Rolleston Scout Group News 2005

Winter 2005 News

May I take this opportunity to thank the village for the support that they have shown over the past year. We have had a successful year, and we canít do what we do, without the village to support us, so thank you.

Looking ahead, 2007 marks the centenary of scouting and 2008 will be our 75th year of scouting in Rolleston. With these two events in mind we have taken the decision to join many other scout groups around the UK and accept girls.

Having girl scouts is not a new thing, Ireland and Europe have had girl scouts from the year dot, so now itís our turn. The introduction of girl scouts does not mean a new section will be formed, they are in the same existing units, beavers, cubs and scouts and explorer scouts. I believe this will give all the youngsters and teenagers the chance to participate in scouting.

We remain one of the most well assetted and privileged groups in the county, and in fact in the UK, but we can be better.

With the introduction of girls to the group means that we again need more leaders. At present all sections are full due to leader ratios and the waiting list is getting longer for the cub unit, especially the Beavers.

So if you fancy a challenge and want to get involved as an assistant leader then give me a call.

On a final note, some of you may know that for the last seven months since June retired from the role of Akela, I took over well I am delighted to announce that I can step down and return to my role as Group Scout Leader and welcome Claire.

As of the New Year Claire Leadbetter is the new Akela helped by three assistants, so that means that Iíve got one new leader are you the next?

Thanks for taking the time to read this article
Yours in scouting,
Graham M. Jacks
Group Scout Leader

Autumn 2005 News

If only we had known in advance just what a great turnout we were to have on Carnival Day. We had a good idea that the weather was going to be kind to us, but nothing could have prepared us for just how busy we were going to be on the stalls and in the catering department, thanks to all who gave their support. Needless to say, the day was very successful and we raised over £3,500 for Scout funds. The committee would like to pass on their thanks to all leaders, past and present, plus all the family members co-opted in for the day who helped in any way.

During the summer break we are planning to have the HQ hall floor resurfaced, apologies to any groups that may be disrupted while the work takes place.

In an attempt to spread the net wider in our search for new section leaders, Chair and vice-Chair, ably assisted by three cubs, Will Jay, Ashley Pustowka and Josh Peacock took part in a live broadcast on the Radio Derby Bus which visited the village in July. We continue to hope that help will be forthcoming, as so far we have had little success.

The Scoutís summer camp is at Walesby this summer and the cubs will be joining them for a day visit to see for themselves all the activities that are on offer, including abseiling, archery, orienteering and many others.

Forthcoming events at Scout HQ -

Car boot Sales September 25th
October 30th
Nov 27th

Rummage Sale
Oct 29th

M. Marrison Chair

Summer 2005 News

Farewell to Cubs

June Webb, ďAkelaĒ in Rolleston for the last 21 years retired just before Easter. During her time as ďAkelaĒ she has taken the boys to camp every year and the Cub Pack has always taken part in District events such as camps, swimming galas, table tennis, Cub Cup etc. She has been helped by three assistants, Graham Stanbridge, who has been a leader for 28 years and Sue and Chris Vesey who have been leaders for 18 years. Together they have been a very successful team enabling boys to take part in activities which would not otherwise be open to them. The Scout Group are very grateful for their hard work and dedication to hundreds of boys over the years. Apart from her work with the boys June plays a major part in running the group and the building. She also runs the District Scout Shop and still manages to work and look after her grandchildren. Needless to say we need to recruit new leaders as soon as possible as the Cub Pack continues to run with the temporary help from other sections.

The Scout A.G.M. will be held at HQ on Wednesday 8th June. Anyone is most welcome to attend.

Spring 2005 News

I would like to take this opportunity to ask for the continued support of the village towards the Scout Group. We remain one of the biggest groups in the district but at the turn of the year our numbers were down by twenty.

At the present time there are over 25 children on our waiting lists throughout the sections, so why arenít they members?

Itís simple. As in schools, scouting works on ratios , one leader to 6 beavers, one leader to 7 cubs and one leader to 8 scouts, and leaders is what we do not have.

The Scout Section is one of the biggest in the district and Iím glad to say that with a current troop of 25 they have enough leaders, but with the retirement of the Cub Scout leaders after some 21 years of service and a lack of assistants in the Beaver section we face an acute shortage.

We need volunteers to join our ranks and get the group membership back to full strength. Please give it a thought - could you be a leader?

Iím sorry but scouting isnít paid, if it were I would be in the Bahamas, but the rewards are there. For example an ex scout bumps into you in the street and tells you that heís used some of is scout training in his new job as a royal marine!

Things like that really make the time and effort worth while and the fun and friends that you make, not just at Rolleston, but literally worldwide are fantastic.

If you feel unable to undertake a leadership role do you know someone who could?

For all enquires please give me a call on 01283 543194 or, alternatively, all information on leadership roles and responsibility are available from the Scout Association website Thanks for taking he time to read this.

Yours in scouting
Graham M Jacks GSL 

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