Whether we mark the third millennium as a celebration of the endurance of the christian faith or as a date that has assumed significance because of the hesitancy with which we plan technological progress (millennium bug!), the number 2000 is merely the result of our ancestors inventing the concept of zero and choosing to count in multiples of 10.

It is, nevertheless, one of those periodic opportunities that allow us to re-assess the significance of our lives and our dependence on one another at international, national and local levels.

Rolleston on Dove has responded to this opportunity in a variety of ways. One of these is the production of this special edition of our village magazine. We would like this booklet to provide a permanent reminder of Rolleston in the year 2000 and it has four aims -

Rolleston Civic Trust, which has produced "Rollestonian" for the village over the past 18 years is delighted that this publication has been chosen as the appropriate means of providing this record.

The Rolleston on Dove Millennium Committee, which has been co-ordinating the many proposals from within the village for celebrating this year, would like to thank all the village organisations, businesses and local residents who have sponsored this issue. They are acknowledged at the end of this booklet and their support has allowed us to provide a copy, free, to all of the 1300 plus households in the parish.

Over many years the major influences, from within the village, on its shape and culture today have been the churches, the Parish Council and the Rollestons and Mosleys. We have invited representatives of those organisations and families to introduce this booklet with their own messages for the millennium.

Tom Martin (Chairman, Rolleston Civic Trust & Rolleston Millennium Committee)

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