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Winter 2010 News

WE DID IT, As a Group we have now enough Leaders to split the Beaver Section, which is already done and we are now getting ready to start a new Cub pack, hopefully early next year.

So, can I take this opportunity to welcome, Karen Holmes, Chris Greener. Pete Stevens, Martina Buivenga, Karen Dolman, Julie Walters and Julie Snelling who have all become warranted Leaders. Itís brilliant that they have joined and it really goes to show that Scouting is growing is fastest since the 1970s.

The group is going from strength to strength and it really shows no signs of slowing down, BUT we still have over 30 kids on the waiting list for which we cannot provide Scouting. This remains an issue, so look out, we may on our way to three Beaver colonies.

In September we held our annual Group camp at the HQ and the kids enjoyed archery, air rifle shooting and climbing provided by the District shooting team and our top leaders. It was a fantastic night and the kids had the choice on the Saturday night to choose from listening to a History of Scouting or what was hidden behind the curtain, they chose the curtain!

We hired a team from Tropical Inc; they gave a brilliant talk complete with snakes, spiders, a snapping turtle, a meerkat, a host of creepy crawlies, and to top it all a parrot flying round the hall. So the next challenge is how to top that, well the planning has already started and next year we have booked THE DEEP. It is Europeís largest aquarium, and the worlds only SUBMARIUM and that is where the kids will spend their Saturday night of group camp, literally sleeping next to sharks, rays, giant crabs, jellyfish and the other 3500 fish and creatures that are there. There is also a 3D cinema. Now, as how to top that I have no idea.

We are always on the look out for tradesman to give us a hand on the HQ to keep our bills down and we particularly need a brick layer. We have all the kit including mixer and manpower, so if any one can help us the please get in

On a final note thank you to all the leaders, Helpers and the exec we have achieved so much, not only running the HQ on a daily basis but running the continued programme for the kids and not even mentioning the 20 that visited the Swiss Alps for 7 days in the summer.

We are achieving so much and if you want to join a winning team, then give me a buzz. Thank you for readingthis For all up to date information on the group and all our events, visit our up to date website, or email,, or even call me on 07768047332.

Can I just finish by wishing you all a Merry Christmas and thank you for supporting YOUR Scout Group.

Yours in Scouting
Graham M Jacks

Autumn 2010 News

To sum it up in 3 words - FANTASTIC AND PROUD.

Firstly your Scout Group is fantastic and over recent months we have put on ROLLESTONBURY, delivered countless activities for the kids to take part in, and are in a position to clear the waiting list for Beavers.

To expand, we have been working very hard and I would like to welcome, Martina Thorp, Anna Wellens, Pete Stevens, Karen Holmes and Chris Greener, as new assistant leaders in Rolleston Scout Group. In addition to these fantastic people who have put themselves forward to lead the youth of the village we have more in the pipeline. They together with our existing leadership team and group management team will enable the Group to open a second Beaver colony after the October half term. This will be on a Monday night at an earlier time of 5-6pm. The opening of the second colony will be a fantastic addition to the group but we are (even with the new leaders) on the limit so we are still actively recruiting for Assistant Beaver and indeed Cub leaders.

In exactly one years time we intend to do the same with the Cub pack. We will open a second Cub pack, meeting on a Thursday night but this is subject to more leaders.

We are at present the largest Scout Group in the Burton district but this means nothing to me. The quality of Scouting is what counts and with the calibre of leaders we have, the resources and the motivation of a fantastic executive committee we cannot fail.

I would like to say thank you to all of you that supported ROLLESTONBURY we have really got this event right now, with a later start time and keeping the hedges surrounding the field really high we have created a sheltered concert arena, ISH.

I would like to thank Retro Roadshow who joined us for the first time this year and SPOOKYFISH who headlined the main stage for a second year. We feel its time for a change now so we are turning back the clock, because ROLLESTONBURY11 is officially a sixties night. We are providing kids entertainment, Retro Roadshow again will be on hand to deliver the original disco experience and I can officially announce we have booked The Brian Kite Band. Brian is a charity champion in his own right but in his spare time heads a four piece 60s tribute act. Now I wasnít around in the sixties much to my kidís amazement, but for those of you that were, you will be treated to over four hours of non stop hits. ROLLESTONBURY will return 16th July 2011.

