Rolleston United Foundation

This educational foundation as with many schemes in Rolleston is steeped in history. Whilst the Foundation now concentrates on making grants to students the basis of the present scheme is most interesting.

In 1906 the Charity Commission merged the educational endowments of the Old Grammar School with the Foundation of Florens Caldwell for the payment of a Master for the Old Grammar School founded by a Will proved on 11th November 1612 (the Caldwells also built the bridge by the Spread Eagle), also with the educational foundation of William Roulston who also provided funds to build six almshouses.

This scheme was made by the Board of Education and is the basis of the present scheme from 1923.

The privileged area to which the scheme applies is the ancient parish of Rolleston, now comprising the parishes of Rolleston and Anslow and part of Tatenhill (in the Callingwood area).

The original scheme was to assist in the education of pupils in need of financial assistance, but for boys only: also to promote education including social and physical training of boys ‘of the poorer class in the privileged area’. This restricted scheme was amended in 1978 by the Secretary of State and Science to allow assistance to be given to girls. This foundation is a registered charity and so pays no income tax. The only income to the foundation is the dividends on investments in COIF Charities Investment Fund (Income Shares) which in 1998 amounted to £470.

The scheme is administered by Trustees appointed by the Rector and local councils. the present Trustees are Mr J. Marshall (Chairman), Mrs A. Gordon, Mrs V. Lydon (Anslow) and Mr C. Ford.

Each summer first year students are invited via the Parish Magazine and Rollestonian to apply for grants which are paid out in October. No other payments are made by the Trustees.

Ralph Lea (Clerk to the Trustees)

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