes seen in many a long year - local firms have been SO generous! And at what other concert would you get free mince pies with your mulled wine? The audience must have been enjoying themselves because, even at the back of the band in the engine department, we could hear them bellowing out - sorry, singing enthusiastically - the time hallowed Christmas tunes.

So, it's all to do again in 2005; and a very pleasing prospect it is. The dates of engagements at schools and villages in the summer have yet to be published but we have one firm date that I would encourage you to attend, and that is the Mayor of Burton's Charity concert at 7.30pm on 4th February and we are all horribly aware of the need for charity after the Boxing Day disaster. The concert takes place at the Town Hall. I really like that Hall; it is such a great piece of Victorian "stand-up-and-be-counted", reminiscent of St. Pancras Railway Station at it's best.

If you are planning an event and want to boost your attendance and revenues then it is a wise investment to book Tutbury Band. The amount spent by the Band and its' supporters on refreshments alone far outweighs the modest cost and they will probably buy lots of other things as well. Please contact Susan Brooks on 01283 813673 or Sue McLoughlin on 01283 537887 (mobile: 07749218307) to check availability and to make bookings.

I hope you, dear reader, had an enjoyable and peaceful festive season. I am afraid the the members of the Band will have forsworn too much revelry so that they could manage hours of dedicated practice over the holiday period. It's enough to make your eyes water!

David Walford, Publicity

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