My thanks as ever go to all the TEAM, well done,
Yours in Scouting
Graham Jacks

If you are interested in any aspect of the group, then please contact me on 07768 047 332

Summer 2010 News

Since my last report YOUR Scout Group has taken the challenge to expand. This is in its infancy and hugely depends on parents getting involved and becoming Assistant Beaver and Cub Scout Leaders.

This has become a major issue as we, as other groups in the area, have massive waiting lists and just cannot get the kids into Scouting. We are so fortunate to have the financial backing, a fundraising team and an events calendar that is second to none but we cannot expand without warranted leaders.

Becoming a leader is one of the most rewarding things that I personally think a person can do. Yes it takes time out of all our busy and hectic lives but the sense of achievement, pride and exhilaration when you see a child develop in the group and go on to achieve things in there own right as a adult, is something that you can never feel until you do it.

I have seen Scouts progress through the group and go on to be graphic designers with there own business, and Soldiers serving in Iraq and I they tell me that there time they spent in the group has helped them in there adult life.

The bottom line is that we cannot accommodate the present waiting list in full unless we expand. Becoming a leader does have benefits, first aid training, pride, and a sense of belonging but most of all FUN.

In becoming a leader your child will jump the waiting list. This may seem unfair to those that have been on the list a long time but by becoming a leader you not only create a space for your child but also for five Beavers or seven Cubs also to join Scouting. Contact details below.

May I take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to all of you that supported the group by attending the Carnival. We cannot achieve the things that we do as a scout group without the support of the village and all the sponsors of the carnival program.

The carnival is of course a major aspect of our fundraising calendar but we do make a huge effort to keep prices down to keep it a traditional event the family can enjoy.

Many thanks

Graham M Jacks Group Scout Leader

Spring 2010 News

I am as ever so proud of OUR Scout Group. In January we saw our annual figures and the group membership is now at over 120, this is an increase of over 20 boys and girls in the last year.

Together as a group we have expanded the Beaver colony to 24 and this combined with the Cubs and Scouts is at full capacity it really is keeping the Leaders on their toes. This is great news but we do have a major issue with the waiting list. At the moment we are temporarily refusing entry to all sections because they are full and we have a waiting list of over TWO YEARS for Beavers.

At present we do have plans to expand the group but we do need assistant leaders. We have the structure and the means to start another Beaver colony so we can eliminate most of the waiting list and also expand the Cub pack but we need assistant leaders to do this. If your child is on the waiting list, you were a Scout or Guide and want to give something back or just fancy having a worthwhile and active role in your community then please get in touch. Scouting is a fantastic way to gain friends, experiences and see the enjoyment on the kids faces when they do something that without Scouting would be impossible. For example seeing a Beaver Scout climb 20ft in the air on our climbing wall and be lowered down by his mates, or the Scout section off to Switzerland. This year 20 scouts off to spend a week in the Swiss Alps, itís just fantastic, and if you want a challenge, Be Prepared and get involved. Scouting offers backup and training to all its members of a standard that is second to none.

Our event calendar is, as ever, full with the Carnival and with ROLLESTONBURY on the 17th of July it is certainly a busy year.

The line up for ROLLESTONBURY10 is looking fantastic with two bands and fairground rides to keep the kids happy. With this it promises to be a fantastic night. More details will follow.

Just to end I would like to say how much we do appreciate the village and all the Businesses who support us. In the current climate raising funds is becoming harder and with over £18,000 to raise just to keep the HQ open itís a tough challenge. If you have any fundraising ideas or want to become more involved on the non uniformed side of the group then please drop me an email. The Group Executive committee is made up of parents and professionals who are responsible for the governing of the group and we are always looking for more members. It is a role of a Charity Trustee but a role that is very rewarding.

Thanks for reading
Graham M Jacks

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