Rolleston Scout Group News 2006

Winter 2006 News

It is with great pleasure and much relief I can report an increase in the number of leaders within the whole group.

Our new leaders have recruited assistants and helpers which is excellent news. Congratulations and a big thank you to all our leaders old and new.

HOWEVER our fund raising does struggle at times to staff Car Boots and in particular, Rummage sales. Our October rummage sale had to be postponed for a month, due to the small number of staff available. These Sales are a vital part of our fund-raising as they are held regularly and are very well attended. WE DO NEED HELP from parents, grandparents or indeed anyone in the community who would like to come along. Any help at all is always very much appreciated.

In 2008 the Scout Group will celebrate its 75th anniversary. To mark this milestone we would like to take the group to an international campsite and possible destinations include Switzerland, Norway or France. This event will obviously need some major fund raising to enable as many as possible to take part. If anyone has any ideas on fund raising on a large scale, or can help with planning an event we would like to hear from you.

The Group continue to offer a full programme of activities for boys from 6 years old.

Autumn 2006 News

I would like to begin with a very big thank you to everyone in the village and beyond who supported us on and around Carnival Day. We had a good day weatherwise and lots of people turned out for the afternoon. Thanks also to all the local businesses who contributed to our Carnival programme. 

Scouts hosted a BBQ at the end of term to thank all those who helped on Carnival Day and to invite Beaver, Cub and Scout parents along to meet all the leaders and committee members. Again there was a good turnout and we all had a good evening.

Things are definitely on the up, we now have a new Cub Leader and various helpers, but we still need more, this will enable us to reduce our long waiting lists into Cubs and Beavers and extend all sections.

Help is also needed either on our committee, which currently numbers seven, or in an advisory capacity. In particular we need anyone who could help with filling in grant forms, if they have time to spare we would be very grateful.

Cubs attended a fun packed weekend camp at Blackwell Court in June and Scouts will have camped at the North Wales Mountain Centre in August.

Back from our summer break fund raising continues with –

Car Boot Sales on - September 24th, October 29th and November 26th
Rumage Sale on October 28th.

If anyone at all would like to help sorting and selling rummage we would be grateful for any help.

Yours in Scouting
Marilyn Marrison (Chair)

Summer 2006 News

Girls Allowed

Scouting is now truly available to all. At the beginning of the year we accepted girls into the scout group. They are not in a separate section to the lads; they are now allowed to join the scout movement IN ANY SECTION, from the age of six. This decision was made to open scouting in Rolleston to the whole of the village, ahead of the national launch in 2007.

In addition we are at present restructuring the group and are looking for two sectional assistants in the beaver colony and one in the cub pack. We have recruited four new adult leaders in the group and another three would be great. The pay isn’t good, but someone who attended a recent social event commented, “so the leaders get something out of the group too”, to this I replied “What do you mean?”, she then went on to explain that we looked as if we were enjoying the camp as much as the kids, my reply was simple, scouting is fun. If it wasn’t it would not exist.

For more info, please get in touch.

Thank you, Graham M. Jacks
07768 047 332 (01283) 543194

Spring 2006 News

At the time of writing we have just returned from the Christmas break and immediately our thoughts turn to the organising of our Scout Carnival, to be held on Sunday May 14th. The theme this year is to be “Countries of the World”.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Councillor Marek Trelinski and County Councillor Bob Frazer for their respective donations made to the Scouts. These have been invested in new cooking equipment for the kitchen and refurbishing the flagpoles inside and out as well as the purchase of new section notice boards for the display of artwork.

Hopefully the Scouts will have enjoyed their weekend camp at Kibblestone at the end of February.

Scout HQ needs major maintenance this year so fund raising remains as important as ever, and your support at events is very much appreciated. Next Car Boot Sale will be April 2nd.

Yours in Scouting
Marilyn Marrison.

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