Rolleston-on-Dove WI

Rolleston on Dove WI was formed in 1935 and is still going strong. We now have seventy members and meet on the first Monday in the month at 7.15pm at the John of Rolleston School in Chapel Lane.

The WI began in Canada at Stony Creek, Ontarion in 1897, and the first WI in the U.K. was formed in 1915. It is now an established focus in the community and an energetic force working to improve the quality of life. Well over 300 mandates, adopted across a wide spectrum of social and environmental issues, have brought our influence to bear on policy-makers and opinion-formers.

The organisation was originally formed by Mrs Adelaide Hoodless who lost a child and felt that she needed to learn more about hygiene. Health and fitness have always ranked high on the WI agenda. The "Best Foot Forward" campaign encouraged members, their families and friends to take up walking for exercise. Members and friends of our own WI enjoy a weekly swimming session, and some of them intend to swim 2000 metres next year.

Education has always played a large part in the WI. Members enjoy all sorts of classes: our most recent one was on bead-work, but we have also learned about water-colour painting, calligraphy, photography and canvas-work to name but a few.

The WI is a changing organisation. From traditional rural roots, we are now reaching further into urban areas. Beyond the familiar meetings in villages, we offer opportunities for women to become involved at times which suit their lifestyles and in activities which especially interest them.

Our intention is to carry on, in the next millennium, living up to the principles of truth, tolerance, fellowship and justice on which the WI is based.

Ann Burston.

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