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The community council of Staffordshire ‘Web Gateway’ Initiative aims to provide a website for all the small communities that make up the county of Staffordshire. Richard Bush has been the community webmaster for Rolleston on Dove since June 1999. He has constructed a website that includes information about the history of the village, its establishments, organisations, inhabitants (including email/website directory), local news, an interactive map to locate sites of interest, photographs of properties and aerial views.

The website established for the benefit of the local community, has not only attracted local interest but from as far away as Australia. "Congratulations on the aerial photos - they’re really interesting and allow me to check out as never before (from the air) my old haunts!!" (S.W. Orange, Australia - via email).

The webmaster would welcome contributions relating to the village, in particular, items of news, historical information and old photographs, however inclusion, editing or exclusion of any item is entirely at his discretion and does not imply any endorsement or otherwise. Submitted items should include details (name and address, not necessarily for publication) and will only be returned if a stamped addressed envelope is provided.

Richard Bush
Village Webmaster

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