Message from the Methodist Minister

My Millennium message is of good news for change and hope. 2000 years ago God placed Jesus into this world to show and teach a way of life, of love and gentleness. Those years have proved to us the darker side of humanity cannot be ignored or eliminated entirely. We still have war, selfishness, cruelty and misery. Jesusí way is not an easy option, but offers us a vision of how things could be, if only we let love and gentleness get the better of us!

Almost 2000 years ago Jesus left us with the message that love overcomes evil, light cannot be put out by darkness and life is stronger than death. He also left us with a firm promise to all who put their trust in Him, Godís help and life in a world beyond this one. The church undergoes change, people change, but this message has not changed in all those years. It takes us unafraid, with hope, love and gentleness into the third millennium.

Rev. Lyn Houghton

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